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Akshay Chandra3 years ago

Cuisine in India is as varied & diverse as the regions of the country and its people. Each destination has an enviable rage of culinary delights which promise a veritable gastronomic experience.

These recipes are redolent of the climate of a particular region and is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices. Due to such diversity in Indian cuisine, many Indians and foreigners don’t have a clear understanding on how to make these complex recipes.


Gone are the days when people used to look up to cooking shows on television for new recipes. Nowadays people search for recipes online, on food blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

With the rise in internet users in India (over 460 million), even celebrity chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor who got people glued to the TV with their show Khana Khazana, have started their YouTube channels.


The YouTube/social media ecosystem has not only provided a platform for the food enthusiasts to grow, but has also given them a chance to share their recipes, collaborate with brands and gain valuable insights from foodies across the globe.

Now by 2019, Indian content creators like HEBBARS KITCHEN, GOBBLE, YOUR FOODLAB, CUREJOY VIDEOS, and NISHA MADHULIKA became early adopters of this trend of online food recipe tutorial videos generating at least 2 million video views every month on an average.

These pages produce how to videos for range of recipes. From typical South Indian Bissi Bella Baath to couples valentine’s day dinner. You can even find quick 2-minute breakfast recipes for kids, Karva Chauth food options, fusion foods, and much more.

With this sheer demand of content on weekly basis, food content creators often have to follow very diverse trends that become the deciding factor for their next food content idea.

For example, Indian festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi and Eid plays a big role in distribution of often homemade sweets. Summer holidays results in content creation like “Mango Shake recipes”, “Ice-Cream recipes,” etc.

So, to understand what trend is more popular for the content creator, we examined one of the most popular Indian food based Facebook page known as “HEBBARS KITCHEN.”

By analyzing the Facebook video titles published by Hebbars Kitchen from January 2018 to December 2018 and the viewership generated till April 2019, we can derive various factors that can showcase key highlights in their content upload habits.

This report contains the following,

  1. Report overview of Hebbars kitchen Facebook page (2018)
  2. Top 13 videos of Hebbars kitchen
  3. Recipe style viewership
  4. Geographical indications viewership
  5. Types of Indian courses uploaded by Hebbars kitchen
  6. Monthly viewership of Hebbars kitchen
  7. Food sub-genre trend analysis | Facebook
  8. Top 5 videos as per geographical indications
  9. Popular recipes videos created for special occasions

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