ListsHow to Create Facebook Custom Audiences to Increase Online Presence?

Facebook custom audiences are one of the major pillars of advertising success on the platform that is known for its varied audience. Since 2013, Facebook kept adding and changing policies, rules, options and techniques to the marketing tool which advanced its initial functioning.

Creation of these Facebook custom audiences requires “identifiers” that users who are marketers or represent brands feed the social media platform. These identifying factors are basically email addresses, phone numbers, profiles, et cetera that help understand the particulars of the individual at the other end. Facebook hashes the information or in simpler notes, converts them into irreversible cryptographic codes for matching them with profiles beneficial for the business or ads.

Facebook custom audiences

More the information, better is the matching and stronger audience network is built for advertising using the Facebook custom audiences.

Guide to Creating Facebook Custom Audiences

Always remember that your brand or business will sell to people and not the bots, pixels, or engagement tools therefore, Facebook custom audiences is the rawest form of market available online. In order to create the Facebook insights backed, data-driven customer base one needs to follow a few steps on the social media platform.

Facebook custom audiences

They are:

  1. Go to the Facebook Business manager
  2. Click on the top left menu option
  3. Tap on the “Assets” section
  4. Click on “Audiences” option from the drop-down menu from the right side
  5. Select the “Create audiences” blue colour highlighted option from the page
  6. Then click on “Custom Audience” from the dropdown menu
  7. Select your audiences from the list of audience source to manage ads appropriately.

List of Sources for Facebook Custom Audiences 

There are multiple options to source out the right target audience for advertising and this facility makes Facebook custom audiences a highly valued online marketing tool. It allows brands and marketers to retarget people who have visited the website earlier or have interacted with any of its online content in any way.

Facebook custom audiences

Out of the various sources, there are few important methods available as options, to begin with, custom ads.

Here we have briefly explained the types of sources to create Facebook custom audiences.

#1 Customer Lists

Facebook runs codes called the pixels to decode engagement on the platform for customer details but users can also enlist their contact lists for more appropriate customization of audiences. Creating Facebook custom audiences through the Customer file option allows brands to sync their existing customer relationships with the social media platform.

Whether it is a list of people who have shown direct interest in your business, a detailed report about potential buyers, numbers or mail ids from direct events or just market research survey lists, Facebook can design a much accurate target market with these data.

Facebook custom audiences

Facebook uses a technique called hashing to save the information provided by the advertiser, marketers or brand that is used to match customer interests to trace the right market.

To avoid any illegal step or mistake online do follow the updates available at the Facebook custom audiences terms of service.

This is mostly done manually until you allow Facebook to sync in with the contacts. Facebook generally matches almost 70% of the contact lists provided by the user to make sure that a specific custom audience is created for advertising.

It is important to note that brands can upload details of users who have given them permission to do so. In case any user goes out of the list then the whole custom file upload must be changed. People can know from their accounts if their details are shared by using the settings option and checking the space that says “Advertisers you’ve interacted with”.

#2 Website custom audiences

We have already read about Facebook pixels that are mere codes to trace the customer activities and how far the ads reach along with details about their source, shares, engagement etc.

To create Facebook custom audiences using website leads, brands must install pixels that will match details including demography, interests and more of the website visitors to their Facebook profiles.

Facebook custom audiences

The data received through these Facebook pixels can help create a customized set of audience who have visited the website or any other page in any selected time period. Products and services of the brand can be remarketed to the customers selected here.

Facebook custom audiences

Websites are frequently visited by a wide range of audiences, sorting out the most possible customer out of it is done by the option. It is a highly essential, effective and amusing source of audience list. Look out for audiences who visited any of your brand sites or pages and use combinations to find the right users for developing the best-remarketing strategy for the brand.

If you are a brand trying to be very specific with choosing an audience, then do try installing pixels to attach with the URL links that will do the rest of the job.

#3 App activity custom audiences

Remarketing the brand to people who have visited your android or iOS application is surely a smart move to capture most of the market. If any company has an app on play store then they can register the same with “Facebook for developer” site and create a list of Facebook custom audiences for online marketing.

Facebook custom audiences

The custom audiences set up with an application can help reach the people who have downloaded the app or are using it more frequently. It also includes people who have made in-app purchases, played games up to certain levels, taken upgrades or more.

This data can be used to remarket and advertise to customers as well as to conduct app engagement campaigns for the users who have downloaded and used the application. It is relevant to all that ensures more possible results that any other method.

#4 Engagement custom audiences

This source of Facebook custom audiences deals with creating a customized list of customers who have interacted with the brand either on Instagram or Facebook.

Anyone who has visited either of the social media platform pages or both liked, shared, commented, messaged on posts or ads are included in the list of customized audiences. The tool also involves users who have saved their content or indulged in part of it online.

Facebook custom audiences

A systematic process is carried out to understand the customers and target them for future ads. It helps brands reach the most potential buyer and interested audiences who would like to know more about the company, product or other offers.

With a few other sources of audience listing for more appropriate targeting, Facebook custom audiences is a powerful tool to reach and market to the right people at the right time.

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