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Akshay Chandra5 years ago

If you scroll down your facebook wall just a couple of years back, you will be surprised with a number of image posts/memes elongated on your wall. But at present, Facebook’s video feature is dominating all video platforms and even trying to oust YouTube.

For that, they even partnered with popular YouTubers to get their content base directly to their own (FB) platform – which in a way was not welcomed by many YouTube celebrities.

So, moving ahead of all the criticisms and blame game of stealing viewership from YouTube channels; Facebook Video is doing great. Now they have their own popular content creators whose focus on creating curated content separately for Facebook.

Creators like UNILAD, Bright Side, and especially NowThis are breaking the barrier of long videos by creating 1 min videos which users can understand without even unmuting it. This kind of videos generates high viewership as Facebook takes first 3 seconds as a viewership when compared to YouTube – which is 15 seconds.

According to the report, the three popular genres which every Facebook pages focusing on and that is,

This is the reason that Facebook averages more than 4 billion video views per day with users posting 75 percent more video than last year. So, now that Facebook population is more focused on curating content specifically for Facebook, here are 3 video tips that users will find very important as they migrate from YouTube’s easy interface to a much complicated option for Facebook Video.

Add Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the mini posters that you can use for your videos, especially on YouTube. In Facebook, no one visits brands Facebook wall to check out the video section. Most of the video viewership is generated though sharing and suggested videos according to the user activity. So, whether its NowThis covering, Black Lives Matter protests or trumps another xenophobic statement in his rally – every video is browsed by the user scrolling down the user’s wall.

And for those who haven’t deactivated their autoplay function, your video thumbnail acts as your card to initiate a click on the play button. So, to add a custom Thumbnail in your Facebook video here is a simple procedure without involving any plugin or extension.

UPLOAD the video on your Facebook wall. (Basic Stuff)

You will be automatically prompted by Facebook to change few features. That procedure will also be explained later in this blog for a different scenario.

Below procedure implies when you have already uploaded the video and then want to change the thumbnail. In this way, we can acknowledge different scenarios

Click down arrow at the top right of the video (As shown in the image below)

Add Custom Thumbnails
Add Custom Thumbnails. Step-1


Add Custom Thumbnails. Step-2
Add Custom Thumbnails. Step-2

Now, you have two options to change your thumbnail.

Option 1 – Choose the best image provided by Facebook

Option 2 – Add your own image by clicking CUSTOM button.

Check the image below to get a clear picture on how to upload Facebook Video Thumbnail.

 Add Custom Thumbnails
Add Custom Thumbnails. Step-3

Video Call-To-Action

This Video Callto-actions is very useful to display your brand’s website URL or add a CTA button at the end of your video. There are six call-to-action buttons available like

  • Book Now – Useful for tickets, pre-orders, book publishers
  • Download – Useful for apps, games, e-books
  • Learn More – For Websites, and startups
  • Shop Now – Retail websites
  • Sign Up – SAAS based products, survey
  • Watch More – Trailer, songs, any Facebook page’s video library

Currently, the video call-To-Action is not available for the new videos. So, in order to showcase you the whole process, we selected a video which was already uploaded.

Click down arrow at top right of the video and then CLICK on EDIT POST

Video Call-To-Action
1. Video Call-To-Action

When the Edit Video section appears

At the bottom left side you’re “Edit Video Section”, there is a CALL TO ACTION option available.
(Check the image below)

2.Video Call-To-Action
2.Video Call-To-Action

Include Closed Captions / Subtitles

According to Facebook, about 85% of users like to browse Facebook video on MUTE.  Facebook pages like NowThis shows all their video with inbuilt Captions so that users can understand while scrolling down. In autoplay mode, this feature can really help your Facebook video in garnering positive reactions.

Here is how you do it –

CLICK on Photo/Video –> Upload your VIDEO –> Click Publish


Then you will have the following options to EDIT the video.

CLICK –> CAPTIONS –> Upload your SRT FILE.

Include Closed Captions -2
Include Closed Captions

NOTE – Here is the format for SubRip Text files

  • Subtitle number
  • Start time –> End time
  • Subtitle texts
  • Blank line

The format of how to save your SRT File.

‘filename.[two-letter language code]_[two-letter country code].srt’.

Ex, a file with English subtitles for India would be ‘filename.en_IN.srt’

Embedding YouTube Video

This is probably the most searched query related to users trying unsuccessfully to embed their YouTube videos by just copy pasting the embed code or, they have to use some premium plugin. But here is the hard truth,

If you copy paste your link, then you cannot get the Facebook insights of that particular video.

Methods –

  1. Copy pasting the EMBED link on your Facebook status bar.
  2. Download your video –> UPLOAD it on your Facebook Wall

If you want to upload your video directly from the YouTube video library, then you have to download a premium plugin called TubeBuddy which will cost you a minimum of $19.

This point culminates the important YouTube-like features that new Facebook users could face. Also, do check out our new Facebook feature – where you can check top Facebook Creators. Get their total viewership, the total number of likes , engagement rate and a whole lot of other cool stuff.

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