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Akshay Chandra3 years ago

Maker Studios severed its ties with YouTube star PewDiePie from their list of YouTube creators. This will mark the departure of world’s biggest YouTube celebrity with highest YouTube subscribers and views.

Last year, PewDiePie made headlines for being the only YouTuber with his own multi-channel network called Revelmode under MCN gaints Maker Studios. This network is filled with PewDiePie and his “LetsPlay” gamer friends like CinnamonToastKen (Ken Morrison), CutiePieMarzia (Marzia Bisognin), Dodger (Brooke Lawson), EmmaBlackery (Emma Blackery), JackSepticEye (Sean McLoughlin), Jelly (Jelle van Vucht), Kwebbelkop (Jordi van den Bussche) and Markiplier (Mark Fischbach). Through “Revelmode,” his MCN produced YouTube videos, video games for PC/mobile, merchandise and ran a highly successful charity drives for various NGO’s.

But, 2017’s first couple of months turned out to be a disastrous journey for PewDiePie. His efforts to be sarcastic on sensitive subjects like “Anti-Semitism and race” generated much-needed controversy from the media.

It all started when PewDiePie said the “N-word” in his YouTube video which he deleted later. It was enough for YouTube’s SJW community to post-mortem every video he made for a crisp evidence. A few days’ letter, fresh from his “N-word” controversy, PewDiePie tightened his halter with another “Online Prank Video” where he asked those two men to dance with a banner saying “death to all Jews” – allegedly because he assumed they wouldn’t do it.

Obviously, his new video was also not supported in the YouTube community and generated a backlash from many YouTubers calling him a racist and the promoter of Anti-Semitism propaganda.

PewDiePie search

Although he responded to his Anti-Semitism remark; the damage was done by then. Disney-owned world’s largest Multi-Channel Network (in terms of subscribers of member channels) severed its ties with PewDiePie for good.

According to WSJ, Google pulled ads from one of his videos from Jan 11th while his channel is still a part of YouTube’s Google Preferred program, which lets brands buy ads against only the buzziest of content on the platform.

On Feb. 12, Kjellberg posted on Tumblr he wanted to “clear some things up,” stating that he doesn’t support hateful expression.

PewDiePie Tumblr Post
PewDiePie’s Tumblr Post

But, all his efforts went in vain, as MakerStudios issued the following statement to the Wall Street Journal: ”Although Felix has created a following by being provocative and irreverent, he clearly went too far in this case and the resulting videos are inappropriate. Maker Studios has made the decision to end our affiliation with him going forward.”

With that being said, we should understand that the comedy’s main purpose cannot be to cause pain to innocent victims. Just like NerdWriter1 said “all we can do is look at the jokes, their intent, their effect, and whether or not we’re laughing. But if we want our collective morality to remain nuanced and progressive, we have to let comedians near the things we find uncomfortable or perhaps, even wrong.”

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