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Almost all industries, businesses and manufacturing units faced the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like there is not one properly researched and surveyed report on the loss of employment followed by depressing stories.

While our heart goes out to everyone who suffered major losses in terms of employment, life and property, we must also appreciate survivors, frontline workers and volunteers globally.

It is a matter of fact that not all were as lucky as the e-commerce companies, food delivery start-ups, digital marketing agencies and other online services/product brands.

Many of the companies shifted their business online and depended on full proof digital marketing strategies to survive through remaining hard times. This technique worked for most of them out there trying their hands on everything virtual to convert sales whereas many are still trying hard.

There are many smart and effective digital marketing strategies that brands can plan to implement for optimum benefits during the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to Use

  1. Google My Business

It is one of the most user-friendly tools by google that is freely available for businesses and organisations. The GMB tool can be used to manage the online presence of the brand across all platforms including maps and search. Mostly, Google My Business is used to reach the right target audience looking for or interested in services/products similar to that of the user. One can build a story for its audiences and customers, edit information, add reviews, get the brand verified and tested for customers. When we search something on the search engine, it shows local results under the paid ads that are optimized for users. Anyone can use GMB to see how people are interacting with the brand’s content and posts besides giving a detailed study in related statistics. All this information coupled with Google Analytics can provide easy tracking of traffic and insightful data that will lead to skilful handling of the overall business.

  1. Backlinking

Getting support in form of web links from reputed authoritative brands is a huge upgrade for other small businesses online. It is because Google crawlers will not just read the content from the particular business only but also the quality links targeted from reputable sites. Backlinking is one of the most important factors that is considered carefully before ranking a page online. This features not just helps generate exclusive brand awareness but also attract more genuine traffic towards the site adding to the overall credibility.

  1. Social Media Marketing

When we are discussing digital marketing strategies there is no doubt over this major part known as Social Media Marketing. We can consider it to be the most crucial pillar of uplifting brands online and expanding their digital presence. Social media is a well-customised space with relevant tools and techniques to target the right audience considering various aspects like age, gender, interest, demography, job, culture etc. The COVID-19 pandemic made way for several pages, business accounts and local business promotions making rounds on Instagram, Facebook and other such sites. There are more successful brands on these sites than in real over the last few months due to its easy reachability, attractive advertising facilities, engaging levels, customer satisfaction and other such reasons. Quick problem solving, customer grievances, receiving feedback, idea implementation, research and surveys have all become easy with social media marketing. Therefore, it is surely one of the most important and must try digital marketing strategies during the lockdown.

  1. Blogging

Writing the stories out on the website to attract the customers and keeping them engaged can never go out of trend till a new experience is invented to feed on the magic of blogging. It is known to all marketers that search engines are more likely to rank the websites higher than gain regular content on the site. This makes the website visible to most of the audience. Blogging is one of the most cost-effective and useful ways to engage the audiences and get seen on top of searches. Providing informative, engaging, appealing blogs to audiences will turn them into regular visitors who will consider your source as the go-to place for everything. Writing blogs are in fashion and definitely a few of the most crucial digital marketing strategies.

  1. Video marketing

Personally, for me as a marketer, this is the main catch. Video marketing is the best way to compile, curate, create and publish videos to explain a point, idea, service, product or anything that is related to the brand online. We spend more time on videos by a brand compared to the image posts. Take into consideration the different types of video content facilities or features update taking place on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. right from the Fleets to reels, everything is a video that is keeping the crowd happy and connected with the host. They are not just simply engaging, entertaining but also easy to understand, more informative and feels relevant to audiences. Aspiring marketers must never let go of this tactic to win the internet as it is one of the best digital marketing strategies online.

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