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Facebook has become a routine in our lives and we rarely notice the dominance of this platform these days.

Right from comedy to politics, recipes to tutorials everything is effortlessly shared on Facebook and that is how it has become an integral part of everyone’s life today.

Imagine if there was no Facebook how would you share your stories? How to know which event to attend? Where would you get all political news & gossips from? The platform is the most convenient, accessed social media site that helps users get information and connect effortlessly.

Facebook facts and statistics

There are several Facebook facts and statistics that prove its versatility and the extend to which it affects lifestyle.

The platform is host to several groups of people. Here, the users belong to a plethora of communities, age, gender, demography and what not. This diversity present on the platform is a huge strength as well as risk to it because everything comes with their own pros and cons.

Users use the site to promote their brands, do business, encourage causes, run campaigns, organize events, conduct polls, run a contest and a lot more. Therefore, Facebook can be considered as hub of most diversified markets that brands must leverage.

Facebook facts and statistics

Facebook facts and statistics are of great use to marketers and individuals interested in utilizing the platform for improving online presence, expanding reach and staying updated with latest technologies.

Let us walk you through some of the fantastic Facebook facts and statistics that would not just enrich your idea about the site but also assist in practicing better social media strategies.

8 mind blowing Facebook facts and statistics

  1. India has highest number of Facebook users

The fast growing country was recorded to have over 300 million Facebook users as of January 2019 while US was at 210 million only.

Facebook facts and statistics

This is no big surprise that India has crossed US in being the country with the maximum number of Facebook active users.

  1. World’s third most visited platform

Do you log in to Facebook every morning? Are you still browsing before you go to bed? Well, thank you for making Facebook the world’s 3rd most visited site after Google and YouTube. The social media site has attracted people from all ages, gender, group and community with their advanced facilities.

  1. Happy 16th birthday to Facebook!

Time to celebrate 16 years of world’s one of the most accessed and used social media site. Life without Facebook could be more challenging for our millennials today as all the news and information they get are sourced from the platform.

Facebook facts and statistics

According to most of the Facebook facts and statistics, it has come a long way and has accomplished a lot over the years.

As the site turns 16 this 2020, many would agree that getting news updates, event notification, connecting with friends and doing business is better with Facebook.

  1. 74% users log in to Facebook daily

According to Pew research centre, Facebook witnesses regular log ins from 74% of the total users on the platform. Moreover, Facebook facts and statistics indicate that 51% of these users visit the site several times in a day.
Facebook facts and statistics These figures can help marketers learn the most profitable pattern for social media marketing. It shows the right time to post an appropriate content that appeals the target market.

  1. 300 million users on Facebook stories

We all know how well stories capture our mind. These stories on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are attention grabbing and highly engaging. It was found that over 300 million Facebook users watch and use the Facebook stories while 500 million people use stories on Instagram.

The stat expresses how stories are capable of creating an impact on the market.

  1. 96% users access Facebook on Mobile phones

Surprisingly, not surprisingly most of us know and accept that we prefer our smart phones over tablets, laptops and desktops. According to Facebook facts and statistics, a whopping 96% majority of the Facebook users access their Facebook accounts through their phones.

Facebook facts and statistics

The stats indicate the idea that marketers and brands must design mobile friendly campaigns, posts and other creatives.

  1. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without audio

Watching videos on Facebook is the most common practice.

Around 85% of Facebook users watch videos without its volume. There can be several reasons for such demand and consumption in the market but it indicates that creating videos with great imagery is important.

Facebook facts and statistics

Good screenplay, text overlays, animation, captioning, bold lines and cinematography play great role in attracting market.

8. #internationalwomensday was the most trending post of 2019

This relation building step by Facebook was not promotional but had complete intentions to praise the women working in companies. March 8th 2019 saw the hashtag #internationalwomensday trending on top and competing with many other major trends.

Facebook facts and statistics

The company could drive more visitors to its website and with rising hash tagging trends, Facebook has always tried to create influence and change problematic norms of society. .

These are few Facebook facts and statistics that can help you in acing social media marketing and improve online presence. Therefore, before getting started with the Facebook tools, business manager or Facebook ads make sure you have complete information and tips about the site.

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