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As the world marches towards revolutionary changes in various segments to uplift life and living, doing things yourselves is a saviour in times of need. DIY YouTube channels are stages that provide content regarding doing things by oneself and that is surely exiting to watch and experiment later.

There are emphatically hundreds of thousands of reasons why learning to do our own chores is better than depending on others and their businesses. Imagine the world facing a huge crisis and your daily living gets exposed to several threats and fear. Learning the basic hacks and trying to recycle, conserve and save is the most intelligent way to avoid or control the damage before it is out of your league.

We as a part of this planet must understand that learning to cook a new dish or practising a new Yoga pose in our self-decorated garden is underrated.

DIY YouTube channels

Creating that long awaited Bohemian wall with wind chimes beside a cosy balcony to sip on hot chocolate all by self is a happy feeling. It not just gets you the right ambience and mood but also leaves you in thoughts about climate change being real.

Life is uncertain but hey! You can always brighten up the present with fresh baked mug cupcakes.

DIY YouTube channels are here just to save the day for you. They educate everything that schools and colleges missed out on a large scale.

Let us know about the top DIY YouTube channels which have highly engaging videos, instructions, manuals and are very much informative. They are head turners on social media and one can hardly stop watching it as soon as it starts.

Top DIY YouTube Channels for best ideas

  1. 5-Minute craft

With over 65 Million subscribers it can be categorised as one among the most addicting DIY YouTube channels. They upload videos about popular DIY projects like experimenting with glue gun, slime, glitters and more. The channel also shows some amazing kitchen hacks like cooking eggs differently, peeling delicate fruits like kiwi. These videos are highly engaging and anyone who has subscribed will know how difficult it is to keep away from the internet when scrolling through their videos.

  1. Kipkay

Incredibly Interesting is the word that defines this channel. Kipkay is a YouTuber who did videos on recycling and upcycling waste and discarded items around. Currently the channel is verified with several millions of views on their videos and great engagement rates. It is now streaming videos as Kipkay restored where he works on restoring old, rusted, damaged and expired items into new ones which is exciting. Right from coffee grinders to old flashlights and wrenches, the videos show how to restore the usability of tools and gadgets. Do subscribe for some never before videos.

  1. Troom Troom

One cannot miss the channel name while discussing about the best DIY YouTube channels. Troom Troom is a fun channels which has amazing videos about pranks, home décor, cosmetics, makeup hacks and experiments. It is highly engaging and effective as most of their hacks are successful in real therefore one can try them out as shown in videos. They have a verified account with millions of views and over 17 Million subscribers.

  1. Made Everyday

Dana loves to sew dresses, pillows, toys, carpets, decorating pieces and more. Made Everyday is one of the fantastic DIY YouTube channels. It teaches a fundamental skill that everyone of us must know to ensure our independence when it comes to little things like stitching our own stuffs. The channel shows creative ways to stich sunglass cases, aprons, laminating fabrics and more amazing things.

  1. Mad stuff with Rob

If you are a 90s kid, then I am sure you remember Harun Robbert professionally known as Rob who hosted M.A.D on Pogo channel. The artist and television personality is back with his DIY YouTube channels where he continues to teach some amazing DIY experiments and hacks. His uploads are mostly ideas on home décor, gift items and theme based projects inspired by Pokemon, nature, anything from cartoon network shows. With over millions of subscriber his channel is worth a visit.

  1. Household Hacker

Fun experiments, kitchen hacks and amazing DIY ideas can be found on the channel. It has videos that teach supercool ideas to make tools, cook easy recipes, design hacks to ease life and living. Household hackers can be ranked as one of the most educating, informative and fun DIY YouTube channels to follow. They have brilliant videos where older experiments are tested for their genuineness and effective properties.

  1. Steve Ramsay- wood working for mere mortals

Carpentry, woodworking, steel bending is some of the serious household activities which Steve promotes through his DIY YouTube channels. He teaches his viewers to construct unique furniture, utility corners and work stations with inexpensive tools and materials. The videos are mostly to inspire people to practise the art on weekends rather than wasting in fruitless activities.

  1. Buzzfeed Nifty

The Buzzfeed vertical is dedicated towards creating some amazing crafts that will not just be fun but will also save bucks. Being one of the most followed DIY YouTube channels, it uploads engaging videos that are interesting to watch and very effective when applied in real life. The channel deals with restoration projects, trekking and camping hacks, easy food recipes, ways to entertain kids and everything that we need in our day to day life.

  1. Scotty Kilmer

With over 3 million subscribers and bulks of views Scotty Kilmer is one of the loved automotive DIY YouTube channels. You can learn how to fix your car, design any model, mend and restore automobile and much more. Scotty surely helps in saving a lot of money that we otherwise spend at the garages and on mechanics. He surely teaches the right way to correct car problems without taking help of any mechanic.

  1. Make

This mind blowing channel is dedicated towards turning any technology into useful things with simple hacks and methods. The verified channel has over 1.6 million subscribers who learn how to build new electronics and mend old systems. Being one of the best DIY YouTube channels it aims at educating people about functioning and working elements of various electronic items while integrating unique things to make a utility device.

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