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Aravinda Holla4 years ago

According to a recent announcement by Facebook in an official post, the way video completion rates affect the Newsfeed is going to change in the future. One of the important signals that the algorithm takes into consideration – Percent Completion – will be weighed more heavily if the video is longer. Before this update, there was no clear distinction between the importance of the percentage completion of shorter videos when compared to longer ones. This resulted in an accidental penalizing of many longer videos which used to find it very difficult to find a place in feeds filled with short videos of around 15 seconds.

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So what does it mean?

As many of you might know already, the Facebook algorithm determines what videos to show in your Newsfeed based on:

  • How long a video is watched
  • Did people turn on the sound while they watched the video
  • Did they open the video in full screen
  • Whether a video is live or not

With the latest change in the algorithm, Facebook claims that there won’t be any noteworthy changes in the distribution of video content on its platform. Those who like watching long form content will however start seeing more and more longer videos in their feeds. The algorithmic change is being rolled out gradually and will affect only organic views. There won’t be any effect on video ad distribution.

In December 2016, Facebook had revealed its plans to buy its own shows to compete with the likes of YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and a horde of other OTTs. Before it ventures into that space, it wants to sensitize its audience to longer videos. So it is quite evident that this is just another strategic step that Facebook is taking keeping its long form content aspirations in mind.

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