YouTube MarketingFrom 100k to 800k subscribers within 4 months! The best example for Tent-pole programming

Aravinda Holla4 years ago

What started off as a second grade Science Project gradually evolved into a full-fledged Science channel on YouTube. We’re talking about popular YouTube channel “What’s Inside”, a channel by father-son duo of Lincoln and Dan. So here’s what they do – They cut open random things to see what is inside! From an X-Box controller to a Rubik’s cube, they’ve cut open a lot of random things.

What caught our attention:

Up until the first week of August 2015, the channel had 97 thousand subscribers. But within a span of 4 months, their subscription now stands at around 827 thousand! That’s a humongous growth in such a short duration.

YouTube channel increases subscribers

Note: Click here to check out a detailed statistical analysis of the channel.

How it happened:

As most of you might know, whenever a YouTube channel reaches 100 thousand subscribers, YouTube sends them a Silver Play Button as a memorabilia. What’s Inside also got this souvenir after they hit the 100K milestone. And what do they do with it? They cut it in half of course!

In the second week of November, on the 14th to be exact, they uploaded a video titled What’s inside the YouTube Silver Play Button? This video went viral soon and has raked up more than 6 Million views as of today! here’s the video:

On the 27th of November, the channel added more than 98 thousand subscribers in a single day! That’s the power of virality!

YouTube Channel Increases Subscribers

Note: Click here to check out a detailed statistical analysis of the channel.

What you can learn from this:

You might have heard a lot about Tent pole Programming on YouTube. For the uninitiated: Tentpole programming is creating videos that relate to popular social or cultural events.

A lot of people have a misconception that Tent pole programming can only be a social or a cultural event. Like Christmas, or the release of an anticipated movie, or a sports event. But the reality is, if you have your eyes open, you can find a tent pole event every day! Even your personal milestones, special anniversaries etc can be perfect for Tent pole programming. And that’s exactly what What’s Inside did here: they showcased a personal milestone without compromising on the overall theme of the channel.

So, put your search goggles on and find your own Tent pole opportunity. You never know; you can be the next channel which can set an example and inspire others! If you have a similar story to share, do leave them as comments and we’ll try incorporating them in our next blogs.

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