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Akshay Chandra6 years ago

Donation Cards – that’s what YouTube is calling the latest addition to it’s House of cards. For those who don’t know – YouTube video Cards are an evolved version of annotations and unlike annotations, they work even on mobiles and are relatively less intrusive for the viewer.

These cards can be used by creators to sell merchandise hosted on their websites, get fan funding and even route the viewers to their other videos. Up until this announcement, there were 6 different types of cards each designed for a specific purpose. The latest addition – ‘Donation Cards’, can be used by Non Profit organizations on their videos. Now NGOs and charitable organizations have an easy way of raising funds for their causes using video!

With the new donation cards, video creators can now choose from any of the 1.8 million+ IRS-validated 501(c)3 nonprofits and direct donations to them right from their videos.

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According to a survey by Kentico, “35% of those who donate online say they are sometimes moved to give more than planned when presented with compelling website content. But when it comes to charities, donors are much more likely to respond to personal stories (35%) and statistics (32%) than images (6%) or videos (3%).”

So how do “CARDS” work?

  • First, a teaser will pop on the streaming video at the appointed time frame fixed by you.
  • Next, if the viewer wants to watch the cards, s/he can click on the icon directly
  • The icon also appears when you hover over the player on the desktop or when you tap on the player control options on mobile.
  • Viewers can also click on the cards to browse all the cards embedded in a video.

What are the different types of cards?

1. Donation Card

Using these cards, YouTube channels can raise funds for non-profit charitable organizations on their videos.

Adding a Donation card to your YouTube video:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account and access the Video Manager
  • Find the video you want to add cards to and select Edit. This can be a new video that you create specifically for the cause or a video that you’ve already uploaded.
  • In the tab bar at the top, select Cards.
  • Select Add card.
  • Next to “Donation,” click Create.
  • Type the name of the non-profit you want to support into the search box. Choose it from the list of available non-profits and then click Create card. You may have to choose an image, first.

Customize your card:

  • Enter the title and teaser text.
  • Click Change image if you’d like to choose another image from the category images.
  • Click Create card.

To view the analytics:

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • In the top right, select your account > Creator Studio.
  • In the left menu, click Analytics > Cards.

Donation cards on YouTube –

2. Merchandise Card

They promote a creators’ licensed merchandise from the video.

3. Fundraising Card

These are cards which work for fundraising of projects.

4. Video or Playlist Card

It links to different playlists or public video. If you are explaining Quantum theory in your video, you can use this opportunity to link a public video explaining additional concepts which you want your users to know about.

5. Channel Card

You can link other YouTube channels to your video using this type of cards. If you’re doing collaboration, then this card is the best option to let your viewers check out the other YouTube channel with ease.

6. Associated Website Card

To use this card, you need to add an associated website to your channel. Here, you can link a website to YouTube videos.

7. Crowd Funding Card

Help your kick-starter campaign to generate more funds. Using this card, you can give a link of your crowd funding campaigns you started.

8. Fan Funding

If you need to raise money for your little start-up or a company, then you can use this card and generate funds for your YouTube channel.

Points to ponder:

  • Your featured playlist will be hidden on video that makes use of cards. To avoid confusion/collision with cards, the branding watermark has been fixed at the bottom right part of the video.
  • The video under the ambit of Content ID or under campaign will not be covered and displayed on the video.
  • Cards can also work on live streams….how cool is that?

So, these are the different types of YouTube cards that you can use on your video to generate user engagement. Think of the amount ALS Ice Bucket Challenge could have generated using this new YouTube feature!

Let’s help the helpless and donate to a cause that can change the world into a better place.

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