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Pankaj Singh2 years ago

Facebook has recently announced the launch of the new service which is to be called Dating. Unlike other similar services, users do not have to download any apps, as the service will be built into the main application of the social network. However, as of now, the service is still being tested.

Users must create a profile and answer some questions about themselves – in addition to standard information about their interests, the application will also offer to describe their ideal day. On the basis of the algorithms, the system will issue candidate profiles that are suited for you. You can search for new acquaintances only within a radius of one hundred kilometers.

As an innovation, the service offers the possibility to send a message to any user – mutual approval is not required for this. But there is a limitation: you can write to no more than one hundred people per day. In addition, you cannot send photos, links, or videos to people.

“We wanted to create a product that would remind users that behind each profile, there is a real person. We wanted to make a system that would focus on impulsive decisions. We want you to consider that there is more to a profile than just a picture,” said Nathan Sharp, product manager for Facebook Dating, according to TechCrunch.

There’s more:

Jane Wong, who often reveals new Instagram and Facebook features, has recently published some other details about the Facebook application for dating.

If Jane is to be believed, then users will actually get the opportunity to hide their profiles from friends on Facebook. This can be done via the privacy settings. Also, users will be able to provide access to their pages in the dating program to people who have common friends with them.

This means that users will have a lot of freedom in the way they want to use the service, which is always great.

However, people from Facebook Dating whom you add as friends will be able to view your Facebook profile. Which isn’t that good for your privacy, yet this may be changed in the future.

The application has the ability to specify not only female and male gender during registration. Other available options are “trans-woman,” “trans-man,” and “non-binary gender.” This information is intended only for the actual searching algorithm, so other users will not see it. Similar options are available when choosing a gender in which the user is interested.

This allows for greater freedom and self-expression, and we perceive it as a positive addition to the service.

Further, the user, as in any standard dating application, is asked to indicate their location.

This may be an off-putting point to some. I personally don’t see a proper argument to be made for such a requirement. I think that the user’s privacy is above everything else, especially when it comes to such a big social network as Facebook.

That’s all the details that Jane had to share with us. She said that some features are left to be uncovered, and she was unable to do so, as she doesn’t work at Facebook. While FB Dating is still being developed, there are other dating sites that you can use, like this Ukrainian dating site; be sure to check it out!

The Verge has confirmed that the program is now undergoing internal testing. Representatives of the social network abstained from other comments. The publication has also provided other details about the application; one of them is that user profiles will be visible to other users with whom they attend the same events.

Facebook Dating is designed to build real, long-term relationships, not just one-night meetings, according to Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook, after all the scandals with the use of personal data, is now actively working to become more user-friendly. Together with Instagram, it will launch the ability to control the time a person is using a social network. Which will be useful to those that find it hard to turn off the app.

So, as of right now, there isn’t a lot of information about the service, yet it is clear that Facebook is aiming at doing something different from Tinder and wants to make a proper serious relationship dating service.

So, here’s our conclusion. Will the Facebook Dating change the dating scene? Absolutely. And it’s not even about how well will it be received. It will succeed regardless of that since Facebook is the largest social network there is. It will, by and large, dictate the new trends of the dating market and will face many challenges in providing its users with the needed level of security.

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