Why your Facebook ads not approved? How to Fix it Instantly!

For every digital marketer, Facebook provides a rather easy and effective platform to advertise and connect with the relevant audience. With the ever-increasing concern for its users’ privacy and experience, Facebook follows very stringent advertising policies that every advertiser must follow. However, sometimes we experience that our advertisements are not approved and we tend to lose precise campaign time and resources. So let’s look at what are some of the ways we can avoid this from happening. 

But to tackle this better, we should first understand what are the reasons for which our Facebook advertisements get rejected:

  • Age restricted content: Facebook is very particular about what content its advertisers are choosing to publish. Your content should not promote nudity, hate, violence, racism, addiction and so on. Remember that misleading, fake, disruptive and irrelevant content will generate very poor quality score for your ad account that will hamper your advertiser’s profile in a big way.
  • Copyright Violation: As we are getting more and more aware about intellectual property rights, we must ensure that we never use anything in our advertisements for which we do not have the copyright authority. Logos, images, music, copy everything should be original or with due credits.
  •  Wrong targeting: If you’re targeting wrong people through your advertisement, your quality score will be very poor and it might end up getting rejected. Suppose you’re trying to promote your alcohol brand, betting agency or contraceptive pills and you’re not targeting an 18+ audience, your ad campaign is surely going to get rejected. 
  • Poor domain quality: You probably did not think that your website might be a reason why your advertisements in Facebook are getting rejected but it sure is a valid reason. If you’re using a wrong landing page or the landing page is not giving the users a holistic experience- if it is full of glitches, unwanted pop-ups etc.-your quality score will suffer which might be a reason for rejection as well. 
  • Wrong usage of Facebook’s identity: You must be very careful if you’re using ‘Facebook’ in your advertisements. The colour, font, placement and even other identity assets of Facebook such as ‘Like’ should be used judiciously as they might be a reason for probable cancellation. At no time should Facebook and its assets be more highlighted than the actual advertiser brand. 

Pro Tips: 

  1. The more frequent you are with your advertisements, the quicker they get approved
  2. Add proper call-to-action buttons. Never use, say, a play video button in a banner that takes people to a landing page. 
  3. Be careful about grammar and punctuation mistakes
  4. Though currently the 20% text and 80% image ratio is said to be not followed by Facebook strictly, however, text heavy ads have a chance of getting suppressed. So ensure your content has a healthy balance of text and image. Also, the creative should be of high resolution.
What to do if your Facebook ads get rejected?
a) How long does it take to get an ad approved?

Once you set up an advertisement on Facebook, it passes through a review process. Some get reviewed by automation and some in-person i.e, manually. This is why it takes somewhere around a couple of hours to a couple of days to verify and approve your advertisement content.

b) If your ad is rejected…
  • You will find a notification if your ads are not running due to rejection. You will also broadly be notified which policy has your ad violated and how you can fix it. 
  • Facebook doesn’t divulge the exact reason to prevent any probable infringement but thankfully most cases these reasons are self-explanatory. You can then hit ‘Edit’- make the changes and publish the ad once again for approval.
  • In many cases, you might not agree with the reason or the suggestion that Facebook has sited. In that case, you have the option of appealing for the ad. To request a review, go to the account quality🡪 select the account or the catalogue that has the rejected ad🡪select the particular ad or the ad campaigns🡪click on ‘request review’ and the hit submit. You will also  be able to track the status of your appeal at all times. If your ad is then approved, it will start delivering instantly but in case its rejected again, you will not be able to appeal again.
    Pro Tip: Rejection in the review appeal affects your Quality Score so before opting, you must be doubly sure.
A checklist for quick and smooth approval:
  1. Keep an eye on the approval/rejection notifications
  2. Train your content and design teams with the do’s and don’ts
  3. Always make sure to proofread all contents
  4. Use a friendly tone
  5. Ensure all landing pages are conforming Facebook’s policies
  6. Target your audience carefully
  7. Optimize your ad for different device experiences
  8. Maintain healthy balance of texts and images

With all this information at hand, you will surely be able to minimize all rejections. Always remember Facebook would want their users to engage and experience in the best possible ways- so put all efforts to elevate user-experience in order to maintain and improve your Quality Score.

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