ListsBest 6 Data Science YouTube Channels for Analysts & Researchers

Data science plays a vital role in promoting almost all professional careers and the enhancement of personal knowledge as well as skills. It is a science that studies both structured & unstructured data to extract insights, information and references for fulfilling the required goal.

It is the multifaceted study of data using scientific processes, algorithms, designed systems and steps to decode necessary details. Data science studies usually involve the collection of statistics, data analytics, apply of machine learning, gaining the domain information to attain a proper understanding of the data processed.

data science YouTube channels

There is no doubt that currently data science is a demanded subject and has grown into major support to brands and businesses. It helps analyse, extract and design better strategies to attract relevant markets besides assisting in building stronger brand images.

Here we have listed the best 6 data science YouTube channels that analysts & researchers can refer to learn and gain knowledge about the topic. These also host courses that can help incomplete understanding and mastering the techniques of data science.

Best 6 Data science YouTube channels to browse in 2020

  1. Andreas Kretz

With over 14.3k subscribers, Andreas Kretz imparts some amazing ideas, information and tips about data engineering and sciences. His channel is popularly known as plumbers of Data science that mostly has tutorial videos, hangout live streams and Q&A sessions.

Apart from data engineering techniques, storage methods and analysis methods he also educates about using tools like Kafka, Hadoop and Spark. If you are interested in learning some great tricks to do well as a data scientist or build a career in the field, then it is one of the best Data science YouTube channels to watch.

  1. 365 Data science

Are you looking for ways to build a career in Data Science? Wondering if you require a specific degree in it? Well, here we have one of the most authentic Data science YouTube channels that will provide all the necessary information that you seek to become a successful data scientist.

While most universities still do not offer any specific training in the field, few of them who do demand for prerequisite qualifications in statistics and mathematics that discourages most of the students. With over 109k subscribers this channel has managed to bridge the gap and help data science enthusiast learn the latest technology, tricks and projects through their effective training sessions.

  1. The semicolon

It is one of the most simplified data science YouTube channels which teaches about machine learning, application of python for data interpretation, deep learning etc. They have organised videos describing various usage of analytics, artificial intelligence and technology that can assist aspiring data scientists have a basic idea about the matter.

With over 19.3k subscribers it is one of the fine data science YouTube channels that can help in quick learning, expanding knowledge about effective tricks & methods.

  1. The Data Incubator

This Cornell Tech funded training and placement organisation channel educates beginners and passionate data scientists about the various implications of the technology. They are videos purely dedicated to imparting knowledge about the various aspects and usages of data science.

They have over 6.48k subscribers that seek its help to do wonders with data and statistics. It is definitely one of the most helpful data science YouTube channels for all to learn the best of bests.


It provides easy, simplified and effective ways to learn anything about deep learning, data science, python applications and related topics. It is a non-profit club and has an open-source community that supports everyone interested. They are one of the verified Data science YouTube channels with a whopping 2.09 million subscribers.

They have around a thousand videos describing methods to use data science in developing new services/products, design better campaigns and be more technically creative. Do check this YouTube channel for some wonderful insights, information and hacks about the topics.

  1. Springboard

This channel is particular about its content that is all about data science, engineering, and machine learning. The post-interview videos with Data scientists from top-notch firms like Google, Uber, LinkedIn, Adobe, Airbnb, Facebook, Levi’s etc provide relatable content for the audiences.

The real-life experiences, experiments, hacks would surely help anyone interested in learning and expanding their knowledge base about the same. They also upload videos related to UX designing and techniques that make it one of the most interesting data science YouTube channels.

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