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Halloween is round the corner and it’s time for some trick or treating. But the best part about Halloween is the costume. If you have waited this long to pick your Halloween costume, don’t worry we have got you covered with the top 10 ideas, including for couples too.Check out the DIY Halloween Costume Ideas.

Top 5 Most Searched Halloween Costumes:

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic superhero characters and often picked for a Halloween costume by women. Here in this video, the popular YouTuber Bethany Mota shows you how to make a DIY Wonder Woman costume and makeup too. Bethany is known for her videos about style, travel, comedy, beauty, cooking, positivity, and more!

Harley Quinn

Another top favorite amongst female DIY Halloween costumes is that of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Want to make this outfit for Halloween without spending a lot of money? In this video, YouTuber Claire has you covered by sharing some of her DIY techniques using spray paint, markers and a lot of awesome!


The clown is one of the most classic Halloween costume ideas. Here in this video, YouTuber Jordan Hanz shows the Pennywise IT Clown costume and makeup tutorial. It has got the perfect creepy killer look that Halloween calls for.


Disney characters are another classic option for your Halloween outfit. Moana is quite famous amongst female costumes. Here in this video, YouTuber Sam Skyler shows you how to DIY the Moana look by preparing your very own cheap Moana costume at home.


When in doubt for a Halloween costume, pick the Unicorn idea! It is the most classic and easiest “Do It Yourself” Halloween costume to pull off. In this video, the famous YouTuber Lauren shows you how to make a Unicorn Halloween costume at home without much effort.

Top 5 Most Searched Couple Halloween Costumes:

Bonnie and Clyde

Halloween costumes are even more fun when done by couples in a coordinated fashion. The top pick for couple DIY Halloween costumes are the characters, Bonnie & Clyde. Here in this video, the YouTuber Michelle Reed shows you the Bonnie & Clyde look amongst three other looks from Mad Men, Full House, and Up.

Beauty and The Beast

Disney characters are always in trend even when it comes to picking Halloween costumes. One of the most searched couple costume ideas is that of Beauty and The Beast. In this video, YouTuber Ally shows you how to DIY the Belle costume in order to don the Beauty and The Beast couple look.



Forrest Gump and Jenny

Dressing up as Forrest Gump and Jenny is both unexpected and original for Halloween. Plus, how can you resist the chance to wear a flower crown? In this video, YouTuber Courtney Lundquist shows 25 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas amongst which Forrest Gump and Jenny is also included.

Lilo and Stitch

Another top favorite amongst Disney characters for Halloween is the Lilo and Stitch costume. A Bethany Mota video makes it to the list yet again where she shows super fast and affordable Halloween costume ideas – Lilo and Stitch being one of them.

Tarzan and Jane


Last but not the least is the classic Tarzan and Jane Halloween costume idea. In this video, YouTuber dope2111 shows how to dress up as Jane along with its makeup too. Tarzan also makes an appearance in the video for you to adopt an inspired look.




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