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Social media marketing has changed the way people advertised and managed their target markets. Business houses use the different types of media platforms online to ensure maximum reach and higher conversion rates.

Facebook lookalike audiences are tools that are developed using Pixels and software kits to analyze and segment out preferable users. Growing digital business requires proper tools & techniques to ensure your campaigns reach the correct group of audience at the right time.

The tool finds relevant Facebook users by matching their demographics and preferences with audiences already available on your channel/page.  Facebook lookalike audiences

Creating and using the Facebook lookalike audiences is very convenient and can be done effortlessly provided you are aware of know-how.

Using the tool gives an edge to the efficiency of the marketing campaigns and confirms significant improvement in the conversion rates.

Facebook lookalike audiences make proper comparisons between your existing customers and probable user base for the similarities. The optimization done by the tool decreases the cost of customer targeting and acquisition.   Facebook lookalike audiences

The Facebook lookalike audiences utilize the customer data to find the most suitable and top-level customers from your business page. Most new users located might not have been reached earlier; therefore, this also helps in knocking into more unique markets.

Pre-requisites for Facebook lookalike audiences

–    Admin at the page/pixel is must to create the Facebook lookalike audiences

–    Creator of custom audience tool is necessary if you are interested in developing the lookalike audiences from the custom tools

–    Administrator/developer role in the app is mandatory if you are trying to create lookalike audiences for Facebook from mobile app installs data  Facebook lookalike audiences

Steps to create Lookalike audiences on Facebook

–    On your Facebook page or the ad manager, click on the audience option

–    Select create audience option on the menu

–    Click on lookalike audience from the drop down menu list Facebook lookalike audiences

–    Choose a source

o    You can use the custom audience as a source which is not created by the page pixel, mobile app data or followers of the page

o    You can choose a group of best customers based on the transaction values, order sizes or engagements gained

–    Select demographic boundaries such as country, region or location as per requirements of the campaign Facebook lookalike audiences

–    Select the required size of the audience from the list

–    Click on create an audience Facebook lookalike audiences

The desired useful Facebook lookalike audiences will now be available for use.

Building right lookalike audiences on Facebook

1. Make sure you have sufficient customers group on Facebook to create a lookalike audience. Audience building is more effective when the list of existing users is vast with useful data.

Extensive customer list with more data & information ensures more precise lookalike audience.

Facebook lookalike audiences suggest having more than 100 users on the source list to ensure specific audience creation for maximum utilization of the budget.

Facebook lookalike audiences

2. Be more particular with the power editor tool and specific about the audience you desire to create. In order to reach the particular group of customers who are similar to your existing list then include the parameters that segregate the groups in the drop-down menu of the power editor tool.

You can add measures like age, geography along with gender-specific points to be more particular with the target.

Targeting specific demography is an important key to pinpointing the type of users on Facebook with similarities and interests in the concerned business. Facebook lookalike audiences

3. Be wise while choosing the size of the group. Picking a larger group may give maximum reach to the owned business, but the analogy will be less.

Making large Facebook lookalike audiences can be helpful when you need more reaches and matching audience with the existing users is of lesser concern for the campaign.

Going for a smaller group with specific traits that match will be a better target, but those will be more closely concerned with the content than a more prominent target group.

Facebook lookalike audiences

4. Make sure the campaign that you run is of good quality. Adding catchy phrases in the content, informative & relevant graphics as image are necessary. Use the power editor to include the best features in the ads. Basic Facebook practices and ad optimization is a must.

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