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In March 2017, Facebook stories were launched to help marketers explore the opportunities in the market with an easy to consume mode of advertising.

Video marketing is one of the most versatile materials for promotion and branding, companies have used them in their Facebook stories marketing strategies. Facebook stories marketing has 15 times more growth over the normal posts on the platform therefore, they are the real building blocks for future brands and their strategies.

With Facebook stories, marketing brands found an easy, effective and beneficial means to communicate their message in order to attract the right market. Facebook has gradually grown to become a major part of people’s social life where they do not just connect with other users but also shop, share, learn, entertain, earn and do more.

Facebook stories marketing

There are over 300 million daily active users for Facebook stories who contribute to the larger diverse market available for businesses and brands online. Despite many other platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp & LinkedIn launching features similar to Facebook stories marketing, it maintains the charm and is one of the most preferred marketing options.

Here we will learn about the benefits of Facebook stories marketing that brands can utilize to speed up their overall growth online.

Best Ways to Leverage Facebook Stories Marketing for Brands

Facebook stories marketing is a smart way to market brands because there are several reasons that make it one of the potential space to convert online efforts to tangible profits.

Marketers must consider the Facebook stories marketing as a primary means to boost their business as it occupies a primary position on the social media platforms thereby exposing the brands to a bigger audience and more potential deals.

As it can be easily created, is continuously growing & attracting more viewership, has an increase in engagement rates and convenient on all sides, brands should prefer Facebook stories marketing over others.

Here is a list of ways brands can utilize the feature to uplift their business and gain from it.

  1. Major spot for advertising

As Facebook stories marketing is available on top of the homepage it attracts most attention than posts or Facebook lives.

Facebook stories can be created and seen as a series on the profile of users/customers when they first log in to their accounts. The whole series stays on top even when the customers are scrolling their feed for other content and posts. This grabs attention and increases the chances of being opened by the user online.

Facebook stories marketing gets the centre position that helps in the overall optimization of the strategy and lets brand advertise at a prime online spot.

Facebook stories marketing

  1. Organic means of communication

These days’ people have developed a sense of fear for anything online due to the rise in cyber theft & other digital crimes. Moreover, the quality of the product, what goes into the making and authenticity of the brand is easily under the scanner all the time. It makes selling online a big problem for brands but with Facebook stories marketing advertising gets a fresh touch of factors influencing the opinions of the market.

By sharing behind the scenes clips, real footage from the making stages, stories of people behind the brand on the Facebook Stories marketing series brands can get to connect organically with their consumers.

This increases the trust level and makes the brand appear more real breaking through the incredulity of audiences. Stories are mostly easy to create, widely accepted and give a valued feel to customers.

Facebook stories marketing

  1. Cross-posting across platforms

If you as a brand are posting on Instagram Stories, then there is an option to cross-post the same content to the Facebook stories. It enhances the reach and viewership of the post across both the social media platforms.

Brands can now post the same content to two separate platforms with maybe different set of audiences at times. This improves the credibility of the post and helps the creator gain more with the same efforts.

It is basically giving a big boost to the branding for wider exposure at same cost, energy and effort.

Facebook stories marketing

  1. Rising use of Facebook stories marketing strategies

There is a visible growth in the usage of Facebook stories since it was launched. It is simply because this feature cuts down the risk of recording posts permanently until deleted and provides a larger space for creativity compared to normal posting.

With millions of daily active users, there is a bigger scope for brands to be heard more specifically and attract buyers than any other place. People are using the feature to easily communicate with others and connect appropriately for sale and revenue. A raw video clip on Facebook stories has more influencing power than formally made posts on feed thus making them more popular.

Facebook stories marketing

  1. Track analytics and measure campaigns closely

In order to make more engaging Facebook stories marketing strategies brands must measure their previous content performances. This is a good social media listening technique that allows companies to understand what their audiences are interested to watch and how they are engaging with the brand.

With Facebook stories, brands can track who is watching their posts and is clicking on the CTA’s (mentioned in story ads) to pinpoint their target market. This way there will be specific groups of the audience that brand can focus while saving resources and efforts unnecessarily.

Facebook stories marketing

Analytics and stats provide more accurate facts about the audience involvement, communication gaps and mistakes made to ensure a better system.

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