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Businesses, start-up companies, leading brands, mom&pop stores, departmental outlets and other such establishments are revamping their marketing strategies. Animation and video making has taken over traditional promotions and advertising techniques to attract maximum in the market.

All industries are gradually turning into “video-first” groups that depends more over the videos, motion animation and graphics. Explainer videos are the latest way to grab attention of potential markets and brief products/services and campaigns.

Explainer videos are short videos that describe a message or explain a particular product in an engaging, entertaining and informative manner. The video usually consists of animation and graphics that provide transparent details and data about any subjected topic.

Brands nowadays have adopted the means to convey their messages to the audience and acquire majority of the market. This is highly beneficial for the industries as it makes overall branding effortless.

Here we have listed some amazing explainer video examples that business and brands can refer to while developing their own promotional strategies.

Top 10 Explainer video examples by brands

  1. Twitter: Event targeting

The explainer video examples give a better understanding to the audience about the particular brand and related topics. Twitter created the basic, minimalistic explainer video that informs audiences about events on the platform. The explainer is majorly done with the brand’s colour and theme along with tinges of sunset yellow icons.

  1. BBC: Red Button

This BBC created explainer video is a creative amalgamation between the motion graphics and real life video footage. The scenes were developed to make the story come alive and explain audience about the red button features. It has a good jingle, appealing animation and engaging informative voice over. Overall it is one of the most engaging explainer video examples that is interesting & useful for consumers.

  1. KFC: Youth foundation

The short explainer video is dedicated mainly to the youth of Australia. The animated video is a mix of youthful tunes, whistling, impressive transitions, informative narration and more. The encouraging video speaks about empowering the youth and developing skills. This is definitely one of the most impressive explainer video examples.

  1. COCA-COLA: Ribbon

The explainer video conveyed the message for Coca-Cola where they informed their customers about helping them with enjoying the FIFA world cup in Brazil. This explainer video has simple elements that are relevant to the brand’s logo and colours. It has a vibrant aura and the animated video also translates the voice over into English which is the lingua franca. The video is made with fun filled music, motion graphics, themes and templates which make it engaging.

  1. Visa: Threat Intelligence

Every financial brand and company must have a proper explainer video that would inform its customers about the features and elements. This explainer video from Visa introduces Threat intelligence. It has a professional voice over which clearly explains the new features launched. It has minute detailing in graphics, animation and elements that add to the overall appeal of the explainer.

  1. Oreo: Alladin

The brand cleverly recreated the popular story of Alladin and made it positive by twisting the basic storyline. It is a beautiful story where they sing along jingle about if the witch had a cream filled Oreo then how he would have acted as Alladin’s wingman. The story is twisted to show that the cookie can change negative thoughts and bring in joy.

  1. Facebook: Best practises

Unique, different and well explaining elements are used in this video by Facebook. It is one of the best explainer video examples that show how they can still create impact without using brand logo, colour and punch lines. The best practices on the social media platform is clearly informed in the explainer. Facebook ensures that the audience feel more comfortable and secured on the site through the explainer that is mesmerising, simple yet useful.

  1. Starbucks: Give good

The artistic explainer video is a beauty in itself. The video begins with doodling hands that take the creative way out to inform people how everyone is distant and diverse in cultures, traditions and lifestyle yet connected through brands like Starbucks. It is sweet, engaging and innovative video that puts out a positive brand image of unity in diversity.

explainer video examples

  1. Dominos: Handmade

The video might look easy but has definitely been made with lots of time, effort, creativity and strategy. It has a voice over explaining how the Dominos pan pizzas are handmade just like the explainer video. Here the pizza making steps are shown with slow graphics and how it is delivered fresh and hot. Animation with real life video clips make the overall explainer more interesting and engaging.

10. MC Donald’s: Drive-thru car free day

This fun filled explainer video by Mc Donald’s aims at making it drive-thru car free on a particular day. They conveyed the message in the explainer with pop coloured elements, graphical presentations, playful music and motion images. The explainer informs its customers that the restaurant will only be open for people coming in other means of transportation other than cars. The video shows active, energetic people coming in various types of vehicles to take their packs thus inspiring other customers to go car-free.

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