New Update – Facebook Live is out. Here is what you need to know

Akshay Chandra5 years ago

The end of the first quarter gives companies a chance to introduce new products or features that can define and expand the brand awareness to an upgraded level. And when we talk about new features and updates; Facebook launched their new feature that allows you to go LIVE just with a single touch. This effort can help them to increase the type of content that users share in its platform.

Facebook announced a dedicated video space on its mobile app along with several new features that can redefine live streaming. It’s interesting to see Facebook jump on the Periscope bandwagon and trying to keep up with social media trends. But, Live streaming on Facebook already made its presence last year through. After launching their “Mentions feature”, Facebook Live was introduced. Live, as of last year will show up in your News Feed if a celebrity you follow decides to live stream. Celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams, Michael Buble, Ricky Gervais etc tried their hands on live streaming with the collaboration with Facebook.

What’s the difference between Facebook Live 2015 & Facebook 2016?

The 2015 version was for celebrities and public figures who have verified page on Facebook. It was an attempt to launch their new product aggressively through influencer branding.

Now that there is a buzz created in the world of social media, they launched the updated version (2016) of the Facebook Live app plus four interactive features. Thus, increasing the apps reach by allowing people from all over the world for the access. Also, page owners can measure these statistics using Live Broadcast Audience and Viewers During Live Broadcast matrices. So, let’s go through these features and their functionality.

Live reactions

Using the same reactions Facebook launched in News Feed, viewers can now select Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry just like our reaction to the statuses, and posts on Facebook. These reactions are spontaneous, that means they disappear quickly so that there are different reactions for different stages of the video.

Live filters

Facebook Live introduced five filters in order to make these live recording a bit more playful; just like Snapchat have on its interface. But, you are not bound to a particular set of timeframe; rather, you can utilize this feature to showcase your skills in various sets of a genre.

Facebook live

Add a Friend

You can invite your friends on Facebook to view your live broadcast. So, when you invite them, they will receive a push notification with your invitation.

Live Video Destination

You can now browse through various categories in their dedicated place on Facebook and explore what the world is talking about on Facebook Live. This feature also provides a wide variety of topics that you can browse through just like the genre wise segregation on YouTube.

Live Map

FYI, this is not like the traditional Google maps, but, this feature gives you a visual way to explore the public live broadcasts that are currently happening around the world.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s recent status, “Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world”

This new format of live streaming was already incorporated with Google in its Live Hangout feature. But, with 1.5 billion of active users on Facebook alone, this feature can expand the LIVE VIDEO bandwagon just like Virtual reality made in the recent months.


Akshay Chandra

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