Tips & TricksHow To Delete YouTube Channels From Your YouTube Account – Update 2016

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After getting a head start and gaining 3K> subscribers, you will come across questions like how to delete your YouTube account, or how to delete a YouTube playlist. This blog will answer all your questions on DELETING STUFF from your YouTube channel.

How to delete unused YouTube channels from your account?

This is where the experimentation takes part. Many YouTubers create multiple YouTube accounts before finalizing the perfect channel. They try different art banners, social media links and description on their account to make it look perfect. Also, sometimes when you get too many YouTube FLAGS, then creating a new YouTube channel is the best gateway to the new start.

How to delete YouTube account – The Process

Click the YouTube channel you want to delete

CLICK –> my YouTube channel

CLICK –> Top Right Account Icon

CLICK –> YouTube settings

You will reach the OVERVIEW PAGE

CLICK –> Advanced (You can see your YouTube Username)

Down at the bottom

You will see DELETE CHANNEL button

CLICK –> Delete YouTube channel

Here is the following message you will receive


 If you want to delete specific content from your YouTube channel, then click “I want to hide my channel”

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Here you will receive 5 options
  • Make your channel name, playlist, likes, subscriptions and your subscribers private until your Re-    enable your YouTube channel
  • Delete your comments, reply’s on other YouTube channels
  • Save your Google + profile while you delete your YouTube channel
  • Hide your YouTube tab on your Google + profile
  • Remove your data from other Google properties

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If you want to permanently delete your YouTube channel –> CLICK “I want to permanently delete my content”

 Here you will receive a couple of options to choose
  • Permanently delete your playlist, all subscriptions to other YouTube channels, a couple of subscribers from your YouTube channel, thumbs-up con comments, as well as comments you made on other videos including your watch history.
  • Permanently delete your +1’s, replies, Google + display name, profile photo, and Posts that you made on Google+ about YouTube videos.

After deleting your YouTube channel, the following is the message you are going to get.

Delete Google + account
Delete Google + account

CLICK –> Delete your Google + Page

Re-enter your Google + password

CLICK –> DELETE button at the bottom of the page

FINAL STEP –> Check these options –> and CLICK –> DELETE GOOGLE +


This is the same method for “deleting your YouTube channel.” So, in case you want to delete the only YouTube channel you possess – follow the same method mentioned above.

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How to delete your video from YouTube Account

To delete your outdated videos, or videos that you don’t need for your YouTube channel,

  • Make sure that you are logged in.

    delete your video from YouTube
    delete your video from YouTube
  • CLICK –> Video Manager

Choose the video you want to delete,

  • CLICK –> ACTIONS button
How to delete a YouTube playlist

When you delete your YouTube account, only one of your created playlist will be deleted. So, you need to remove all the playlist beforehand to have a proper clean account.

So, to delete a YouTube playlist, you need to “log into YouTube account.”

  • Open your Creator Studio
  • CLICK –> Playlist in “Video Manager”
Delete YouTube playlist
Delete YouTube playlist

Lastly, if you want to block someone on YouTube, then you can CLICK HERE to know more.



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