How to use Facebook Shops to increase your E-Commerce Business?

“Facebook shops” is the online mobile-first shopping tool that businesses can utilise to create their own virtual stores for free on Facebook and Instagram. As several brands venture into social media platforms to advertise and push their product or services to the right target audience, Facebook introduced the shops for seamless user experience.

While Facebook is a social media platform with a diversified audience, a bigger market and easily segmented communities, targeting and selling here is effective and profitable.

Facebook shops

Facebook shops have specific features that let users customize their online store, pick the products for feature, present specific merchandise collection and run the brand story using their choice of designs, font and colour.

The best part about the Facebook shops is that you can connect with potential customers, and right audience through WhatsApp, Instagram Direct and messenger. It makes the brand appear more trusted and be preferred over the companies that are away from the platform.

Facebook along with its partners like Shopify, Channel Advisor, Cafe24 etc. are working out ways to support smaller businesses and start-ups through this feature. Moreover, these big brands were already on their way to helping entrepreneurs build wonders and now they do it more extensively with the Facebook shops.

Facebook shops

With several other commerce tools on Facebook, companies can create their space to sell online and make the most out of their E-commerce business. Here we can further know about the ways to increase our sales on Facebook shops.

Ways to improve E-commerce business on Facebook shops

  1. Leverage Facebook’s social engagement

People spend hours on this particular social media platform and indulge in direct engagement with hosts. Adding the Facebook shops option to the page can help sellers monetize form the members/users. Unlike on websites where buyers can only visit, add to cart and make a purchase in some cases, Facebook shops provide the options of like the desired product, comment with important queries, share with friends, save for later purchase. This increases the reach and makes it more visible to a bigger audience.

Facebook shops

With tags with friends of friends, it exposes the brand to a much larger market that can expand its presence while improving online sales.

Interactions of audiences on the product makes it more effective and influential to the rest of the market.

  1. Reduces monotony of several processing steps

Excitingly, People can make a purchase on the platform itself i.e. they can place orders without exiting from Facebook. It becomes easier, convenient and impressive for Facebook users to place orders on the same tab where they are chatting with their friends, watching their favourite videos or posting thoughts.

Facebook shops

Usually longer looped purchase procedures make any standard buyer restless, impatient and bored that then makes them disinterested. Customers leave in between the processes but here with Facebook shops, one can easily place order hassle-free.

  1. Tagging on Facebook posts

It is wise to share the products advertised on the shopping page over Facebook posts. This provides a much-required boost to the brand and makes everyone on the list aware of its availability. After creating Facebook shops on the page it gets easier to tag the products. The product listing appears as ads on the post which displays the information about the product when the cursor hovers over the price tag icon on the thumbnail.

Facebook shops

It makes it desirable and easy to access for customers online which ultimately affects the business, revenue and sales.

  1. Flaunt the brand

The best part about Facebook shops is that it can be created on Instagram and the product tagging can be done in sync on both platforms. Moreover, with Shopify integration, the brand can be promoted to buyers on multiple channels by running it on any one of them.

Facebook shops

The Shopify merchants will be the firsts who can access the product and offers on the store and make them available to their customers. Therefore, make sure to use the styles, fonts, colour and designs to ensure fresh ads that are attractive and informative too.

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