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Vishal Sharma4 years ago

In the past few years, Social media has deeply integrated into all the spheres of our lives and most of the business has shifted online as people are getting all the relevant information in a just a click.

According to recent studies, people not only use social media for entertainment, rather spend 37 % of their total time spent on media to buy some or the other products from advertisements tailored at them.

Social media is now a business platform and Facebook, one of the most popular social media platform with over 2.32 billion active users in a month is playing well in the market, with Facebook ads manager catering to the exact requirements of the people, leading to around 48% users make online purchases.

Online marketing and Advertising are the only ways to make your business grow and reach out to the mass audience at times when the majority of the business has become online.

Facebook ads are an amazing direct way for marketers to reach out to the right audience for their business and turn them into leads or customers.

With Facebook Ads Manager, it becomes much more organized to create and manage ads. In Facebook Ads Manager , you can create campaigns, allocate budgets, select campaigning parameters like “audience,” write ad copy, edit multiple ads in one go, purchase and publish ads, manage and analyze all your ads in real-time.

You can also customize graphs and tables from anywhere and boost your campaigning with trends and more, with choosing one of the two choices to create an ad, namely Guided creation or Quick selection.

To manage all your ads, pages and audience in one place, Business Manager is another tool of Facebook, where you can create separate ad accounts for every business, choose multiple payment methods to pay for ads, monitor the performance of your ads and even assign role-based permissions within your organization, keeping your personal profile and Business totally separated.

Doing business is not that easy when you have other players in the market offering competitive marketing tools to keep at par. Thus, Facebook recently announced improvements in Facebook Ads Manager to make the tool easier to use for businesses of all sizes.

These improvements will keep on rolling out throughout the year and will get available to all of the advertisers by the end of the year 2019. So, let’s start talking about business and look into the major key points.

facebook navigation update

Quick Creation, Management & Analysis

What we all need as a marketer while handling a marketing campaign are the easy navigation, some auto fill-ups, and easy reporting. With the upcoming update, users will be getting simplified navigation features in facebook ads manager and a clean design to manage their campaigns.

With more space in the navigation bar and a highlight tool, you will be able to get more insights into ad performance and reporting. The campaign creation process will get faster with copy/paste and auto-naming feature of campaigns, ad set, and ad names.

Also, the hierarchy drop-down view with the search will make the navigation to different ad set and ads more convenient for the users.

Modern Design, Experience & Workflows

Facebook has also introduced a new design system to improve coherency and efficiency of the facebook ads manager. The new design system will upgrade the existing colors, shapes, typefaces, and icons to make the interface more human-friendly and intuitive.

The fill-up forms will get more clear, and the actions will become more predictable so that nothing gets missed while filling them out. All this will eventually reduce the number of click by a user resulting in a better experience and logical approach while handling the workflow.

facebook campaign heirarchy update

Improving Business Manager

Later this year, not only the facebook ads manager is going to be revamped but also there are plans to update the Business Manager by making it more faster and convenient for the agencies while onboarding their clients’ campaigns on Facebook. The changes are focused on client management through historical reporting and asset organization within your Business Manager account.

Band Lift Measurement

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