Facebook Launches Live Video – Takes Streaming Apps Head On

Aravinda Holla6 years ago

When Meerkat and Persicope were launched in the first half of this year, a lot of people started asking Facebook what it had in store in the Live Video space.  But Facebook kept mum all the while, fine-tuning its Live Video strategy silently in the backdrop. And now, they’ve finally launched it! But the catch is, it is only available for celebrities as of now. Celebs can now share Live Video from Facebook Mentions.

A lot of users might crib about the unavailability of this feature for a regular personal account, but it might be a shrewd strategy if you think about it. Many Meerkat and Periscope users are already fed up with random live stream notifications about mundane things that their friends do.

Facebook Takes On Live Streaming Apps

Here’s How it Works:

VIPs or verified celebrities can start a Live video broadcast that’s posted on their newsfeed and interact with their fans via comments. These comments are in real-time on their stream and pushed at a steady and readable pace. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm the celebs by showing them a downpour of comments now would you?! They can also add certain words to their Page’s moderation blacklist if they want to avoid comments on certain “uncomfortable” topics.  Vulgar comments are automatically hidden as well.

When a Live Broadcast is started, a Video with the ‘Live’ tag goes out on the news feed. When a user tunes into one such broadcast, his/her friends get a notification about it. The broadcasting celeb also gets a notification if another verified celebrity hops onto the stream. When the stream is ended, the news feed story and the video stay alive, but lose the ‘Live’ tag. The video can be watched again but the comments are shown in a traditional reel format below the video.Here are 3 more important pointers that can shed more light on the workings of this feature:

Facebook Live VideoAs of now, for Public Figures who already have a huge following on Facebook, Mentions can be like a godsend which can enhance their fan engagement immensely. Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan’s live broadcast clocked a staggering 1.2 Million views within 24 hours! It is still early days though, to predict where this is all headed but it sure looks as if Facebook will fine-tune this feature in the days to come.

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