How To Get More Views & Engagements To Your Facebook Video

Shruti Sen5 years ago

In the recent years, there has been an explosion in online video consumption. Video creators are using every other social media platform to boost their video views and engagement on the content they created. It is said that this year, online video will account for 74% of all online video traffic. Facebook is one such important platform to showcase videos to a broad set of audience. There’s a 75% annual growth rate increase in the number of videos published on Facebook internationally with 8 billion views daily. That itself explains why it is so important to optimise these videos to garner more views and engagement.

In this blog, you’ll learn 15 actionable tips to increase views, likes, shares and engagement for your facebook video.

    • Grab Attention Within The First 3 Seconds:

      In order to captivate user’s attention, Facebook videos auto-play. Therefore, your video should have a powerful first 3 seconds so as to entice the audience right from the beginning. The video should be captivating enough even without sound. There are three ways to do this: First, create great thumbnails that grab people’s attention right away and make them click. Second, tease what the video is about right in the beginning of the video or let the title act as a teaser. And Third, immediately start off the video without any delay.

    • Add Caption To Your Videos:

      85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Therefore, it is necessary that you put captions to your videos. If you don’t put captions, there is a possibility that you may lose a viewer who couldn’t understand your video without sound. To prevent that, it’s best to use captions by uploading a SRT file of captions to new and existing videos on your Facebook page. Alternatively, you can put captions with the video and upload it.

    • Suggest Viewers To Tap For Sound:

      Since Facebook videos are by default on silent auto-play, it’s a good idea to prompt users with a pop-up to tap for sound. Although pop-ups can be disruptive at times, it needs to be well placed and timed in the video.


    • Create Square Videos:

      More than 92% of Facebook users use Facebook on their mobile. Therefore, it is essential that videos are created in such a way that it is mobile-friendly in viewing. Creating square videos is one way to enhance viewing on mobile. Video format, regardless of the content, seems to play a huge role in how many people watch your video, how long they watch it, and how willing they are to engage with it. Experimenting with square videos will definitely boost engagement. You can also try vertical videos since Facebook is now showing larger previews for vertical videos in Newsfeed for mobile.

    • Write A Keyword Heavy Title:

      Facebook sees more than 2 billion searches every day. Therefore, it is best to optimise your videos to be searchable. The only way to do that is by making the title descriptive and using as many relevant keywords as possible. The keywords will help the video in appearing high on search results.

    • Add A Call-To-Action:

      A great way to encourage engagement, drive traffic to your website and convert viewers into customers is by adding a CTA to your videos. Although, Facebook has removed the functionality of adding CTA to videos, it can be done by placing a CTA in one of the following ways – in the post copy, during the video and at the end of the video.

    • Upload Videos Natively On Facebook:

      The interaction rate for Facebook native videos are on an average 109.67% higher than for YouTube videos. Therefore, for better performance videos should be directly uploaded to Facebook instead of shared links such as YouTube links.
    • Tag Other Pages:

      Another way to optimise your Facebook video for more views and engagement is by tagging relevant pages on your videos. You can tag pages which are directly related, mentioned in the videos, who inspired you to make the video or you would want to make them aware of the video. By tagging pages, it gives your video post a larger audience to reach and thus increase engagement.
    • Choose Preferred Audience:

      Facebook has a feature that will help you share the video with a preferred audience. It allows your to reach your desired audience based on their interests and pages they have liked. There is also an option to restrict audience viewing by setting the parameters for it. By doing this, the video will reach to your desired audience who are most likely to engage with the video and boost it’s performance.
    • Go Live:

      Consider going live on Facebook if you want more people to engage with your video and see your Facebook posts. There has been an update in the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm which will now favour live videos more than videos which are no longer live. It is found that people spend more than 3X time watching a live video than a video that is not live.

  • Feature A Video On Your Page:

    In the Facebook “Videos” Tab there’s a feature where Facebook allows you to put a Featured video in order to showcase your best video to your audience which will auto-play itself once the viewer lands on that tab.
  • Embed Facebook Videos On Blog Posts:

    Embedding Facebook videos on blog posts is a great way to reach a larger audience that comes from outside of the Facebook ecosystem. In order to get the embed code, click on the upper-right corner of the post and select “Embed”. The code will be provided to you which you can copy and paste on the blog.


  • Boost With Facebook Ads:

    You can use Facebook Ads to boost your video posts to a specified audience based on their location, age, gender and interests. This can be done by going to the Facebook Ads Manager and selecting the objective as Video Views. After that it gives you various parameters to set for your desired audience and also set the budget. Lastly upload your video and add a copy to it and go live with the campaign. Alternatively, for existing videos, you can click on “Boost Post” button on your video post and carry out the same targeting steps.
  • Use Analytics To Understand Video Performance:

    Use of analytics will help better understand of video performance and then improve upon it for the next video. Facebook provides metrics like minutes viewed, video views, and average watch time, which can provide great insights into which videos generated the most engagement with your viewers.
  • Create A Facebook Specific Copy:

    Most pages have multiple presence on various social media platforms. Thus while sharing a video all of the various social media platforms are used. It is essential to tailor the video and it’s post according to the platform. For a Facebook video post, you can try and experiment with the post length as it allows upto 63,206 characters. Additionally, you can also ask a question in the post, include a quote from your video content and add a few emoticons to the copy.
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