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Facebook Travel Ads have certainly made advertising on Travel and Tourism industry much easier than ever. It is more of a systematically designed dynamic tool that aids in advertising travel goals.

The technique has already helped many tourists and travellers get their tour guide. The advertisers did great business besides exponential growth using Facebook Travel Ads.

Blooming village sides, picturesque mountain tops, cosy cafes, perfect Instagram-able meals and crystal clear oceans – everything has an audience. Whether the audience is a bunch of passionate travellers or adventure seekers, audiences of all types can be attracted with proper optimization and appealing ads. Facebook travel ads

Software development tools like SDK, enables your campaign to advertise to people who have shown interest in your business. Advertising codes like Facebook pixels help expand the target audience base, optimize ads and re-market to people searching for similar interests. Now, Facebook Travel Ads uses both of these software tools and techniques to reach the right group of people and promote businesses.

Companies using Facebook Travel Ads can categorize their advertising into three main types:

–    Hotel ads: to campaign for the property inventory at room level  


Facebook travel ads

–    Destination ads: helps in advertising travel experiences, destination and local attractions  


Facebook travel ads

–    Flight ads: enables the marketer to advertise airline routes and best prices  


Facebook travel ads


Facebook Travel Ads along with various software tools have become the perfect medium for advertising appropriately through precise targeting and ensuring that there are lesser irrelevant clicks. Targeting the audience, also, becomes better with the unique filtering options available in the tools.

Audiences can be easily targeted based on some certain parameters:

–    Weekend travellers

–    Solo travellers

–    Groups travellers

–    Rewarded membership holders

–    Dynamic booking windows

–    Specific destination searches

–    Travel dates and modes of transportation

The options are advanced enough to provide you with the choice of deselecting audiences that have already travelled in the near dates.

Facebook Travel Ads provide unique features to the travel advertisers such as recommended destinations, facility to embed dates into destination URL for a better landing page experience, an accurate recommendation based on reviews, ratings and location range.

Marketers and advertisers dealing in the travel industry & businesses can gain good growth and profits provided Facebook Travel Ads are used smartly.

10 effective Facebook Travel Ads practices to follow:

1. Target the right audience: Travelling is a vast idea and travel marketing is more extensive. There would never be just one solution for all travellers or tourists because preferences change constantly.

The world has seen crazy vivid solo backpackers, family tourists, destination wedding groups, office gangs, adventure enthusiasts and business travellers. Therefore, no particular campaign can appeal to all of them.

Targeting a specific group of travellers is now possible with options that are available with Facebook Travel Ads. Marketers can easily filter out parameters in the tools and reach the particular groups affordably with attractive content.

Engagement metrics on the software is a plus which we can be used to track the performance of a particular post related to travel & tourism.

Lookalike Audience feature on Facebook Travel Ads help in finding and figuring out newer audiences who are interested in traveling and have similar characteristics as the existing targeted audiences.

2. Track existing posts: Popular brands dealing with travel and tourism are skilled at analysing their previous posts along with the multiple engagements on those posts.

Hence, it is wise to analyse the engagement on all previous campaigns so that you can understand the audience behaviour, preferences and interests thereby resulting in better optimization of the visual marketing strategy.

Image posts that work primarily, can be tested on various channels with separate descriptions. Posts can be designed with distinct CTAs to ensure a higher conversion rate for the campaign with relevant landing page.

3. Using carousel advertising: Marketing through a series of pictures depicting a user-generated story can benefit marketers more than just a single image. It is seen that using carousels for advertising can help marketers with 30% to 50% lower cost per conversion along with 20% to 30% lower cost per click compared to using an ad with a single image.  Facebook travel ads

Carousels can be the experiences that your brand offers such as a mountain trek or romantic honeymoon dinner at a hotel. These ads are more interactive compared to single image advertisements.

A single carousel can include over ten pictures in it, which can convey a more accurate message to the targeted audience. The content in these ads are more attractive and will eventually increase the conversion rates of the campaign.

4. Dynamic advertising tools and techniques: The smartest & updated marketing idea is to track the real-time movement and searches of the targeted audience. Dynamic Facebook travel ads are highly effective means to reach the audience because they help in optimizing the campaign better.

The dynamic tools help in creating a situation that demands urgency in action with real-time advertising. It can promote a searched hotel room with price and availability to the same customer after their search.

The tool is powerful as it helps in re-marketing to the audience by listing search parameters such as check-in/out dates & times, flight schedules and accommodation preferences. Also, the tool is capable of tracing destination searches so that the right campaign can be displayed to the specific audience. Facebook travel ads

The tools enable marketers to skip users who have already completed a searched trip or whose bookings are confirmed. Such simple filters can help in saving money when advertising online.

5. Showing off-beat images: Make sure the pictures clicked are attractive enough, as it will ensure you get a click on your ad. If you have brilliant offers for your users, then show it off.

You can also take motion videos post them with the most striking content or caption. For example, pictures such as a room with a view or someone relaxing on a hammock by the beach would capture the user’s attention and that would lead to them clicking on the ad.

Facebook travel ads

Make sure that the advertisement is clear in giving out the message about how different a journey or vacation can be for them.

6. Flash the advertisements: At times all a marketer has is a fraction of minute to get the desired attention. Make sure that Facebook Travel Ads are created properly with coloured fonts, clear messages, flickering offers and a picture at the background.

You need to grab the attention of the user by creating personalised graphics that will make the him/her to stay and click on your ad.

7. Distinct Call to Action: When you know your users are specific and well targeted, add a proper Call to Action button. Make sure that the things are bright and specified in the ad itself. Mention your website, blog and social media handles with bold characters to ensure that the user is convinced to click.

Facebook travel ads The CTAs make your advertisement user-friendly and more effective than a plain picture with content all the time.

8. Include information and link tabs: Do not ignore the copy of the content as it matters equally. Just an attractive picture with no real explanation can do more harm to your campaign. You need to put in some extra effort & time in your designs and formulate the apt words that suit the image.

Facebook travel ads Customers are more likely to click on something that has detailed information about the destination, dates and experiences.

9. Pre-schedule campaigns: The most valuable part of Facebook Travel Ads is that you can pre-schedule your ads so that it reaches the users at your preferred date & time. Also, another interesting thing to note is that Facebook allows these campaigns to reach to those customers, as well, who are searching the same destination or experience on any other platforms.

10. Cross-selling products and services: Through Facebook Travel Ads, marketers can cross-sell to people who have booked hotels or flights at relevant destinations.

Facebook travel ads The tool works for users who have searched for similar types of services and products that you offer, so the targeting becomes more specific and appropriate.

Facebook Travel Ads are all unique, automatic and adaptable. Plus, you don’t have to create the content separately for campaigns. Therefore, it works as a single set up that can conveniently promote all of the available inventory without wasting time and effort unnecessarily.

So if you are a marketer, then buck up and approach the right customer with Facebook Travel Ads tools and Technics. This tool will, definitely, help you sell the best tour packages and run a campaign in an effortless manner.

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