ListsHow to Effectively use Facebook Ads to Promote Local Business?

Advertising a local business on social media is a basic step towards achieving the necessary objectives of the firm’s idea. Increasing revenues, expanding base, reaching the maximum audience, developing a positive brand image, gaining more loyal customers are just a few benefits one can reap by using Facebook ads to promote local business.

There are customers at every nook and cranny for all types of business nearby and the owners need to understand the demand in order to supply accordingly. Social media, specifically Facebook is a hub of people from different age groups, gender, community, etc. and the best part is they can be segregated into separate categories depending on the interests, interaction, hobbies, job profile and other variants. This sorting facility eases the bigger task of finding the right target market for the businesses.

Facebook ads to promote local business

Here we will discuss simple ways to use Facebook ads to promote local business in order to maximize the demand-supply cycle, yield better sales & marketing gains and establish a long term firm for neighbouring localities.

Using Facebook Ads to Promote Local Business

Almost all social media platforms have started specific functions, facilities and options for business-oriented users who are looking towards building a space for their online customers. Be that the Instagram Business accounts enabling direct sales on the platform or Facebook with virtual online shops, marketplace and ads on pages, they are all inclined towards supporting people in monetizing their efforts beside providing to the customers.

There are many smart ways to use Facebook ads to grow a local business that will not only add benefits to the company but also be cost-effective, less time & effort consuming.

  1. The store traffic objective

Facebook ad campaigns are a basic step towards inviting customers over the shop or reach out to the right people. The store traffic objective allows users to set it up according to the preferences of the owner and helps increase the footfall or the traffic as well as provide the perfect support to the sales & revenue. Anyone with multiple store locations on Facebook can opt for the Facebook store traffic while creating a campaign as it assists advertisers in driving real customers to the physical shop.

Facebook ads to promote local business

a. Native shop locator

A clearly labelled map showing nearby landmarks and roads on the ad campaign itself is known as a native shop locator on Facebook. It remains on the ad display and helps the customer get rid of any confusion related to the way to the store and navigate effortlessly. The map card shows all detailed information like time to reach, direction etc. This facility prevents any miscommunication regarding the route thereby encouraging and keeping up the spirits of the customers.

b. Dynamic Localization

This facility connects the customers to the business and shows them the ads including maps, CTAs, information, offers etc. It searches for customers closer to the store through location search and marks them as potential audience/purchaser for the business thereby advertising there specifically.

c. Facebook ads delivery optimization

If your aim is to achieve maximum profit/benefits at the lowest cost possible then optimizing ads placement as well as delivery is important. It is a way to direct Facebook algorithm about when and to whom you need the ads to be displayed. The optimization also provides businesses control over how their ads are displayed to the target audience. Ads delivery optimization can help users be very specific regarding targeting the audience and save a major expenditure. As we use Facebook ads to promote local business we must understand that not everyone in the neighbourhood would prefer our products/services. Therefore, it is necessary to filter out the TG that will most probably finish a purchase process with us.

d. Ad format flexibility

Facebook need particular placement and the right ad format. With store traffic objectives being flexible with any kind of ad format, advertising gets yet more interesting. It works across any social media platform too. The best way to get the most out of the ad format is by choosing the automatic placement with which the user can avail a wider audience. The Facebook delivery system plans the placement in a smart way so as to utilize most of the budget. It will place the ad in all the networks associated with the ad.

  1. Build an online presence

It might seem easy but building an online presence will require numerous ad campaigns, several contest & giveaways, many varied customer engagement techniques etc. Yet ignoring the process might result in less or slowed growth of the brand. Be particular about the store, write about the aesthetics if relevant, mention opening & closing hours clearly, leave a valid contact number, email and address to help people reach the shop from the virtual to real grounds. Posting related pictures, short notes on the Facebook page, the Instagram account can be of great help too.

Facebook ads to promote local business

  1. Develop relevantly unique CTA

Call-to-action buttons are very essential in the modern-day digital marketing sphere. Providing suitable links through a quirky, relevant and quick functioning CTA is important to help customers interact and know about the business. Having a button to land audience on the shopping app window, website blog, avail offer, place an order, make a direct purchase, book reservations, open chats and GPS for routes is a big plus to the ads.

Facebook ads to promote local business

  1. Create encouraging offers online

A second-hand bookselling brand ‘Bookchor’ based inside India started one online offer named “Lock the Box- Bookchor’s warehouse sale” to attract maximum readers & hoarders to its sale across cities. Result? It not just gained maximum popularity but drove crazy traffic to its sales. Encouraging offers online by creating events, inviting purchasers with proper ads can drive right traffic thereby increasing the sales and boosting overall revenues. These can initially be created as a normal free affair and then be boosted later for the most profit.

Facebook ads to promote local business

  1. Custom Audience to engage with valuable customers

Now Facebook ads to promote local business is more effective when the audience targeted feels connected to the campaign visuals or information. Customizing audience with the features of the Facebook custom audience can channel the users who have opted for interests, job roles, hobbies, and other behaviour that is relevant to the business. Showing the ad to someone who never interacted anywhere with the brand in comparison to someone who has subscribed for brand’s email newsletters either signed up for the offer and has made in-store purchases will prove that the latter matters.

Facebook ads to promote local business

Thus, the custom audience is a valued option.

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