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Most of our readers who will be going through this article will be most probably well aware of Facebook Business Manager, and most of them may have used it lately. Well, if you haven’t, its time to start using Facebook Business Manager. Here, we have explained everything about the Business Manager, from setting up your account to placing your first ever ad

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager allows advertisers to manage all their ad accounts, multiple pages, and people working on them, be it their team, vendors, or partner agencies, all in just one place. And Yes, it is free!

Business Manager is simply a one-stop shop to manage all your advertising activities and Facebook marketing, and at the same time allow multi-user access to other additional resources to work with like product catalogs and Instagram accounts.

facebook business manager setup image

The time when Facebook advertising started, most of the business just had few ad accounts, Facebook pages, and selected employees, making advertising quite easier to manage. But now, the number of assets available with business has increased, and there is an utmost need for a management portal that can regulate the whole process, and there comes the need of Business Manager.

Why choose Facebook Ads or Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager or Ads manager is available as an app (for Android & iOS ) and also as a webpage. It is the user’s choice which platform to choose for running ads. Also, we can run ads by directly clicking on the boost post or boost event button available on our FB page but, there are benefits of choosing the business manager and important one are listed below,

1 – Necessity for advertisers

With over billions of users on Facebook and Instagram, it is extremely important for an advertiser to target the right audience to maximize their results and avoid money spending on ads. This custom audience is the soul of a successful ad campaigning. Last year, Facebook made it mandatory to use Facebook Business Manager for an account using custom audiences created from email lists.

Although the custom audience can be easily targeted using Facebook Pixel Events, but it lasts for only 180 days while the email audience can be targeted forever. There is no other choice than switching over to Facebook Business Manager

2 – Keep your Personal Facebook Profile separated from business

Creating a separate business account avoids any confusion for an advertiser between a personal profile and business assets while posting. As an example, some financial services or business owners have serious compliance issues, making it necessary to keep your personal profile and business pages separate, and there are instances when companies not using Facebook Business Manager, use grey accounts by creating a Fake personal profile and share the login within the staff.

facebook business manager usage guidelines

All such activities are against Facebook’s terms of service. This kind of fake profiles get disabled by Facebook, thereby restricting the access to their ad accounts and Facebook Pages

3 – Simple user role allocation

Facebook Business Manager follows two-levels of role allocation giving personalized access to every user. The first level assigns basic rights, Admin access or Employee access

Admin access:  An Admin of Business Manager have rights of modifying or deleting the business, adding or removing employees from the list.

Employee access:  Only able to view the information but cannot make changes

At the second level, you assign task-based permissions like page admins, page analyst, and more. This ensures the security of your Facebook information by giving limited access to users, i.e., clearly specified activities for every asset.

4 – Business insights and analysis

With Facebook Business Manager, you get a complete insight of your ads performance in various ad accounts and get reports of how your business is growing and how your assets are taking their responsibility, You can create your custom dashboard with personalized UI

How to run a campaign through Facebook Business Manager

If you don’t have a personal Facebook profile, start by creating that profile. Next, you should create a separate FB page for your business, and after that, you can create a Facebook Business Manager account that allows you to run ads for your page.

1-Set your Facebook Business Account

Go to and click on CREATE ACCOUNT. Login using your existing Facebook email address and password. Those who are logged into Facebook will not be asked to enter the credentials.

facebook business manager creation steps

Now, create your Business Manager Account by entering your Business Name, select the primary Page for which you want to run ads and then fill in your Business Email address to finish the first step.

facebook business manager creation steps with other information

After that some additional information like address and company name etc. will be required which you need to fill in to proceed to the next step.

2-Set up your Ad Account

After you have selected your FB page that you will be using for running campaigns, you need to create or select an existing Ad Account. This is required to make payments of your Advertisement. To complete this step, You will have three choices namely,

facebook business manager ad account types

  • Add an Account that you own (Move an ad account you already own to your Business Manager account)

After you have added an Ad account, it shifts it permanently into your Facebook Business Manager. You need to be the owner of the ad account and also an admin in Business Manager to add it.

Once you add an ad account to your Business Manager, this action cannot be reversed. You cannot add an ad account that is owned by another Business Manager Account. If you still want to work with an ad account that’s owned by a different business, you need to first request access to it. 

