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Akshay Chandra6 years ago

Along with Facebook’s new update on live video monetization where users make money from Facebook video ads. Facebook updated one more exciting feature where anyone can insert their ads in live streaming videos.

As per the new update, Facebook started expanding their feature called “Ad Breaks” in Facebook Live to additional profiles and Pages in the U.S.

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What are Ad Breaks

Ad Breaks are a new way for a user to earn money from their Facebook Live broadcasts. This feature allows anyone to take breaks during your live videos to run short advertisements. By following this procedure, the Facebook Livestream broadcaster will earn a share of the revenue from the ad breaks in your videos.

This is currently in beta testing with few selected profiles and pages in the U.S.

Few Guidelines to generate monetization revenue through Facebook Live streaming

  • Once you have a video that has 300 or more people watching at the same time, you’ll be eligible to set up ad breaks from your Page or profile.
  • You need to set up ad breaks for each Page or profile you go live from.
  • After you set up ad breaks, you will be able to start your first ad break once your video gets enough viewers and you’ve been live for at least 4 minutes.
  • Each ad break can last up to 15 seconds.
  • Once your live broadcast has ended; you will continue to make money as people watch your video once it’s posted.
  • Viewers will not be able to skip your live ad breaks.
  • Live broadcasters who have received Copyright or Community Standards warnings or violation notices are not currently eligible to use the Ad Breaks feature.

But here’s the important information you need to know to make money from Facebook video ads Ad Revenue.

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Although it’s not announced officially, the split for Facebook video advertising is the same as with YouTube 55/45. You get fifty-five percent of the ad revenues and Facebook gets 45 percent minimum. Videos length a Facebook video must be at least 90 seconds long, but longer videos will also have the ability to include multiple ads.

Unlike YouTube videos, you don’t need to make a 10-minute video to qualify for a second ad. Just a few minutes will do space between ads as Facebook ads need to be at least two minutes apart. This method will help small time users to generate monetization revenue through Facebook Live streaming without any hassle.

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When do Facebook ads appear in your video?

Unlike YouTube that uses pre-roll ads that appear at the beginning of the video, Facebook reportedly avoids this model and have gone with a mid-roll video ad model. This means that Facebook ads will only appear after 20 seconds from the start of the video.

We think that this model was chosen because Facebook videos automatically start when scrolling through your screen and Facebook probably didn’t want to annoy everyone with video ads appearing in the Facebook stream as they scroll past. This is the reason why Autoplay videos are only eligible if the video player is the main element of the page.

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So, ensure that your videos are over two minutes in length as longer videos mean more opportunity to make money from Facebook video ads but make sure they’re engaging. Be sure to hook your viewer in during the first 20 seconds as you want your viewers to hang around after an ad.

Also, more Facebook followers mean more viewers for your video. So ensure you’ve given them plenty of reasons to stay which will help you in building your Facebook following. To improve your page, start asking user audience to like your video, and try to engage them through comments.

Set up for Facebook ad breaks –

To get eligible for Facebook ad breaks, you need to have at least 2000 followers on your Facebook page. Once you get that, you need to have at least 300 people watching your live stream before you launch your ad-breaks.

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After you have gone live with a video, Facebook will send you a notification to let you know you’re eligible for ad breaks. After joining Ad-break, one can start using it after 4 minutes from start. And when using your Facebook Ad-break feature, you can take additional ad breaks every 5 minutes after your first break.

Your Notifications tab will look like this:

Facebook ad breaks notification
Facebook ad breaks notification

If you miss you Facebook Ad-breaks notification, you will receive a notification during your next Live broadcast. You’ll also see the new dollar sign icon ($) that you’ll tap to take ad breaks. For that, check the image below.

new dollar-sign icon ($)
new dollar-sign icon ($)

When your ads will start, your camera will stop and your watchers will start viewing the advertisement. You’ll see a commencement clock to tell you when your camera turns back on.

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Indian Facebook users will have to wait for this “creator friendly” update as Facebook is looking to launch Ad-breaks for the rest of the world by next 6 months from now.

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    This is awesome. I got notified that my business page is eligible.
    But I’m from the Philippines, and my country is not showing in the list. Do you know how I can get it done?

  • tech4uonline

    August 17, 2018 at 10:50 AM

    Wow, amazing content can you please tell when this service is rolling out globally

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