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How does it feel when you are on YouTube, watching your favourite video when you are bombarded with ads that you do not want to see and have no control over it?

Annoying, isn’t it? But, then things are changing.

Now, is the time to welcome Google’s TrueView, which is built with the promise that an advertiser will only have to pay if and when someone makes the choice to watch their video ad.

With TrueView, it is a win-win situation for both viewers and advertisers. Viewers can choose to see videos they are curious about. This means that they will be in complete control of ads they do not want to watch.

On the other end, Advertisers get more views from an interested audience, choosing what they want to pay for a view, and getting the right audience at the right price.

Features of TrueView

  • For advertisers, the TrueView campaign is easy to get started with. With the help of Google AdWords for video all that an advertiser has to do is use an existing video, add a description for it and the TrueView campaign is ready to go.
  • As an advertiser you can easily build a list of people who engaged in your video. You can later use them for remarketing and show ads to the same customers in future on YouTube or the Google Display Network.

A strong benefit of YouTube’s TrueView is that it offers certain measurements for influencing consideration and increasing awareness, in the process also enabling advertisers to optimize their brand campaigns.

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As with any ad format, TrueView campaigns may require some modifications before they begin to deliver goals efficiently .

One of the best ways to set up an account for success is to be prepared to test and have patience while optimizing its performance.

The infographic below is an illustrated guide to everything that you need to know about YouTube’s Trueview campaign and its importance. Let us have a look at it.

Everything You Need To Know About YouTube TrueView final

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