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After the launch of its Live streaming service in 2016, Facebook has come a long way. As per stats of the 2019 first quarter, 35% of the creators have used the Facebook Live Streaming feature to get connected with their audience. This guide is not just about How to Live Stream on Facebook, but to help you gain engagement and mark a branded presence through top Facebook Live topic ideas for marketers & content creators.

We all know that Live Streaming is a simple Facebook feature which uses the power of real-time videos to create real-time engagement. Creators can simply use their camera on a mobile device or use a PC via webcam to broadcast Live videos. The videos directly show up in their Facebook feed during the Live event and are accessible even after the event has ended. According to Facebook Live usage data, Live Streaming videos have more than six times engagement rates than a normal video. Also, the number of comments on a Live video is almost ten times more than a pre-recorded video.

These stats have made it clear that integrating Live Streaming videos into your marketing strategy can be very beneficial when it comes to gaining engagement. But, the problem comes with the mode of it. You might have seen people doing Live Stream on various kinds of subjects like broadcasting a Live event, holding Q&A sessions, and much more. Finding the right subject to Live Stream is the key to mastering Facebook Live Streaming, and in this guide, we have picked up top 12 top Facebook Live topic ideas for marketers & content creators.

1. Q&A or AMA’s

To start with the Facebook Live topic ideas, Live question & answer (Q&A) sessions is one of the best subjects to Live Stream for keeping your audience engaged. Through studies, it has been found that Q&A sessions have shown to increase the engagement by up to 82 percent.

We keep on seeing Live Streams of popular celebrities like Bhuvan Bam having ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) and ‘Question & Answer’ (Q&A) sessions with their fan following to keep the engagement flow running. These sessions prove to be very engaging and also makes the content worth watching at a later point of time.

We know that content is the key when we are talking about Facebook Live sessions. If used by maintaining a certain frequency, then these sessions can turn into a series of content just like a web-series, and we all know how addicting web series can be. ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) and ‘Question & Answer’ (Q&A) sessions are a direct way to interact with your fans regularly. But keep in mind that the content does not become stagnant and you also have a new topic before hosting a session. Most probably, pick a topic of interest prevalent among your audience. Choose a title that matches your audience interest; this will hook them up as soon as they get the notification and start watching the stream.

Here is a worth watching Live session hosted by Technical Guruji

Let's talk…..

Posted by Technical Guruji on Friday, January 6, 2017


2. Teach viewers how to do something

How-to-videos have already blown up all over the internet and are one of the most searched video types on YouTube and Facebook. Using Facebook Live to host a how-to session not only demonstrates your service or product but also builds your connection with your audience and creates brand awareness. These share-worthy content videos are very helpful to your valuable viewers and encourage them to watch again and again. For example, if you are a clothing company, you can show how to style a new outfit. “Benefit Cosmetics” hosted a series of how-to videos teaching makeup tricks and techniques to create brand awareness through Facebook Live. Dunkin Donuts explaining how to create Valentine’s Day treat via Live video and got a massive response.

3. Exclusive Interview

Cross-promotions is a brilliant way to reach viewers from around the world and take the spotlight when you feel your content is not sufficient to draw a huge audience or you feel the need for promotions to attract a new crowd. Inviting a celebrity on your Facebook Live or organizing an exclusive interview draws a huge audience, who would otherwise not engage in your videos.

Example: Airbnb interviewed the cast of “The Jungle Book” at the Airbnb Treehouse through their Facebook Live video. The video gave a tremendous boost to the brand by reaching a new audience of Disney Fans

4. Launch a new Product

You can turn your product launch into a social media event and attract a huge audience through Facebook Live. Informing your customers about a product launch via Live streaming is a smart and fast way to announce your new offering. Build the excitement and anticipation in the minds of your audience by announcing an upcoming product in your Live video and schedule a future date of product launch. Give your audience time to learn about your product and go Live with your new product. You will then be able to better explain your product or service in real-time by answering their questions and replying within chats. You can Live track the reactions of your fans on your new launch.

