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Imagine the world without the internet during these times. It sounds impossible to most of us because we are now heavily dependent on the World Wide Web for information, entertainment, income, and much more.

The ongoing pandemic has nearly shut the world, leaving everyone in the middle of emotional chaos and mayhem.

Fortunately, there is YouTube with engaging video content to help us keep going with our life sanely. Surveys have proved that there is a significant rise in the video content consumption along with the demand curve.

Internet is full of animal content, right from the popular cats making it to the meme pages to the funny dog videos going viral, YouTube has got them all.

dog YouTube channels

Hello, dearest Cynophilists!
Trying to google the word above?
Not needed! Let us help you add this to your diary of doggo memories.

Cause if you are a “Dog Lover” you will be called a Cynophilist and definitely our friend.

The purpose of this blog is to let you know that our loyal buddies have dedicated Dog YouTube channels that provide information regarding dog health, wellness, diet, and more.
Apart from being a complete entertainment package, YouTube is a place for information and knowledge on various topics.

There are multiple informative dog YouTube channels that provide content regarding their training, grooming, food habits, diseases & treatments, playtime, and more.
It doesn’t matter if you check out these dog YouTube channels for entertainment or serious information because, in the end, it’s for “dog’s purpose” and that never disappoints.

Best 12 dog YouTube channels

1. Maymo

Breakaway from the regular monotony with Maymo and his friend Potpie who love to play games, cook pizza and give cute reactions to pranks. Maymo is a Lemon Beagle with a verified dog YouTube channel that has over 9 million subscribers.

Check out this sweet guy who has already appeared in several TV shows and serials for his entertaining qualities. Shower some love on Maymo, subscribe to his channel, and add a lot of action & happiness to your life.

2. Kakoa’s world

Do you like watching Disney characters? Do marvel, comics, and the cartoon still fascinate you?
Same pinch! Says Kakos.
He has a verified dog YouTube channel with over 2.5 million subscribers and loves to upload videos with his family of superheroes, princesses, mermaids, and whatnot.

They have some cute videos of the dog playing around with his friends, camping in wood, having surprise dance parties, enacting roles, and celebrating birthdays.
Do visit the channel if you want to put a smile on your own face as well as on others around you during the tough times.

3. Mayapolarbear

She loves going out for walks, pranking friends, taking revenge on her master, bringing smiles to her viewers, and explaining situations best.
The channel comes up with videos on good dog products, tips on maintaining its health and providing the best attention to them.

Maya is a fluff ball who creates amazing content for her loyal online family with over 1.6 million subscribers. The verified channel is funny, entertaining, and unique in terms of video content.
Definitely one of the most loved dog YouTube channels on the platform.

4. Crusoe the Dachshund

The mini dachshund will show you the right way to live life in quarantine through his dog YouTube channel. It has over 1.07 million subscribers beside billions on views on the online content. Crusoe is a loving pet who chills and plays with his sister Daphne.

Apart from making funny videos on their day to day life, the channel also shows viewers how to dress up pets smartly. One can find creative videos such as mocking web series into stuff like “game of bones” and wearing costumes to role-play famous characters. The channel is a hub of many well written, different content for entertainment & information.

5. Tucker Budzyn

His bio reads:
“Welcome to Tucker’s official YouTube channel!
Michigan AKC Golden Pup
Bathtub obsessed since 2018”
Can anything be more lit?
Tucker is a much loved golden retriever who gets all pampered by his master. There are weekly videos on his grooming sessions, veterinary visits, play dates, parties, swimming time, and much more.

If you want more information about Retriever behavior and health, then this is the best dog YouTube channel to follow now.
The verified account has 1.8 million subscribers with millions of views, engagement, and shares on videos.

6. Funny dog Bailey

Bailey is a smart, handsome golden retriever who stays with his parents and loves them a lot. Usually, he plays around with his rabbit friends and is definitely a food tester.
He likes to give valid reviews over different food items and dishes through his reactions to videos documented by his mom & dad.

The verified channel has over 460k subscribers and viewers who engage with the video content and encourage the team for more such work. It is one of the cutest dog YouTube channels that one must check.

7. MochaMilk

The brother-sister duo has over 1.04 million subscribers and huge fan base that engage with their videos. While Mocha is a Pomeranian Spitz, Milk is Samoyed. We can categorize this as one of the most entertaining as well as informative dog YouTube channels that focuses on pet care and behavioral traits.

Apart from being extremely cute, this pair shows some great reaction videos to rare food items, grooming tips & tricks videos, playing in snow clips, and more.

8. Zak George’s dog training revolution

When you do a survey on most followed dog YouTube channels, Zak George’s official dog training is the most popular. With over 2.5 million subscribers Zak uploads a video on taming the domestic specie and keeping them healthy.

The channel is highly fascinating and tells you everything about dogs such as their behavioral traits, interests, weak & strong points, techniques to handle, and more.
The verified account has all the tips & tricks to teach dogs and fine their habits for a healthier life.

9. Hope for Paws- Official Rescue Channel

With over 4.8 million subscribers, Hope for Paws is a non-profit organization’s Rescue YouTube channel that works to save the voiceless animals.
The channel is meant for all kinds of animal rescue but dogs being one of the most abandoned and suffering creatures it majorly has videos on them.

The team documents all rescue operations and shows the little tricks to comfort and care for the dogs in distress. If you are planning for any dog shelter home or want to head any rescue mission, then this can be one of the most informative and authentic dogs YouTube channels.

10. Cesar Milan

The dog behaviorist deals with all kinds of animals but is an expert on different breeds of the canine species. It is one of the most helpful dog YouTube channels that teach various ways to handle dogs and keep them well behaved.

The official channel has over 1.03 million subscribers and several millions of views on their individual videos that can educate people thoroughly about training dogs.
The channel uploads videos on most FAQs and clears doubts of viewers along with providing rare facts about the dogs.

11. Howl of a Dog

It is yet another incredible dog rescue non-profit organization on a mission to save them and get them the best loving homes in Romania. One special quality of this channel is that it also focuses on educating the younger generation and local people about neutering/spaying dogs to control their over-population.

With over 1.2 million subscribers on the channels, it is surely one of the finest dog YouTube channels that work to home helpless, abandoned, homeless, tortured, traumatized dogs.
They have complete documented videos on the rescue of critically injured, almost killed in shelters and brutally manhandled dogs which is a pain to watch but it provides many facts on the plight of dogs.

12. It’s me or the dog

Victoria Stilwell is a renowned dog training expert who has trained some wild untamed bad boys into the cutest good dogs. She usually faces challenges from breeders, sellers, and dog dealers who wouldn’t care for the animal much nut the money instead. The channel has over 643k subscribers and millions of views on the videos.

With these verified dog YouTube channels audiences can get their facts correct about dogs.
There is always a specific way to domesticate different breeds and mannered dogs for their health & living. Victoria proves it to the world with these videos that training and taming dogs are an art that can be learned from such super dog YouTube channels.

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