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Umesh Kumar3 years ago

The world, that we currently live in, is very high-paced and our lives’ tempo grows accordingly every day. Due to the rise of Internet, we now have a crazy information consumption level. That surely does not make marketers’ job any easier as it means that promoting materials now have to be a lot more creative and, more importantly, persuade a potential customer to buy the product in shorter amount of time.

This is why videos become hugely popular in marketing. It is obviously easier to sell things by ‘showing’ rather than by ‘telling’. Now, there are numerous ways that you can deliver your marketing video to the audience. For example, you could create yourself a free website which is convenient as it eliminates all possible competitors. Another way is to post your videos on a big social media platform. There are two major places for that – Facebook and YouTube. Which one is better for video marketing? We will now discuss.


When it comes down to targeting your audience, Facebook will most likely be the winner in this little competition. Due to the fact, that most users are quite specific about their hobbies and interests, while they are filling their profiles, it is super easy to target those of them who will most likely be interested in your product. Not to mention that according to this data, provided by Statista, the total number of users now is around 2.27 billion which makes it the most popular social media platform in the world. Over the years, Facebook development team polished their video playing mechanisms, so now you can be sure that any user will not have troubles loading and viewing your content.


  • 27 billion monthly active users (by the third quarter of 2018)
  • Almost one-fourth (23%) check their Facebook account at least once a day
  • Facebook ads can be targeted very specifically
  • The platform encourages engagement, showing users message updates
  • The total watch time (including auto-play in mute mode) is higher than on YouTube
  • The cost of getting your videos to reach the targeted audience on Facebook is cheaper than on YouTube

Though you have to be aware of the fact that most of these videos in the feed are being played in silent mode (unless you intentionally click on them) while you are scrolling through your timeline. So, if you want your content to really attract someone’s attention, make sure it has outstanding visuals. Another thing to keep in mind is that your videos will most likely succeed if they are considerably short. Long 30-minutes videos are probably not the best type of content to try to target your audience on Facebook with.


  • Facebook videos can’t be reached from outside Facebook and are not shown through search engines
  • Long videos are much less popular than shorter catchy ones
  • Videos on Facebook tend to have a short lifespan (around one day long) and cannot be reached afterward.


While it might be not that easy to target users on YouTube as it is on Facebook, there are still many advantages of it. First of all, its popularity. According to this Forbes article, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, breathing into Google’s neck. Just think about it: whenever you search for something online, a YouTube link is most likely to pop up within first three links.

Comparing to Facebook, YouTube might not give you that immediate exposure, but you can be sure that if people love your content, they are going to stick around for a while. This way your audience will grow slowly but more consistently.

Another great thing about YouTube is that your video can be suggested to a prospective customer, this way you do not even have to do anything. Also, keep in mind that videos are the main content on this website, so people are most likely ready for any type of content, if speaking in terms of length. Unlike Facebook, where you have to make short but catchy videos, on YouTube you can finally dedicate yourself to a full-size video showing every aspect of your product that is possible, be is goods, service, musical or educative content, stream video or any kinds of blog posts. And do not forget about the title of the video and its thumbnail. In most cases, the combination of these two plays the biggest role while people are thinking on whether or not to click on your video.


  • YouTube is the most popular video platform among all the others (47 billion users in 2017)
  • It is perfect for series of related videos that can be played one after another
  • Videos can be sorted to albums or added to groups and, therefore, easily found if needed
  • It is possible to search for YouTube videos directly from Google
  • YouTube is integrated into most platforms and programs
  • YouTube provides with higher duration of consumed content than Facebook (40 minutes session on average)


  • The growth rate of the platform is significantly lower than on Facebook (according to Statista, it expects to reach 1.8 billion users by 2021)
  • Most of the niches are highly competitive
  • Targeted ad is not really effective
  • The cost of promoting your videos is more expensive than on Facebook
  • User engagement is significantly lower than on Facebook


So, these are the main things that you have to consider while making a choice between YouTube and Facebook in terms of your video marketing strategy. We cannot claim that one platform is surely better than the other as they are both effective but for different purposes. So carefully read it through and decide for yourself.

The choice may be based on the kind of content you have, your targeted audience and on the country your target audience lives in. For instance, among American users, the top social platform would remain YouTube, while Facebook is used by only half of all-American teens and left behind by Instagram and SnapChat. While worldwide the difference is merely noticeable, with YouTube in the second place and Facebook in the third.

The optimal decision would be probably to use the benefits of both platforms. If you already have a big group of loyal subscribers on one of the platforms, it is easier and wiser to stick to it and get the best from what if offers. If you are starting from scratch, the decision may be based on your budget. With limited finances, it is probably better to start with Facebook where the prices are relatively lower and it is easier to reach the targeted audience. However, if your ambition is to become video blogger and influencer, it is better to invest to your YouTube channel from the very beginning.

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