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Earlier, we shared a blog on how to integrate Instagram on Facebook Creator studio and also shared on how to add free tracks and sound effects to your video using Facebook Sound Collection available in Creator Studio. This time, we will give a brief explanation of Creator Studio’s other features namely, Facebook Rights Manager and Facebook Content Library.

Facebook Creator Studio has been here for a while now, and we all know how it is drawing attention, mainly from small businesses that are looking for better ways to create and monitor their Facebook content. With Creator Studio, you can analyze your page’s performance, streamline Facebook content, use creative tools and at the same time monetize your page.

Facebook Rights Manager to protect your content

The Rights Manager tab allows you to protect your copyrighted content on Facebook and Instagram by detecting audio and video content which matches your original content. To do this, you have to upload reference files for comparing and identifying potential matches and further applying rules and regulations you have set to detect copyright infringements.

facebook rights manager

Content creators who wish to protect their piece of work on Facebook and Instagram will have to submit an application with an email address and other details on behalf of the page to become Rights Manager page admin. The same can be applied from the “Pages” tab in Creator Studio.
Application link:

facebook rights manager application form

After you have applied for Facebook Rights Manager, you get some match rules which act as conditions to what happens when videos that match a reference file get found. You can even apply for match rules that get automatically triggered whenever a match case is found. Such Automatic reactions are quite helpful when you are trying to scale. Each match rule must have at least one action if one or more conditions are met. Videos that do not meet any of the conditions for match rule won’t appear on the Facebook Rights Manager.

Available actions
  1. Claim Ad earnings: The match stays published on Facebook. If an ad break runs during the video matching the rights owner’s reference file, then place a request for a money share.
  2. Monitor: You can monitor activities like views and page follows while the video remains published to Facebook. Rights owner can later apply another action and meanwhile, matches are eligible to earn from ad breaks.
  3. Block: The content gets restricted from being viewed by anyone except the uploader, who can later dispute the block with the rights owner within Facebook.
  4. Manual Review: Flags any matched segments for a manual review by a Rights Manager page admin. After 30 days, the matched videos will expire from manual review.
Applying Match Rules

While publishing a post or when uploading reference files through Facebook Rights Manager, you can apply match rule for each video you upload. Once a video is posted, you can apply match rule from Edit video under Video Library or via Edit Reference File in  Reference Files Library.

In Facebook Rights Manager settings, you can also specify custom ownership settings. These will automatically populate whenever you choose to Detect matching content in the upload tool or in the Video Library

Manage your content with Facebook Content Library

From the Facebook Content Library tab in Creator Studio, you can see an overview of all your photos, videos, links, and text posts and get insights into the content you have published from your selected page. Within Creator Studio, you can also edit, delete, boost, change the post date, restrict others from embedding any specific post by clicking the checkbox next to the post.

Mainly there are four sections in Facebook Content Library which have been explained below:


facebook content library posts

You can narrow down the search based on the following Post Type: All posts, Videos, Live, Premiere, Link, Photo and Text. You can further filter the posts based on their status, i.e., Published, Shared, Live Now, Expiring, Scheduled, Draft, or Expired. There are many more additional filters such as Length and Distribution (Everywhere, Excluded from News Feed, Secret Video)

Videos you can crosspost

facebook content library video you can crosspost

It is another time-saving feature in Facebook Content Library which allows you to re-use a video in multiple posts on multiple pages without having to upload it again and again. If you have an admin or editor role on that page, you will have to establish a Crossposting relationship with the other pages.


facebook content library playlists

The playlists section let you overview all of your created playlists under a single interface. You can easily sort them on the basis of time and search with the name of the playlist.

Posts Timeline

Posts Timeline is just like your Facebook timeline and contains all available features over there. For example, you can ‘save post,’ Pin the post to the top of Page, Edit post, Change date, Embed, Turn on notification for that post, Delete and perform other options just like your Facebook page.

facebook content posts timeline

You can view the combined interface of all your Facebook pages at one spot sorted on the basis of time. Also, the available search option lets you extract the results from all your Facebook pages at once.

It is clear that Creator Studio tools is beneficial for those who tend to have more focus on social media efforts on Facebook or Instagram. Even though none of these features are unique to Creator Studio and are accessible elsewhere on Facebook, it’s the ease of use and simplicity that makes Creator Studio a valuable tool for any Facebook page to streamline the efforts in managing multiple pages.

Creator Dashboard

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