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With quick evolving marketing trends, digital platforms are the hub of everything popular. 

Nowadays, it is essential for Video producers, digital marketers, YouTube influencers, and all video content creators to understand video marketing. To achieve business success, brands and creators must utilize online tools, techniques, and platforms.

Budding online video content creators involve the aggregate strengths of the internet to drive traffic, increase sales, and convert viewers to customers. 

video content creators

Trade fairs, events and business conferences are few of the first-hand opportunities for video content creators to learn about the latest tools and software updates. 

These live events comprise of real-time discussions related to fresh ideas, implemented plans and personal experiences in video marketing. It usually witnesses the spark minds on the internet share their piece of thought on a particular technique or tool on video production and marketing.

Many valuable tips and tricks, helpful insights, resources and support systems are available as take always for the attendants. 

Why to attend events for online video content creators?

Wondering about how to make your customers stay?

How to engage them continuously for a longer duration?

Video content creators who are running successful video campaigns have realized the importance of videos. The market these days are displaying particular affinity towards motion pictures that would both educate and entertain.

Advertising these days has shifted its core to videos through which brands express better. The demand for videos is continuously growing in the market because it reaches the extreme corners of the society and wins at impressing more audience.  

video content creators

Video ads are comparatively more effective in passing on the required message across targeted market spaces. This helps create a more precise image and brand personality, which in turn would gain customer loyalty and trust.

Moreover, brands become more relevant to its viewers and potential consumers.

A video can boost social media engagements for brands and creators. Engagement rates are the parameters that help measure the level of success achieved by the particular ad.

Playing a video makes promotions a few folds more interesting thus, managing to keep audiences captured. 

With over millions of smartphone users across the globe, people are reachable over online ads designed for mobile devices. Vertical video consumption has simultaneously led to an increase in the creation of videos in portrait format.

These demands for videos have expanded the base for video content creators who use it to enhance brand presence, tap into new markets and retain existing customers. 

video content creators

Video marketing is a vast market with plenty of opportunities waiting to be discovered by the right video content creator. 

Creators can gain multiple ideas over video marketing from experts by attending popular events dedicated to online marketing. A lot of these events are attended by well known brands, industry experts and digital & tech companies which makes them a great platform for content creators to network and collaborate.

Here we have listed some famous and essential events hosted to add value to digital marketers, video content creators, brands, and businesses.

Top 10 events for video content creators

1.   VidSummit

It is one of the biggest fests for brands that discusses about building fan following, curating & creating branded content and monetizing them. The current website of the fest says

“Where The World’s Top Video Influencers, Video Marketers and Brands Reveal Everything They Know About Turning Videos into Sales.” 

With more than 60 high-level speakers sharing their ideas on video content, audience growth, brand development, and influence gain, VidSummit is a top-class event. 

video content creators

It brings people together not as event visitors but industry insiders, connecting, networking and exchanging thoughts with all. 

This event is usually held in October, in Los Angeles which smart, sensible marketers, video content creators, and brands must not miss.

2.   DigiMarCon

The digital marketing conference is a premium and large fest hosted as a series across the globe at major destinations. The fest is organized for the digital marketing industry working at different parts of the world. 

It brings together marketing specialists, brands, video content creators, influencers, and industry biggies to discuss various topics related to content creation and digital marketing. 

video content creators

The digital conclave is a must-attend for start-ups, individual creators, brands and everyone interested in digital landscapes. 

DigiMarCon event helps participants know about special tricks and tips that influencers or creators would never share online. 

It also helps people connect with the finest content creators and brands to establish beautiful digital space.

3.   VidCon

Learning becomes more fun when a conference gets flavors of a fan fest with an influx of people from different levels of life. There are youngsters, industry giants, top video content creators, and aspiring influencers who come to VidCon every year. 

The fest brings in YouTube culture and its creators closer on one platform, ensuring better networking among all.  

video content creators

VidCon is a multi-genre online video conclave held in Southern California since 2010. It is now held in many significant destinations like Australia and London across the globe every year. 

This is a brilliant conference for video content creators to explore and learn tricks to grow their channels and produce the best content. With students, rookie content creators, industry professionals and top video content creators attending this fest, it is a must-attend for all digital professionals and creators. 

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4.   Playlist Live

The event is for top video content creators, videographers, influencers, YouTubers and digital professionals.

People who would like to explore, experience, engage and create content must be a part of this grand affair happening in Orlando in March every year.

