ListsFacebook Carousel Ads – The Ultimate Marketers Guide in 2021

Facebook carousel ads are a widely used marketing tool that brands and start-ups utilise to showcase their products, services and other associated concepts in an organised manner.

The advertisement format includes a minimum of two and a maximum of ten images and videos that have separate descriptions along with links below. This type of content posts is very regular and common these days with every influencer or user using it to promote their ideas and share moments. Brands can utilise it, in the same manner, to narrate their brand story, explain the best features of their services, introduce new products etc.

It is a huge opportunity for brands to display multiple products, services and related causes for the audiences and to reap all the associated benefits at the cost of a single image ad. Facebook carousel ads format is the solution for companies that have a lot to say within a limited area to do so with all information organised under one frame for the customers.

One must know that the ad post needs to have relatable, equally interesting content on all slides to make sure that people swipe through all of it. Moreover, with a well-constructed, informed and attention-grabbing image on the first slide might get higher ad engagement rates & other profits at a lower cost-per-click price.

How to use Facebook Carousel Ads in Marketing?

These Facebook carousel ads can be put to effect with any kind of marketing campaign with different objectives and still be helpful in reaping the desired results. In order to begin creating Facebook carousel ads, we need to select any one campaign objective from the Facebook Ads manager. The list of objectives available is segregated into three main categories namely awareness, consideration and conversion.

Carousel content can also be added to existing campaigns by selecting the target ad set and adding the new creatives to it. After finalising the ad set and campaign objectives, marketers can work on developing engaging Facebook carousel ads.

In order to start creating ads, users can follow the steps below:

  1. Pick a suitable name for your campaign
  2. Click on the Facebook and Instagram page for the ad
  3. Select the “Carousel” format for the ad
  4. Add the required ad images and videos along with the description copy
  5. Provide the carousel ad URL as per need
  6. Select the call-to-action button
  7. Complete the rotation of images

It is a simple process that helps marketers yield more benefits comparatively. Moreover, these ad formats are more engaging than the other options available for the same goal.

Best use of Facebook Carousel Ads

Here listing down the main opportunities on social media to run the Facebook carousel ads according to Facebook’s article on ad formats on the platform.

  1. Displaying multiple products & details

Each carousel ad card has a single product or service detail with separate links to their landing pages and descriptions too. These type of ad cards are widely used by e-commerce sites to display a variety of the products that they are offering. Customers have more easily accessible option for the products and their shopping sites through the Facebook carousel ads.

  1. Highlight the details

The Facebook carousel ads can be used to provide a detailed information version of the product that is more similar to a physical brochure that is more popular in traditional marketing styles. Each card has different features of the product or service briefly explained through different creative and copy. The ad format can also be used to introduce any product to the audience with its basic information on the ad.

  1. Boost the engagement rates

For brands that want to actively engage their audiences then there can be barely any other option more appropriate than the Facebook carousel ads. With the ads being set up in a manner that people are compelled to slide through the cards, it makes way for more interaction and attention. As customers slide on each card to see the next image or content, the algorithm reads it as an engagement thereby further improving the rates.

  1. Provide a detailed process to the customer

If any brand wants to explain their founding story to build the brand image or develop personality, then they must use the Facebook carousel ads. The ad format is best suited for marketers looking for a simplified way to explain the system completely in a stepwise manner. It doesn’t have to be limited to a particular way of defining things online but can be as creative as any new mind can think of with the ads. Next time you have any new product to be explained with individual posts, a short story like an explanation, any step-by-step guide or anything that has continuity, do try the Facebook carousel ads.

Effectiveness of the Facebook Carousel Ads

The Facebook carousel ads can be used well only with the right type of creativity and its placement on the platform. Apart from the regular posts of images, videos and other forms of content, these carousels tend to attract more audience attention as well as interaction due to their multiple cards that create a sense of interest. People generally are not surprised by the single image ads that are pretty common and boring in many aspects whereas a carousel seems to be fun with multiple images to swipe through the post.

These Facebook carousel ads are not just useful for audiences or potential customers but also best for marketers as it provides more space for advertising and customising story details.

Right from the e-commerce businesses, unique start-ups, and B2B brands, everyone can use carousels to sell their part of the story for maximum engagement. These carousel ads with a mix of static images, videos, animated sequences etc. are just the perfect choice for marketers in need of social media attention, engagements with less CPC and conversion at low expenses.

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