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Social media marketing holds a significant role in promoting brands. Marketers these days strategize the campaigns that ensure reasonable engagement rates at lower investments. Advertising online can be subdivided into many types, and their usage depends on:

  • Audience targeted
  • Type of service/product
  • Type of engagement desired Facebook ads strategy for musicians

Facebook ads strategy for musicians is popular amongst marketers in music industry, and utilizing it for promoting art is an excellent way of exposing talents to their respective fans. Musicians worldwide have developed a plethora of strategies that helped them get to the places they deserved.

Music is that genre which connects all universally, and it reaches the farthest of corners in the world. We have all at some point of time stopped at advertisements of live performances and orchestras near us. Most of us feel elated at such sitting online.

Facebook ads strategy for musicians grows to be the next big thing in advertising

Mainstream celebrities have also resorted to the World Wide Web for reaching out to their fans and interacting with them. Rookie talents with their channels and web pages have a separate fan base and are growing at an exponential rate with tools on social media platforms.

Facebook is a place where people can target their audience more appropriately with the accessible tools available. Facebook ads strategy for musicians is essential as using the wrong technique and poor advertising practice may reverse the functional effects of the campaign of the band/performer/artists. Facebook ads strategy for musicians

As musicians, allocating time for specific branding is difficult, and hiring specialists can exhaust finances at times. There is no doubt in the fact that traditional tactics of promotion these days have no stand in front of the online platforms. Innovative tools and platforms like IGTV, snapchat, facebook, and many other help musicians sell directly to the fans.

#whythiskolaveridi !

Caught your attention? Keep reading, recalling, and relating ahead.

2012 was the year when the track from southern Indian Tollywood industry went crazily viral. Dhanush starrer video that was the studio shot version was repeatedly shared, liked, and commented across communities, languages, countries, and what not. The song went on to become an IIM case study. Facebook ads strategy for musicians

Have you ever thought of what went behind the whole viral story?

Well, let me get the facts to you straight. The digital giants and masterminds played it cool with the platforms and definitely broke records and set examples for the musicians worldwide. The Facebook ads strategy for musicians can be planned by taking ideas from these points.

        • The video was first seeded online on channels like YouTube and Facebook.
        • Twitter got a hashtag trending immediately #whythiskolaveridi
        • The Facebook and YouTube link were shared along with tweets and posts on many channels. For example “Missed the bus #whythiskolaveridi ; Iceland has not heard #whythiskolaveridi; waiting since 2 hours #whythiskolaveridi”
        • Sony music south promoted the song on their already popular online channels.

      And a lot smarter techniques and strong influencing content made the Dhanush & Anirudha featured studio version of Kolaveri di famous that was later a part of the movie “three” starring Shruti Hassan as well.

      Marketing and Music have a brighter future together

      Social media is that primary weapon you require to boost your music band, instrumental sessions, and musical stunts. YouTube, Bandcamp, soundcloud, Smule like application do help in better presentation of your talents along while ensuring decent reaches online. Facebook ads strategy can make the whole concept yet more attractive and reliable.

      Facebook boasts having over 2 Billion users regularly, which is more than enough to pump out the likes on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

      It is imperative to have appropriate and measured Facebook ads strategy for musicians; thus, a few points are a must before exploring this option:

          1. Know your listeners well before beginning or developing any ad campaign on Facebook.
          2. Do your research on where to promote in order to reach the most of audience who are interested in the type of Music you deal in or are the master. You may sing folk, classical, hard metal or maybe singular instrumentals. Know who listens to your particular genre.
          3. Optimize your profile because the audience will surely click and go to pages and channels which are more specific about what they do and how they post. Update links on the bio, ensure uploading right sized images, point to your latest promotions. For musicians, there’s a lot more art which can gather fans and genuine listeners. Facebook ads strategy for musicians
          4. Pin up your events on the deck and do not fret from creating banners and images yourself. You don’t always need professionals, graphic designers on board as you can use many free creator platforms online, which are user-friendly and guide you into developing dope arts. Above all, musicians’ love creating art, Right? Facebook ads strategy for musicians
          5. Keep your listeners updated about your latest music tours, upcoming live performances, solo plays, band wars, coming soon albums etcetera. And no that’s not blowing your own trumpet but just decent marketing skills which will help people find their needed relaxing sessions through your Music. Stop being shy there and share that songFacebook ads strategy for musicians
          6. Pay attention to user-generated contents. Repost and share your Fan captured videos and images and show them bit love. It enables you to connect directly with your fans and interact well, thus ensuring more loyal unique listeners.
          7. Go live with your casual performances to keep the users in the loop with your Music. Take the feedback and make changes if needed. Facebook ads strategy for musicians
          8. Connect at a personal level with your viewers. Record and share some behind the screen moments and show the world something more than just promotions. Facebook ads strategy would help you campaign better with such clips as well.
          9. Tag profiles, people, and venues as well. It is a much effective way of reaching a new audience and gain more reach. Give a shout out to the venue you performing at, people whose songs you are covering, organizers and sponsors of events you dealing with or only pages with music lovers. Facebook ads strategy for musicians
          10. Schedule posts and set timers to make most of all the images, videos, audio records, and embeds. Maintain calendars and assign dates, times, and other required filters to the post to make sure your followers are still engaged in your profile while you are off performing.

      Just a few sorted ideas, basic sense of social media and prioritizing means of promotions as per needs is essential to go viral in only a few months.

      Facebook ads strategy for Musicians and their marketing tools are growing steadily to make the platform more user-friendly and effective. It has added features to track target audience and strain the right crowd for the musician profile in the subject. Growth is real on the channel, and Facebook has already developed track records for many musicians previously, thus being the most reliable for the newbies and rookie singers.

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