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There’s never been a better time to find your niche on the fashion scene, so if you’re thinking about setting up a fashion blog, we have just one suggestion: Do it. Over 40% of media consumers watch vlogging content every month, and 85% of businesses use videos as marketing content, so there’s a huge audience out there. So which platform should you start with?

1. YouTube

The big one, now as classic as a monochrome movie, YouTube is probably the best place for complete newbies to start. This is because of its massive user base (over 2 billion visitors per month), ease of use, and ability to live stream straight away. This service should be your foundation on which you layer your experience and build your brand up, so start out here – after all, sometimes the classic styles are the best. Some of the best-known examples include Zoe Sugg with 11.5 million subscribers and Jenn Im with 2.5 million.

2. VlogBox

Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV or another service are united under one term – Connected TV, which forms a great place to launch your vlog. VlogBox is included in the top CTV/OTT platforms for app development and monetization. The company guarantees a quick channel launch, constant support, content distribution, and management, which is possible directly from YouTube; high CPM rates and PR/marketing support.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a fashion giant and with its heavy focus on visuals, the platform is a perfect fit for your vlog. Start by posting photography content, then build up to launching daily stories and live streams, then create IGTV content and reels. With 60% of buyers finding new fashion items on Instagram, you’ll also find great monetization options for your profile.A good example of Instagram success would be Chiara Ferragni, who starting in 2009 built a fashion vlog empire now worth $8 million. 

4. TikTok

If you want your fashion to appeal to Generation Z, then you should seriously consider setting up a TikTok account as this is the place to connect with the zoomers. TikTok is perfect for video content creators as long as you can maintain a specific frequency of posts, follow the latest trends closer, use top-performing music and monitor for new format types like duets. Two things to remember though, you’ll need to build up a decent following of over 1,000 before you can do live streams, and TikTok automatically sets your geolocation so you can’t target your content in other countries and regions.

5. Twitch

If your first image of Twitch is just basements, geeks and gamers then think again. The platform is a growing titan in online content and it’s a great service for the adventurous fashion vlogger. With over 5.4 billion hours watched by its users in just three months in 2020, Twitch offers huge potential for new content creators. Burberry recently live-streamed a fashion show on Twitch, and Heo Cosmetics teamed up with a streamer for a stream that generated 150% return on ad spend. Twitch feels authentic to viewers, and its popularity is continuing to grow.

6. Vimeo

Now Vimeo might not be the first that comes up when you think about the right platform for your fashion vlog, but it should, seeing as it’s a great base to host multiple forms of video content. You can create and publish your content on Vimeo and then link it to other pages and accounts you have set up, and with 175 million users, it’s a small world in itself. If you want to flex your editing skills as well as your runway styles, then consider Vimeo, as you can use the service’s inbuilt production tools.

7. Flickr

Last but by no means least, Flickr offers an interesting alternative to some of the other platforms we’ve already covered, and with 112 million users this service is hardly an obscure voice in the wilderness. Over 2.5 million images and pieces of video content are uploaded to the site every day, which will give you plenty of resources and raw material to include in your videos. For international creators, Flickr will prove to be a good option as the services’ users are widely spread and not concentrated in one specific country or region.

Regardless of whichever platform or platforms you choose to launch your fashion vlogging career with, you should remember the same key principles. Firstly, do your research, follow as many people for inspiration and ideas as you can and learn from them, without directly copying their content. Secondly, be original,  use your research and try to identify a niche that you can exploit.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, is that you should enjoy what you’re doing. Passion is not something that can easily be faked or replicated, and if you don’t care about your content then nobody else will either. Just remember to experiment constantly and don’t be afraid to fail. If you do this, you’ll succeed with fashion vlogging in no time.

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