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A deadly virus, uncertain pandemic, continuous series of lockdowns and unlocking, curfews and barricading, the year 2020 left people confused. While the times are uncertain and sad for us, many companies & brands have taken appropriate measures to help governments as well as the public in straightening the curves.

The unfortunate rise in COVID-19 cases led to several changes on various fronts. Right from starting the work from home culture to maximum dependency on the digital platforms, the public has resorted to ways that will save them from the infection and its side effects on lifestyle.

 Brand Marketing Strategy

With the customers spending most of their time at home, browsing the internet and binge-watching series they also wanted to know how their favourite brands functioned in these tough times. There were stronger connections being made between brands and their audiences through all mediums and that made all the difference during the pandemic.

Despite all the chaos something that bridged the gaps were well planned effective brand marketing strategies. These helped companies revive their market shares, reach the target market, explore potential customers, empower the R&D, develop demanded products etc. that added value to life.

Effective Brand Marketing Strategies in 2021

  1. Develop human-centred strategy

The pandemic affected the way people accepted brands and companies. A few years back studies revealed that approx. 70% of brands that exist barely mattered to the customers i.e. it would not create much difference in their life if it was shut. Now, the tables have turned. A recent survey report by Deloitte found that customers recalled and mentioned brands that positively responded and took action to create an impact in the lives of people fighting for their survival, treatment, recovery etc. during the COVID-19.

With advanced digital gadgets, wearables, speed connectivity and soon to enter 5g network in India, brands now focused on their most essential part of the market is their customer’s attention. When in recent times, people were already on their toes regarding environmental issues, social equity conditions, world peace and sustainability, the 2020 pandemic made things even more clear, sharper, and well defined. Everybody is aware, working continuously, criticising as well as appreciating brands, creators, big industries, and governments that are usually expected to help uplift the common mass. In such a time, the laid back brands that barely made many efforts in changing their branding ensured that their techniques walked right beside the customer’s expectations and interest.

Effective brand marketing strategies that comply with the current global condition that is highly alarming is the need of the hour. Brands can and must pay attention to the call & get going with ideas that not just win the norms of humanity but the customer’s heart.

 Brand Marketing Strategy

  1. Initiate direct customer relationship

In the era of high-speed connectivity and the World Wide Web, brand sand companies need to recognize their customers in a yet more personalised manner. Everyone is using a smartphone, connected to various resources, and open to more than one option on all their needs, wants and interests. Therefore, it has become essential for companies to begin formulating effective brand marketing strategies that will straight away connect the company to its target market.

With pandemic leading to series of lockdowns across the globe, people have come on digital platforms, preferably social media to reach out to the real world and other necessary stages virtually. This brings a majority of the people online for most parts of their time due to which brands need to focus on exploring the ways to grab the right attention to add and retain their customers even during the changing times.

Using customer engagement data, analysing the data sets received from various digital surveys related to the online market, utilizing data insights smartly are just a few initial ways to repurpose the companies vision to develop the right action in order to get the amplified profits besides good branding.

  1. Fusion retailing post COVID-19

The times changed the conditions of shopping for customers where the fear of catching the virus convinced people to stay safe at home and follow lockdown rules. This surely doesn’t mean that they would never be able to make a trip to the mall with friends or try their favourite shoes on in the brick and mortar showroom.

 Brand Marketing Strategy

Even though the dependency and preference of people have moved to digital platforms due to the situation, it is not the end for retail shops outdoors. There are various additional benefits of advanced technology and no one would deny the fact that improved AI and VR concepts changed the face of various real-time experience, yet, that is not sufficient. With revised brand marketing strategies, customers are sure to come back.

The web-rooming facility where brands showcase their products for a trial online just to be bought from the retail shop only is an effective brand marketing strategy that can help improve the footfall post-pandemic for the shops. It is the reverse of the concepts of show-rooming and the presence of both makes the brand available with dual-channel retailing. Hence, creating a business profile on appropriate social media and continuing to promote the brand during the lockdown can surely benefit people post the condition.

  1. Take action, grow communities & build a relationship

In a series, there were global debates on various controversial events that made customers question the ethics, competency, provision of inclusion, acceptance and other values that aligned with brand missions. Right from the “black lives matter” protests, controversy over communal angles in advertisements to efforts on developing the coronavirus vaccine, people watched the brands do their bit. They openly judged the brand marketing strategies that bought out a certain image of particular companies, brands or their founders.

 Brand Marketing Strategy

Hence, it is very important to understand that people are evolving, changing preferences, going more towards humanity, sustainability and caring for others. Brands must take note of the passing trends, expected upcoming movements and develop an action plan to attract the quick scrolling short spanned attention of their target market.

Conducting joint events, social media engagement events and reaching customers in need quickly can help build trust. This will then grow communities that support the brand’s cause and begin the good old word of mouth to help grow the system that in return will manage the brand needs by providing resources, data insights, support, and profits too.

  1. Micro-influencers

We have our favourite creators on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. they help us pick the right product, get the best deals, use their discount codes and whatnot. Now it may become repetitive, yet to remind our readers that over 80% of daily active users on social media come to get to know about brands from their homepages, they mostly interact with brands of their interest, often make a purchase from the CTAs or pages and seldom recommend it to their friends and family. The fact here is that it is not always due to the brand’s ads or pages but for the influencer community that tend to provide their niche audiences with specific feedback that is mostly considered genuine and thus accepted.

 Brand Marketing Strategy

Brands have already tapped into the growing micro-influencer market where people with some specific type of audience introduces or promotes the brands to its people. This makes the brand more trustworthy, builds a proper brand image, sends the right message across, gets an opportunity to serve the new found target market.

In the digitally advancing times, building an effective brand marketing strategy to relate with the right TG needs companies to team up with micro-influencers who can connect them with relatable audiences. So remember to collaborate with a celebrity chef or foodie with a good number of followers while promoting your newly launched ketchup instead of a fashion influencer.

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