5. Product Demo

This is is one of the many Facebook Live topic ideas that can be very engaging when you are a brand with a software product or even merchandise. A new product is not self-explanatory, and it needs a demo. Even if you are trying to sell a shoe with auto-tying laces, a demo is required and so have we seen when brands like Nike launches their shoes. If we talk about software and data companies selling CRM, Analytics, and Managerial tools, a demo is necessary. The key point being, only after the product gets understood, it will be sold. This can even be incorporated within your company’s premises by hosting Live sessions whenever the new joiners are getting a demo of the product.

6. Live Tour

Inviting your viewers to take a behind-the-scenes peek into your work or business, showing them how hard you work or take them on the tour of your location in real-time is a simple yet powerful way to build an emotional connection with your audience. People love to see your ‘behind the screen’ world and give them a sense of loyalty to your brand

Example: On National Donut Day, Dunkin Donuts’ via Facebook Live gave their fans a glimpse of the entire process of making yummy and delicious donuts, generating a huge number of likes, view, and shares. Similarly, Callaway Golf gave a real-time tour of Arnold Palmer’s office in Latrobe 

7. Recurring show

Recurring shows are also one of the best Facebook Live topic ideas. Host some weekly shows like Moz’s Whiteboard Friday. This helps you keep the content rolling and audience strolling over your content frequently. It not only helps you maintain discipline in your marketing mix but also creates an amazing bond between the two.

8. Breaking News

According to Pew Research, 66% of adults prefer Facebook to get the news rather than watching on Television. If there is big news, especially related to your brand, start Live broadcasting as soon as possible. If you turn out to be the first broadcaster when the news hits, your video will draw a huge count of viewers without much effort.

Example: NowThis, a new brand did Facebook Live covering inspiring and powerful stories of women and showed news about the event. 

9. Live Events

Whether going at a conference, trade show, or business event, you can anytime start Facebook Live streaming to take your audience on a real-time ride with you. These videos make your viewers feel valued and build a bond of loyalty even from the comforts of their homes. Live events broadcast is one of the best Facebook Live topic ideas to follow.

Example: American Music Awards used a team of reporters and different stages to Live broadcast the event, which was a great way to mark their brand presence. If you are a small brand, go Live with a camera and broadcast your event. People will truly appreciate your hard work and dedication

10. Live Experiment

Creating excitement and sense of anticipation, which is, in fact, quite addicting is the key to create mass following and expansion of your brand awareness. By hosting an experiment whose conclusion is not known to either your audience or yourself is a perfect way to grab your viewers’ attention. These experiments boost Facebook engagements and get maximum shares as the content is not available anywhere else

Example: LADBible’s last popsicle melting Facebook Live earned more than 6 million views while exploding watermelon using rubber band by Buzzfeed went viral with guaranteed hit

11. Run a contest

Running a contest is a great way to create your brand awareness and boost your audience reach. Using Facebook Live video, you can create an even more engaging experience for your viewers by announcing the winner of the contest on or after the Live video. When you run a contest, you are giving your audience an insight into your brand in a fun way. This will not only keep the audience participating in the contest encouraged but will also attract views of friends and colleagues waiting to see whether the person close to them has won the contest.

12. Live Reviews/ Critiques

Last into the Facebook Live topic ideas list is Live Reviews. Always remember, Live streaming is all about generating interest in the minds of viewers and sharing your expertise to the audience to boost your engagements. Reviewing other people’s work and giving personalized feedback once you go Live is a fun way to bind your audience. You can start by encouraging your viewers to submit their piece of work for a tear-down or Live critique. During the Live streaming, offer tips and tricks to improve their work or skills, give suggestions and recommendations. This will not only build a level of trust but also help your viewers and highlight your knowledge and area of expertise. For example, if you are a professional photographer, you can suggest improvements in their photography skill, and genuinely, your viewers will appreciate the service and seek your guidance in their work.

Example: Professional photographer, Trey Ratcliff on his Facebook Live stream, “Becoming an Artist” offered free photography critique and in turn received a massive response and engagement by reviewing the submissions on air.

We hope that these Facebook Live topic ideas will help you in achieving your marketing goals and building an audience who are ready to engage at any point in time.

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