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Music is one of the most essential components of any project, advertising, or even any video ads for social media. The right soundtrack spices up an ordinary video, making it more exciting and immersive. For video creators, choosing the right soundtrack is a key to convey the intended message to viewers by using different music genres for different emotions. For the same reason, we have brought to you a guide on How to use Facebook Sound Collection or Royalty Free Music Library.

The right music for your video not only boosts the engagements but also builds a relationship of your brand with viewers. Video marketing will keep on going, and for marketers and advertisers, music videos are the best way to market themselves. But what if the music has copyright issues or the music on YouTube is not supported by other platforms like Facebook?

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To push more video content on Facebook and make the platform more appealing to video creators, Facebook introduced free music and effects for content creators, which they can freely use without any fear of copyright infringement on Facebook and Instagram. YouTube too offers royalty-free music and effects, and now free music library on Facebook can be a big step towards drawing in new creators away from other video sites, including YouTube.

Facebook Sound Collection or Free Music Library is a free repository of Facebook-owned high-quality soundtracks and sound effects from across the world which can be used in videos uploaded on Facebook and Instagram. To add music and sounds to your videos, you will need to use your video creation software and adding sounds or music to posts via Facebook Sound Collection is not available. You can edit, add, and mix these downloaded tracks into your videos and share on both the platforms. Facebook Sound Collection tool is a great way for creators to organically engage and connect with viewers by adding music to visual content.

How to use Facebook Sound Collection or Royalty free Music Library terms of service agreement

Facebook Sound Collection in Creator Studio

Visit Creator Studio at “” which is a tool to help creators manage their content and pages and to monitor the performance of their content.

The Facebook Sound Collection Dashboard is divided into two sections, “Tracks” and “Sound effects” where you can find a range of sound effects and tracks from some of the most established songwriters and composers. The dashboard has a simple UI and easy navigation. You can browse and discover tracks and effects in the “Search” Tab. Listen to your favorite track before making a selection and later download the file to use in your videos. The Play and Download icons are available near the name of the Track or Sound effect.

Tracks tab in Sound Collection

Along with the list of featured tracks, you will find other additional details such as the name of the Artist, Genre, Tempo (Slow, Medium, High) and duration of the music track. To know more about an Artist and follow them, hover over the name of the Artist.

How to use Facebook Sound Collection or Royalty free Music Library sound tracks

You can narrow down your search to find your matching track by applying filters on Genre, Mood, Duration, and Vocals. Here are some of the choices available under each filter

  • Genre: Folk, Western Classical, Blues, Holiday, Middle Eastern, and Latin
  • Mood: Scary, Dreamy, Bright, Groovy, Happy, and Romantic
  • Duration of Track: minimum of 0-30 secs and max filter of 2+ mins
  • Vocals: Ensemble, Has Vocals, Male & Female, No Vocals, Female Vocals, and Male Vocals

Sound Effects tab in Sound Collection

In the Sound Effects tab you will be able to find the following four attributes concerning an effects file

  • Name of sound effect
  • Source of the sound effect
  • Category of the sound effect
  • And, the length of the sound effect

How to use Facebook Sound Collection or Royalty free Music Library sound effects

Tip: If you hover over the name of the source, it gives a short detail of the source and a Follow button.

To drill down more in sound effects, there are two filters, namely “All Categories” and “All Durations.” consisting of the following choices,

  • All Categories: UI, Industry, Machinery, Tools, Water & Underwater, Footsteps, Alarms, Bells & Sirens, Fabric
  • All Duration: minimum duration of 0-2 secs and a maximum of 30+secs

Till this point, you would have got the gist that the Facebook Sound Collection or free Music Library is very diverse, and with little effort, you will be able to find the perfect match for your content. So let us now discuss some tips.

Tips to Use Facebook Free Music Library Most Effectively
  • Time is the key, so spend some time in content ideas and think before immediately jumping to the music file to use.
  • Don’t go with what your heart says but with what your audience’s heart says and for that determine your audience by using your website and Facebook Insight data and try to find what best connect with your audience.
  • Focus on the demography of your audience and gather data to relate with them.
  • After early selection, start matching your visual content with the music stream and pick the one that is most synchronous.
  • Obvious but reminder for starters, prepare a Content Creation Strategy for your video content.

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