ListsFacebook Premiere: A Detailed Note for Brands and Marketers

Broadcasting live videos to the Facebook audience is a common sight these days for celebrities from different industries as well as commoners. If that is one way you like engaging with people on social media, then here is another option that can help increase its effectiveness.

Facebook Premiere

Are you annoyed with hazy visual, broken audio & interruptions on Facebook live?

Too much technical glitches make you lose the audience?

Scared to take a risk with Facebook live broadcasts?

Well, we have the latest Facebook feature explained in details to provide you with all the necessary tools to get done with the disambiguation. Facebook Premiere is definitely a saviour feature for users who would like to broadcast pre-recorded video content instead of sitting live for the sessions.

What is Facebook Premiere?

Facebook Premiere is a popular feature among marketers to upload, and schedule video content recorded prior to the live broadcast on the Facebook page. The tool assists users to leverage positives of Facebook live with a pre-recorded video that is intended to omit mistakes and poor bandwidth conditions.

A Facebook Premiere must be scheduled at least 10 minutes in advance of the broadcasting. As one cannot launch a Facebook Premiere immediately on the page, it should well be planned previously to match the desired time slot.

There can be more than one Facebook Premiere scheduled by the pages for the same time period too.

How does Facebook Premiere work?

As soon as a Facebook Premiere is scheduled on a page, it is shown on the timeline with a “Get Reminder” option beside it.

Facebook Premiere

People who tap on the option will be first given an initial notification 20 minutes before the start of the session. Later they will get another notification 3 minutes before the start of the Facebook Premiere where they can join the broadcast lobby before the video begins and indulge or engage with other audiences on the platform. In these 3 minutes, the page will have a timer that will count down the time left for the live broadcast.


Facebook Premiere

After the scheduled timing is over the video will commence with a red badge on the top left corner of the video beside the viewer count eye icon. It will be similar to the Facebook Live sessions except that the host will not be necessary there during the airing of the video. There will be stickers and emoticons coming in beside likes, comments from other users.

Facebook Premiere

The administrator of the page can respond to viewers through the comment section during the video play and communicate easily by focusing on the engagement happening in real-time.

How to schedule a Facebook Premiere?

It is a very easy and convenient setup that is energy efficient besides being the error minimiser for the video. A Facebook Premiere can be scheduled with just a few steps on the Facebook page of brand or individual.

After logging into the profile and going to the Facebook page from where the Facebook Premiere is to be broadcasted, one can perform the following:

  1. Select the “Share Photo or Video” option on the page
  2. Click on “Upload Photos or Videos”
  3. Tap on the “Publish” option
  4. Select the “Premiere” button available on it
  5. Fill in the time slot in “Premiere Start Time” section and other details for the Facebook Premiere that one desires to air
  6. Finally check the “Schedule Premiere” tab to set it

Facebook Premiere

Facebook Business site says,

“Once your Premiere is scheduled we do not recommend editing the file. If you need to swap in an updated or fixed video, we recommend doing so at least one hour in advance.”

Facebook Premiere Vs Scheduled Video posts

Now, you would be wondering what is so great about this new tool because we anyway did schedule our posts and Facebook already provided options to schedule videos.

Here is the catch!

Facebook Premiere allows users to not just simply schedule the pre-recorded video content but also set a timer notification system to it. A normally scheduled video post on Facebook will make you lose out the benefits of a countdown frame, double notification for audience options and a scheduled Facebook Live shareable link that can be shared across other social media platforms for more engagement.

Facebook Premiere

On a Facebook Premiere session, admins can also pin a comment to the top of the section in order to encourage viewers to talk and create the required buzz beside having it run pinned to the homepage.

Moreover, in schedule video posts most audiences are unaware of it until the notifications ping them like in Facebook Premiere.

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