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Akshay Chandra6 years ago

Facebook Insights has changed its visual interface recently thus creating confusion among many beginners who are using Facebook Business for the first time. Here in this blog, we are focusing on the Video analytics that Facebook provides for their users.

Unlike YouTube analytics, Facebook Video analytics limits its users to gain specific information like Demographics, classes of audiences, devices being used, playback locations etc. So, let’s check out what metrics Facebook provides for its video analytics and what are they.

When you are done uploading your Facebook video content, CLICK on INSIGHTS to open the Facebook analytics center.


Click VIDEOS section

There, you will see your page divided into four different sections which are

Date Settings –

Here you can change the date and get the data accordingly. You also have direct click button options to choose a timeline for 1 Week, 1 Month and 1st Quarter.

Video Views –

This parameter shows stats of videos viewed for 3 seconds or more. You have to note that Facebook considers a video view of 3 seconds as a qualified view. (Just like Instagram); but for YouTube, it’s around 30 seconds. So, if your video is viewed at least once for at least 3 seconds, your video will be added.

10-Second Views

These 10-second video views are considered as important as this shows that the user actually watched for a valid timeframe. Apart from 10-second views, you will have 30-second views section, only if you have a viewership of more or around 30 seconds.

In here, you will have three benchmark factors to choose for both Video Views and 10 Second views. These benchmarks are

  • Organic vs. Paid
  • Auto-Played Vs. Clicked-to-play
  • Unique Vs. Repeat

Regarding Autoplay –

Once you develop your content after all the rigorous process of production, you need it to be appreciated by the user who stumbles upon it. If you choose Auto Play mode, make sure that the video is understandable without sound. Autoplay mode has faced such backlash from influencers citing that their viewers are feeling annoyed.

Check out the first five results for the Facebook Autoplay keyword below.

Facebook Autoplay Google Search
Facebook Autoplay Google Search

Facebook Autoplay is that annoying. So, choose this option only if you want to increase the viewership.

Top Videos –

Here, you can check the most viewed Facebook Video on your brand page. When you click on VIDEO LIBRARY button on the left,

Facebook Video Library Button
Facebook Video Library Button

you will be redirected to the PUBLISHING TOOLS.

In this Video Library, you have all your videos available. Check out the screenshot of this section below.

Facebook Video Library
Facebook Video Library

Before we move ahead, you need to check your filters if you have a large collection of videos.

Facebook Filter Options
Facebook Filter Options

As you can see above, there are two parameters allotted for every video analytics. They are Basic and Advanced. These filters are meant to search any specific video from your video directory using Title, Description, Views, Date Created, Video Tags, and Global Id.

The Advanced feature has four different factors for selection.

Distribution – Here you can check where your video is distributed, check video which is excluded from News Feed, and check the stats of your Secret Videos.

The videos which you use for your campaign advertisements, or choose to keep in your video library but not publish are the secret videos.

Embedding – You have the option to allow your users to embed your videos. If you chose not to (like NHL’s Facebook page), then you can segregate your embedded allowed videos and also check the videos that you prohibited for embedding.

Social Actions – Here you can check the social actions for the videos as well a check for the ones you have blocked.

CLICK on a video you want to check →

Check out the screenshot of what you will get below

Facebook Video Analytics
Facebook Video Analytics

Some parameters you need to know

Minutes Viewed

Here you can check the total minutes of watch time spent by your user on your video. If you have used paid advertising, then you can check the difference between your organic views and your boosted posts. The same metrics you can check in “People Reached”, but here, you can check the total number of people you reached through paid advertisement.

Video Views

Here, along checking the viewership, you can check the total amount of playbacks you got with the SOUND OFF and ON.

Sound on

10 -Second Views & Unique Views

This section shows you a unique insight for your videos which were played within 10 seconds.

Likes, Comments, & Shares

Track the activity of your page to check what your viewers are linking and which part of a content campaign is the most shareable content. Here, you also get metrics for Likes, Comments, and Shares. Also, you can account the likes, comments, shares of your brand’s posts when shared. This will make you understand from where the page likes are coming from thus you can target (Next ad campaign) the demographics that you may have missed.

Likes and comments

Cross posted videos

When you use a single video in two or three posts, then these re-used multiple posts are called as Crossposted videos. Here in video insights, you can grant permission to post a video with other pages, and get reports on likes, shares, comments on those crossposted videos.

Average %Competition

Want to know what particular time of your video was most engaging? This is the place to check that. When you understand the key point of your Ad, then people will remember your brand’s name.

Facebook Avg Completion

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