  • Add someone else’s ad account (Request permission to add an ad account that you don’t own to your Business Manager account)

To do that you first need to request access to an ad account in Facebook Business Manager and only after the admin of that Business Manager grants that permission, You can work on it.

  • Create a new ad account (If your business doesn’t have an ad account, you can create one)

If you want to create a new ad account in Facebook Business Manager, it’ll permanently belong to that Business Manager Account. Once created within Business Manager Account, the ad account cannot be transferred to an individual owner who doesn’t have a Business Manager Account.

Note – If you choose to request access or add an ad account, enter the ad account ID

facebook business manager dashboard page

After, this you are ready to make your Ads. Every time you log in to your Facebook Business Manager account, you will be asked to select the Ad-account, and then you will be redirected to Ads Manager Page where you will encounter with Campaigns, Ad-set, and Ads parameter.

Starting with the Creation of your First Ad

Now there are two modes of Ad creation –

  • Quick Creation
  • Guided Creation

Both modes serve you the same thing, but the guided one will describe the content a bit more to you and in this article will be stating the Guided one. The Quick Creation mode is just a shortcut mode of Guided creation where all field and options will remain the same, but the descriptive text won’t be present.

Starting up with Guided Creation

To start with, go directly to the ad creation and select +Create button. If this is Quick creation workflow, then you can switch back to the Guided Creation by selecting Guided Creation Button at the top of the workflow.

facebook business manager guided creation and campaign objective

Create a Campaign

You need to start by first creating a Campaign where you will have to define the objective of your campaign.

  • Choose an objective from the given list and which best aligned with your business goals.
  • Now enter a campaign name in the field Campaign Name.

Here in the objective window, you will also have the option to create a Split Test and to turn on Campaign Budget Optimization.

Create an Ad Set

Now, after defining your objective, we will start by defining your targeting, budget, schedule, bidding, and placement options at the ad set level.

To start with follow the below steps,

  • Enter a descriptive name of your Ad set in the field Ad Set Name.
  • Choose your audience – You can choose them based on characteristics such as location, age group, gender, interests, job positions, and more. After you prepare one, you can Save This Audience, for future use.
  • Now, Select your ad placements where you will define where across Facebook, Instagram, or Audience Network the ads will appear. ( Automatic Placement is the default here, which you can override by selecting Edit placement.)
  • Optimization and delivery – This is where you Choose how you want us to deliver ads. You can select from Optimisation for ad delivery dropdown which mode you would like to choose from “Post Engagement,” “Impression,” or “Daily Unique Views.”Also, you can setup your average cost per post engagement with which Facebook will aim to get the most post engagements and spend your entire budget. If you want to control costs, enter an amount.
  • Budget and schedule, is where you set a Daily Budget, the average amount you’re willing to spend on an ad set per day and other such details. You can also setup a Lifetime Budget, the amount you’re willing to spend over the entire run-time (As per defined timeline) of your ad set.

facebook business manager campaign ad sets and ad

Create an Ad

Now, once you are done with the creation of your campaign objective and at least one ad set, (multiple ad-set can be there with same campaign objective), you can move on to creating your ad copy. This is where you’ll have to select your ad’s creative and add text to it. So let’s start with these steps,

  • Select the FB page and the Instagram Page(If applicable). All ads are required to be associated with a Facebook Page.
  • Select an ad format- You can choose from several ad formats like Carousel, Single Image or Video, or Collection of them. Also, you can create a Slideshow if you want to select the Single Image or Video format.
  • Now, choose the creative or media, you would like to use for your ad. There are options to select an existing post media or to upload new media by select Add More Images or Upload Video.
  • Add the ad copy text you’d like your ad to display alongside your media.
  • You may also get the option to add a call-to-action button depending on the previously chosen option.
  • Preview your final ad copy and select Confirm.

The media used may be subjected to a manual review, and after the process is done, Your campaign will be live. There is no need to select ‘review and publish’ meanwhile pending approval. And after the approval is granted, it will be published immediately.

And that’s it for Facebook Business Manager. We hope that this guide will help you create your first ever ad via Facebook Business Manager and your campaign gets best outcome for you.

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