The event is conducted for three days and the digital industry comes closer to experience and explore the ample opportunities available there.  video content creators

Online video creators and digital marketing lovers share their ideas, tricks and tips to ensure a better community and future for the industry. 

The website reads,

“Playlist Live is the perfect setting to get inspired, make new friends and learn about the future of digital video and social media.”

People who support digital media come together to celebrate the whole digital community and network with each other to co-create, explore and learn newer techniques. 

5.   SXSW conference and festival

South by Southwest is the annual feast for people from the film industry, interactive media houses and music festivals.

It is hosted in the month of March in Austin, Texas every year to get the digital video experts, digital marketers and video content creators together. 

The festival is about the future of video content creators, digital marketing and videography. It brings along marketers and industry giants to discuss the advantages of video ads and the benefits that can be reaped out of the techniques. 

video content creators

This fest is the best place to explore, learn and know about latest technologies, tools and software for video creation, production and marketing. 

It will surely enhance the knowledge of participants on monetizing video content and ways to engage the audience online.

6.   Vdonxt Asia

The digital industry meetup Vdonxt Asia by Afaqs was started to recognize industry experts and provide a platform to video content creators. 

It was first held in 2017 in India where it happens every year and was a success at bringing all digital media experts together.  

With the rise in the digital video business, this event solely focused on strategic sessions about future opportunities in the video industry. 

Top influencers, individual creators and many other industry big shots attend the fest to share their ideas, tricks and tips about video content. 

video content creators

India grew to become the most extensive video content consumer that has led events like this to become massive hits. The event is the best place to find all fantastic talents who create the best video content to challenge conventional media and common digital market spaces. 

It is one of the the best places to learn about the new trends in the video business industry, listen to experts sharing their knowledge about the business and collaborating with the right talents.

7.   vIDEA 2019

The video media awards and summit is a brilliant event that brings in industry veterans, individual creators and experts from the industry to discuss the video marketing trends.

The awards initiative by Inkspell media is a unique place to give recognition and know the talents that made a difference to the way people advertised or marketed. 

One must attend the fest to learn about the vast opportunities hiding in the sea of content. The event is much more than just award function as it gets a lot of industry leaders and change makers on the dice to address key concerns of the video marketing business. 

video content creators

The fest brings along tremendous opportunities and a wide range of options for  related to marketing, video content and influencer marketing. 

8.   DigiPub

It is the convention for web publishers in India and is an event that has got great opportunities for aspiring video content creators. The event usually takes place during August-September in Delhi NCR hosted by Afaqs. 

Digipub world is the event which helps its participants interact with successful video content creators, entrepreneurs, business tycoons and leading people of the industry. The fest is dedicated towards web publishing and awards for most innovative web pages & media talents.  video content creators

If you are an aspiring content creator, then you must attend the fest to collaborate, explore and listen to the experts on stage here. Digipub world convention is the right place to learn about how to engage the audience and tricks to make video content successful online. 

9.   iStream Congress

The iStream congress is the event that highlights the trends in the popular culture that assist in successful marketing campaigns.

This fest focuses on issues related to the audio and video OTT industry that has grown bigger and more complex in structure over the years. 

The fest brings in the industry experts and top minds to discuss the opportunities available for the video content creators, publishers, production teams and marketers. 

video content creators

The conference is held in India during the month of August-September, where many participants attend the event to discover talents, creators and network with industry leads for better business. 

The event covers topics like advertising, OTT business, video marketing and audio streaming facilities. 

People come across numerous new ideas and learn tricks to enhance audio and video businesses online with iStream Congress. 

10. Streamcon Asia

An event that gathers top video content creators, brands, influencers and industry giants to discuss the various opportunities in the online media industry.

Streamcon Asia, hosted by Vidooly is a flagship event which is just the right place for content creators and video enthusiasts. 

The event is conducted in the month of March in India and is a hub for industry experts, digital marketing professionals and content creators. They share their ideas and thoughts on the future of the industry and business means. 

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video content creators

At a time when online marketing and advertising is all about video content creators and their work, this event is a must attend for all.

The event helps attending participants to bond and network with fellow industry people and exchange required ideas on developing some fruitful work. 

The event is a grand affair that sees celebrity speakers share valuables from their experiences and industry insights. 

Do check this event out for some original ideas and thoughts on video content creators, marketing and advertising in digital media.

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