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And we thought YouTube was all about cat videos, vines, DIYs and music! Turns out that’s not all. Family YouTube channels have been gaining momentum since some time and family vlogging has become a big deal. Families who vlog turn their mundane, day-to-day experiences into fun ones and share it with the world.

Time Magazine has actually observed that the time spent watching family vlogs grew by 90% in the year 2017. Families who become famous grab sponsorships and marketing collaborations and have made quite a fortune. The most famous of them, the Shaytards, earn a whopping $2,000 to $38,000 every month only in ad revenue.

We’ve compiled a list of such family YouTube channels and vloggers that you should definitely check out in 2018.

1.) The Shaytards

The Butler Family are now a YouTube sensation as they record their everyday lives and share their stories with their fans. Shay Carl Butler used to live on food stamps once. But his life underwent a shift when he posted a YouTube video of him dancing in his wife’s workout outfit. Now they are being called ‘Social Stars’ with their channel boasting of 5 million subscribers. No list of top family YouTube channels will be complete without mentioning them!

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Asked about the secret of his success, Shay Carl Butler tells you that people love watching their videos as deep within, everyone wants a happy family. They have nicknames for their five children, “Sontard,” “Princesstard,” “Babytard,” “Rocktard,” and “Brotard”. All of them have literally grown up with cameras rolling. The family has also bagged some major endorsement deals and Shay Carl has even sold his online media company for $500 million to none other than Disney.

2.) The ACE Family

Former NCAA basketball player Austin McBroom collaborated with his fiancé Catherine Paiz, who used to be a fitness model on Instagram herself. Their cute but sassy daughter Elle Lively also makes her appearance in the videos and adds her charm to them. Together they have become the A.C.E. family if we pick up the first letter from each of their names.

family youtube channels

They keep their 13 million subscriber base entertained by playing pranks on each other, putting up challenges, behind-the-scenes shots or simply sharing some heart touching moments of themselves as a family. In one such video called “Introducing Potty Training”, Austin is seen helping out little Elle with potty training. The cuteness factor of this one was a hit with their followers and that’s how they made it to the top of the list of family YouTube channels.

3.) Family Fun Pack

Having fun is this family’s motto as well as the secret to their success! “If someone’s having fun, it’s our family!”, is how they begin their description on their YouTube channel. The couple, Kristine and Matt, share their family moments with their six children, Alyssa, David, twins Zac & Chris, cute little brother Michael, and their new baby, Owen!

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Their videos can showcase cute family moments like going to the waterpark or the playground or even staying indoors. It all started with Kristine sharing a video of her twins going to bed, which she simply wanted to share with her friends and family. But the video went viral and they became the “Family Fun Pack” with a 7-million subscriber base. They have recently tied up with StyleHaul network and a TV series featuring them is on the cards.

4.) Bratayley

They describe themselves as a “fun-loving, somewhat crazy family” and they love to share their lives with their viewers. The Braytayleys started YouTubing in 2011 as they shared videos showing their daughter Hayley being a brat. That’s how they got their name. They have grown since then to a 6-million fan base and have landed huge endorsement deals such as Nike and Nintendo.

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When they began, their family included dad Billy, mom Katie, daughters Hayley and Annie and son Caleb. However, tragedy struck the family in 2015 when Caleb Logan Bratayley suddenly died of a medical condition. They stopped posting content for a while but resumed later. Annie is a level 7 gymnast and even has her own YouTube channel with 3 million subscribers.

5.) Cole&Sav

Cole and Savannah’s YouTube channel is as big a hit with their fans as is their love story. The 19-year old Cole met single mom Savannah while he was on a last minute vacation with his brother and best friend. Savannah had a daughter Everleigh and today, the three of them are entertaining their 7.5 million subscribers with their vlogs. The two got married last year and their wedding video alone has 30 million views. The chemistry the two is probably the reason that they have made it to the list of top family YouTube channels.

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Cole and Savannah are not new to social media fame. Savannah was already famous through the app and had an enviable following of 5 million. Cole LaBrant was a Vine star himself having a 6-million following. Their YouTube channel boasts of 1.5 billion views garnered so far and their subscriber count increases by 8,000 daily. With an average of 2.5 million daily views, their estimated ad revenue comes out to be $1.7 million a year.


The SACCONEJOLYs is a British YouTuber family and they have been vlogging since 2010. Jonathan and Anna SacconeJoly became famous after Jonathan recorded his life for 7 consecutive days and it became a hit on YouTube. Jonathan and Anna have four children Emilia, Eduardo, Alessia and Andrea. They also have six Maltese dogs as pets. Now recognized as Europe’s most successful YouTube family, the SACCONEJOLYs have a 1.9 million YouTube following and 2.5 million Instagram fans.

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When it comes to family YouTube channels and vlogging, they have a greater influence as these channels cover a wide range of audience demographics. The secret to their success is that anyone and everyone can relate to the content they share as they chronicle their daily lives. Do you have any of your favourite family YouTube channels that we haven’t mentioned here? You can leave your comments and let us know!

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