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The authorised simulated cyber-attack on networks, software and computer systems to evaluate their security standards, debug threats & vulnerabilities is called penetration test that is more popularly known as ethical hacking. It majorly helps restricts attacks from malicious users that can exploit data, cause financial losses and create chaos.

The advancement in technology these days has enabled ethical hackers to provide much quicker and dependable protection solutions. With brands venturing into social media, online spaces and using AI-enabled devices it is important to know about the features and utility of ethical hacking methods.

Ethical hacking YouTube channels are a great way to explore more about the technical process behind the test that can benefit companies built robust systems and networks. Interested computer enthusiasts, programmers, technophiles can use these ethical hacking YouTube channels to grow their ideas & knowledge around the matter.

Here we have listed 7 popular ethical hacking YouTube channels that beginners and technical gurus can subscribe for best of videos on hacking.

Best 7 ethical hacking YouTube channels

  1. Hak 5

It is one of the award-winning ethical hacking YouTube channels which covers topics such as open-source software, penetration testing and network infrastructure. The channel began as a podcast in 2005 and now has a community of expert ethical hackers who provide the best guide to learners and techno gurus. The verified YouTube channel has over 602k subscribers that benefit from the videos on it regarding hacks of different network types and devices.

  1. Seytonic

180k subscribers and a verified grey tick tag prove the authenticity of one of the most interesting ethical hacking YouTube channels. They make videos about effectively hacking complex software, doing DIY hack projects, topics related to Arduino hacks and raspberry pi models. The schematics, codes and manuals they provide are very engaging, informative and encouraging for beginners, gadget geeks and programmers into experimenting with these hack projects.

  1. HackerSpoilt

Prioritizing cybersecurity training, HackerSpoilt is one of the most informative, convenient ethical hacking YouTube channels. If you are interested in learning about essential training in the protection of system and white hat hacking techniques, then this is the channel for you. They have videos and courses that match the industry’s top-level defence solutions to protect company networks. This 454k verified ethical hacking channel on YouTube is a must-follow for those passionate about hacking and technology.

  1. Black hat ethical hacking

“To Know One, You Have to Think Like One” is their channel’s motto and thus the name black hat ethical hacking. While most of the ethical hacking YouTube channels promote white hat practice here is one that simulates methodologies resonating with the mind-set of a black hat hacker to ensure most critical complex solutions possible. Cybersecurity being the vast topic it has no particular solution and this channel exposes means of offence attacks by malicious users who tend to manipulate information, data, resources of companies in various ways. You can learn real cases of attacks and various ways of black hat practises to ensure strict strong solutions for your networks with this channel.

  1. Cyber Yodha

One of the most helpful Indian ethical hacking YouTube channels that teaches the best practises of ethical hacking and provides inexpensive courses for training purpose. They have over 30 programs for both classroom training and online programs that can help build a student’s career in cybersecurity, data forensics and hacking. Their videos are aimed at latest technical advances under the canopy of the main topic i.e. hacking. They have tutorials for ethical hacking and projects that will enhance overall knowledge in the field.

  1. The Hacker Stuff

With over 17.7k subscribers on the channel, The Hacker Stuff is one of the most engaging pentest & ethical hacking YouTube channels. They provide good screen shared videos of ethical hacking methods besides techniques to strengthen the cybersecurity of any network & system. Their videos also cover topics like android hacking tricks, kali Linux usage, security assessment types, tricks to prevent most malicious hack attacks.

  1. Bhargav Tandel

Penetration testing, CCNA/CCNP, server security, network defence, best hacking techniques are a few of the types of videos this channel produces. With over 27.2k subscribers, Bhargav Tandel’s channel is one of the coolest, informative places to learn ethical hacking. Right from beginner guides to expert level chapters they cover everything about different software, network complexity and cybersecurity. Do follow for some champion advice.

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