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Rahul Aggarwal4 years ago

In India, there has been a rise in content creation & consumption on social media platforms and video platforms. With the rise of popular Youtubers and Influencers like Bhuvan Bam, Mostly Sane, Amit Bhadana, Kritika Kamra, Auditya Venkatesh and many more, there is no doubt that everyone is, now, aspiring to be like them.

However, only the top and most popular influencers like the above mentioned names get the spotlight. What about micro influencers or content creators who have just started or have a decent number of subscribers/followers? How do they make it big? And most importantly, is there a community that supports them, where they can all come together and discuss about the art of content creation & video making and learn from each other?

If you are a content creator who is actively making videos on YouTube or posting amazing content on Instagram or any other social platform for that matter, then you need to be a part of Vidooly’s Digital Video Meetup.

So, what is Digital Video Meetup (DVM)?


Digital Video Meetup is a gathering of content creators, social media influencers and online video enthusiasts. The idea is to sit and hang out together to talk about the art of video making, the dynamics of content creation, the challenges ahead, how analytics plays a major part, digital rights, video distribution and collaborations and how to get started when it comes to influencer marketing & branding plus all things related to online content creation followed by networking.

Vidooly has already organised 3 editions of DVM in the year 2018, which saw a great turnout and received much appreciation by everyone who attended.

The need to organise a Digital Video Meetup rose when Vidooly realised that an active community of knowledge seekers and knowledge providers is needed for an ever growing & potential industry of online influencers.

And this month, the 4th edition of Digital Video Meetup is happening on 24th May 2019 in Gurgaon.

The gathering is a casual meetup and is open to anyone who is a part of digital video and social media influencing. Also this time, two amazing content creators from different backgrounds would headline the event to share their experiences and journeys with the audience plus experts from Vidooly’s team will answer any of your doubts and queries on all things technical and analytics like Monetization, Video Production, Growth Strategies, Community Building & Data Analytics, Digital Rights, MCN etc and why these things should really matter to any creator.

Headlining Speakers

There is no better way to understand how to be a good social media influencer or content creator than from the eyes of the people who actually make content on social platforms and have tasted success & popularity. This is why, Digital Video Meetup 4th Edition will have two influencers to be a part of this meetup so that you can learn about how they make content, the tips and tricks to stay ahead of the rest and how to engage with your target audience.


300K+ YouTube Subscribers )

Lame Fame

A hilarious story about 4 youngsters who once thought of pranking people for fun. Their videos started getting a lot of attention on YouTube. But then their ‘Fake Celebrity Videos’ garnered massive popularity with over 8.4 million views and other videos getting around 3 million views easily. These 4 guys really showed everyone that they have the courage to try something different and proved themselves despite their friends & family doubting them.

Check out their Fake Virat Kohli video below:

Aakash Malhotra aka WanderWithSky

110K+ Instagram Followers )


A serial entrepreneur, angel investor, speaker and travel influencer, Aakash is living the life that we all want. He travels to the most exotic and amazing places in the world, meets new people and learns something new every time from each culture. But a lot of hard work & creativity goes behind all that and Aakash will be sharing his secrets with us during the meetup. Not only that, he is also the Founder & CEO of a digital marketing company, Digato Private Limited.

Check out his Exclusive Interview with Vidooly:

So what are you waiting for? If you are someone who has been thinking of creating online content or already are a creator but don’t know how to make it big, this is just exactly where you have to be!

RSVP now here, for free! Come, learn, network and enjoy plus the snacks are on us. Check out the DVM Facebook page and get the last updates.

WHEN – 24TH MAY 2019


Nearest metro station- IndusInd Bank Cyber City Rapid Metro (Connected through Sikandarpur Metro Station – Yellow Line DMRC )


For any questions regarding DVM, contact the following:

Rahul Aggarwal
Phone: 8860352495

Sidharth Jena
Phone: 8763213399

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