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Akshay Chandra6 years ago

If you are a regular to YouTube, then you must be familiar with Pre-Roll Ads that begins before you watch a monetized video on YouTube. Before we begin, let’s clear off the type of Ad formats. There are three types of advertising options.

  • Pre – Roll – Ads that come at the starting
  • Mid – Roll – Ads that come in the middle of the video
  • Post – Roll – Ads that come after watching the video

True View gives the viewer an option to skip an advertisement after 5 seconds. The advertiser pays only for the advertisements when the user decided not to SKIP the advertisement. But, basically, it’s the owner of the YouTube channel who decides whether to make an ad appear in the Pre, Mid or Post-roll of a YouTube video.

Mostly, Mid Roll Ads are used in for movies and videos having with length more than 10 minutes. But, when you show a mid-roll ad, you increase the likelihood of that viewer to abandon the video as it disrupts the continuity.

Creating genuine engagement is the real problem with Pre – Roll advertisements.  Most of the YouTube users (including me) prefer to click a SKIP button in first 3 seconds. 98% of the time our Pre – Roll ads do not get delivered to our ideal audience and average view rates are well below the 1% range.

So, let’s discuss the YouTube pre-roll advertisements that cracked the code of not making viewers click the SKIP button, and watch the whole video instead.

Let’s discuss the best advertisements that are used as YouTube pre-roll advertisements and discuss what made them different.

Play with Skip button

The most fun way to engage the user is to use the SKIP button and create advertising content to play around that. Don’t understand? Check out these two advertisements.

Opel Mokka

Here, Opel Eye used a series of pre-rolls where the car interacts the skip button just like the real obstacle on the road, or more around it. The payoff is, they generated more than 2.5 million views for an advertisement where they showcase all the features for the SUV.


YouTube is famous for cute cat and puppy videos. But, when you warn the viewer to save the puppy by not clicking the button, then you instantly create an engagement. Nail Communications who ran the campaign reported that they generated more than 26% of 100% completion rate. This proves that when you effectively use the skip button, viewers will stay on board.


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Break the third wall

Madagascar 3

Hey you! Stop what you are doing, and don’t you dare to click the SKIP button.

If you view this messaging, will you click SKIP button?

The Pre-roll advertisement of Madagascar 3 did exactly this with fast pause cuts to ask a question by breaking the third wall and making the viewer feel engaged. According to our Google Chrome plugin Vidlog, the video generated 1.38 thousand shares only on Facebook itself. The best part is that the advertisement ends just after 30 seconds with calls to action button appearing for the rest of other 60 seconds.

Have a call to action

Developed by Draft FCB Mayo Digital in Chile, the advertisement encourages users to skip a behavior rather than skip an ad. This advertisement was made for the Sodimac & La Casa Eco where they show an eco-guide that tends to help the viewer in changing the behavior in just 3 seconds by adding another call to action button just above the SKIP button.

The USP of this ad is that, upon clicking the button, the viewer will not reach the basic website of a company, but will land in a different landing page where the viewer can learn various tips on saving the energy.  The result was that over 80,000 Chileans chose to ‘skip a behavior’ over the course of one week.

Short and Simple

This is the best pre-roll advertisement on YouTube till date. Why? The ad spots in the campaign concluded before the 5 seconds end and by the time the skip adoption appears the fun part of the video has begun making it, well, Un-skiable.Each of the spots featured a different setup but always with the actors freezing at the five-second mark. The voice over then announces that “You can’t skip this Geico ad because it’s already over”. This ad was the winner of the Gran Prix at the 2015 Cannes Lion festival.


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Address the Viewer

To deliver viewer hesitance to click the skip button for a viewer is the essence of a perfect pre-roll video. What Colenso BBDO for their Burger King excluded this perfectly.  The promoter made 64 custom scripts so that every advertisement could be altered for the video it played before. The promotion additionally sincerely expresses that their intended interest group – young fellows – despise pre-move publicizing while as yet introducing Burger Kings offer. You can see more about how the battle was set-up in the video beneath

Other platforms for Pre-Roll ads

While YouTube remains the top priority for most of the advertisers to start their Pre – Roll ads, there are other platforms also where you can experience the creativity of Pre – Roll ads. They are,

  • BrightRoll
  • YouTube
  • AOL Advertising
  • Hulu





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