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Every year, there is at least one artist that comes up with an esoteric YouTube video that becomes viral throughout the internet. Although “Why This Kolaveri Di” was the first Indian song that went viral on YouTube – India, it was Vennu Mallesh’s “My Life (What Ever I Wanna Do)” that started the trend of singing random catchy songs. But only after a couple of videos, his fame diluted into the void of “CAMPY SONGS” available on YouTube.

Several artists followed the same path, with Pakistani singer Tahir Shah releasing his single “Eye to eye,” Daimaou Kosaka’s “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” and Rebeca Black’s “Friday.” All these heartfelt slices of pop have been panned by critics, both professional and amateur. But what made them viral celebrities is due to their audacity to sing trashy lyrics in the catchiest tune.

This transgressive nature of these artists is the reason why Dhinchak Pooja got so popular in India. It’s true that she is not a singer, can’t write lyrics, and produces a music video that looks like what engineering students would do in their pass time. But this subversion of mainstream standards is what makes us watch “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj” video again and again.

With this ironic viewing stance, it’s hard to deny that we are collectively basking in the warm glow of campy entertainment. And the success of Dhinchak Pooja says it all.

Here is the YouTube channel Analysis of Dhinchak Pooja,


First of all, based on basic Google ads earning, her average earning ranges to 1$ – 1.5$ for 1000 views. Here is the revenue chart based on the same calculation.

 ViewsApproximate Earnings (INR)
Dhinchak Pooja - Dilon Ka Shooter (On public demand )5,915,6869429
Dhinchak Pooja - Selfie Maine Leli Aaj19,555,44545400
Dhinchak Pooja - Selfie Maine Leli Aaj ( Lyric Video)371,413877
Dhinchak Pooja - Daaru (studio version)882,0342063
Dhinchak Pooja - Thank You Guys377,852898
Dhinchak Pooja - Daaru (Official Music Video)6,701,32515587
Dhinchak Pooja - DAARU (Teaser)6,701,325261
Dhinchak Pooja - daaru (audio)95,368220
Dhinchak pooja Swag Wali Topi Goes Viral252,769596
swag wali topi remix154,725362
swag wali topi223,992522
Swag Wali Topi - Dhinchak Pooja3,930,3689011

The crude reality of Indian YouTube channels is that only a few of Indian YouTube content creators generate 1$ – 1.5$ for 1000 views. This metric is legit if you count premium YouTube channels like T-Series or TVF’s advertisement revenue. At present, Dhinchak Pooja’s YouTube channel is not even monetized for advertisements. So, all your thoughts of making money with crappy lyrics and catchy tunes can go in vain if you haven’t thought of getting serious in the art of “Campy entertainment” videos.

Monthly Subscribers Growth

Dhinchak Pooja – Monthly Subscribers

Cumulative Growth

Dhinchak Pooja – Cumulative Growth

Future Predictions

Only if she is able to carry on at this success rate, Dhinchak Pooja can be the first YouTube solo singer with more than 1 million subscribers in just 365 days.

30 Days250,00050,456,000
60 Days310,00071,133,000
3 Months390,00082,593,000
6 Months523,000134,557,000
9 Months781,000155,639,000
1 Year1,066,000200,193,000

Dhinchak Pooja Facebook VS YouTube Videos:

Dhinchak Pooja’s Facebook page is not optimized. Plus there are hardly any advertisements running on her official YouTube channel.

Tip – Focus on native Facebook video formats and try to earn some revenue in that way.

  • Facebook Video Views – 1,283,900
  • YouTube video Views – 34,434,974

Top Influencers

In the YouTube community, an influencer is someone who has a reliable audience that supports and follows his/her advocacy, which in turn affects the purchase or viewing decisions of others. This is what Indian YouTuber – CarryMinati did for Dhinchak Pooja.

His video titled “DAARU DAARU DAARU SHE IS BACK” generated more than 2 million YouTube footprint which eventually became the real reason why Pooja Jain (A.K.A Dhinchak Pooja) got this level of wide exposure.

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