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Making money online might seem difficult with the initial learning phases involved but the results are worth the perseverance.

Were you trying to figure out ways to monetize your videos? It is good for businesses to keep a track of trending techniques to maximize resources and returns.

Facebook Creator Studio has turned into a reliable space for new brands and companies to establish digital presence. Creator Studio on Facebook helps partners earning money on the platform realize their performances and improve accordingly.

Facebook Creator Studio

Social media marketing is a vast topic of discussion with YouTube and Facebook making quick additions to their respective Creator Studios. While YouTube upgrades its classic studio to Beta version, Facebook has added monetization overview tab that provides detailed insights on all monetization products in one place.

With continuous efforts being made by Facebook to keep the suite of tools upgraded, brands and creators find it both reliable and convenient.

Facebook Creator Studio with Monetization Overview features

There are several ways to leverage monetization features on Facebook Creator Studio such as using all or any one of their products –Ad breaks, brand collabs manager, and fan subscriptions.

The Monetization overview is a one-stop place for managing all the sources of income on the platform. Creators eligible to monetize their content on Facebook can avail all elements on the Monetization overview to maximize profits.

Facebook Creator Studio

Using the Creator Studio for monetization becomes simpler with certain specific elements that have separate functionalities. Such as: –

  1. Track performance: Get detailed reports and insights about ad break and fan subscription incomes over the platform. Creators can modify their content according to the patterns of the insight available here.
  2. Check eligibility: Know which content is not eligible to be published on the platform. Avail complete details over flagged content that is against the rules and policies of monetization on Facebook.
  3. Get personalised notification: Receive update notifications and statuses of newly made changes while also getting tips on improving content and performance.
  4. Explore opportunities: Know which new monetization products your page is eligible to use and get new chances to promote the best content you created.

If you are starting up with Facebook business and are trying out the options on Facebook Creator Studio, then be updated and regular for optimum results.

The monetization overview can be used to understand the past performances of content published so that the upcoming ideas can be well targeted and more successful.

Creators can get insights and updates on fresh monetization products that they are eligible for while keeping a check on flagged content.

How to monetize videos on Facebook Creator Studio?

The Facebook Creator Studio offers wide range of tools to its creators for enhancing overall content and monetizing the same. Facebook has this new update on its Creator studio using which creators can monetize their video content.

In order to monetize video content on Facebook, Creators must check for their eligibility on the platform and see which content abides by the policies. Facebook Creator Studio launched the Facebook ad breaks globally which is a main source of income for the content creators.

Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook Ad Breaks are short ads that appear between videos enabling monetization on the content. Ad breaks can either be automatically placed or creators can decide over the ad placements.

These ads appear as pre-rolls, mid-rolls and end-rolls in the total video. Allowing automatic placement of ads is better as it enhances overall user experience and avoids unnecessary errors.

Facebook Creator Studio

Videos that are already posted can be monetized later by enabling the ads tab on the post. Facebook reviews all videos before accepting it as eligible for running ads but the creator interested in monetizing their content can enable ads, select category and advertiser to avoid irrelevant ads on their channel.

Choosing the right category for Facebook ads on the Facebook Creator Studio is important because, for example, an audience watching a food recipe for entertainment would not like to watch an automobile ad.

In order to monetize video content using Facebook ad breaks in the Facebook Creator Studio, creators should make sure that: –

  1. The page has over 10K likes and no personal profile would be counted in this list.
  2. The total view count of all published videos must exceed 30K.
  3. The creator must publish regular engaging content with minimum 3 minutes of time duration.
  4. The page should be strictly abiding by the Facebook monetization eligibility standards.
Checking monetization review statuses on Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook partner monetization policies are regularly checked against all video uploads and content from past. When creators upload any video content they will be assigned with monetization statuses that will identify which ones are earning money.

These status updates provide more visibility into the review process and thus helps creators monetize easily using the Creator Studio.

Here, we have listed the brief monetization status symbols that indicate the type of earning on the videos they are appearing over.

  1. Monetized : This white dollar sign between a green circle indicates full monetized status of videos. The video is earning money and there are plenty of advertisers advertising on that particular video.
  2. Limited or no monetization: The white dollar sign between the yellow circle indicates that the video has reduced earning or is not monetizing at all. Creators can get a detail information on whether the content is abiding by the content monetization policies. This also means that may be the content published is not appropriate for most advertisers.
  3. Pending review: A dollar symbol amidst dotted circle in white background indicates that the video content is waiting for its review results. The content when under consideration process gets the tag and can monetize after all the steps are over. The symbol gets green or yellow after monetization review is over according to the content quality.
  4. Can’t be monetized: The grey symbol with a slash indicates that the video is not suitable for monetization. Either it is less than the required time (3 minutes) or is violating policies due to which the content is unable to earn online.
  5. Not monetized: A complete grey dollar symbol in a circle denotes that the video is eligible for advertising but the ad break is not turned on.
Brand Collabs Manager

Branded content is basically a creator’s content that involves or is influenced by a business partner in exchange for some value. The brand collabs manager is the market place where the creators, publishers and brands learn about each other and move ahead with partnerships.

Facebook Creator Studio

The collaborations are beneficial for both creators and brands at effective cost. The Facebook Creator Studio can trace the performance of the video content and how it is helping the brands elevate their presence online.

Fan Subscription Management

This is a monetization product that helps audiences on Facebook directly support and follow their favourite creator or publisher. The fan subscriptions, performance, rewards, call to actions and everything related can be managed with the Facebook Creator Studio.

The Creator Studio on Facebook can be used to preview the fan subscription which will show how the offering appears to the viewers in desktop as well as mobile mode.

Facebook Creator Studio

Moreover, creators can edit videos, create new “thank you” clips, change the rewards that fans get for their donations. The creator studio also provides valuable tips and best practices to enhance overall output of the element.

The Facebook Creator Studio is a place to manage all the earning sources at once as it brings convenience and reduces efforts while increasing the results and outputs.

If you own a business page on Facebook, then monetizing it through the Facebook Creator Studio is the most efficient way. It expands the scope and opportunity for the page and improves the overall business online.

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