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Shruti Sen4 years ago

YouTube is a huge community of creators and it’s easy to find smart and sassy ladies who are using the platform to share every little aspect of their lives in a super-interesting way. The Indonesian YouTube market is no different and there are tons of such ladies to be found running their YouTube channels successfully. It’s very easy to keep in touch with them and see what they are up to.

Here in this blog, we will find out how female Indonesian vloggers are ruling YouTube with their super interesting and consistent content.

Salshabilla TV

Salshabilla is one of Indonesia’s largest and most successful female YouTubers. She is an artist, model and singer. Her YouTube channel content usually revolves around her interests as an artist, model and singer. Some of her top performing videos are actually music content be it her original music, lyricals or cover songs. Apart from that on her channel, she also features challenges, Q&A and daily vlogs to keep her audience engaged and coming back for more.

Lifia Niala

Lifia Niala is actually a funny little toddler from Indonesia and the YouTube channel features kids content around her. The YouTube channel content includes – kid-friendly videos, Hello Kitty, Sofia the First, BARBIE, Disney Frozen, Disney Princess, Learn ABC, Singing Kids, Learning Color, Play Doh, Surprise Eggs, Kinder Eggs, Play-Doh. Apart from that, you will also find reviews of some Foods, Ice Cream, Cake, Itadakimasu, etc.

Ria Yaya Riya

Ria Yaya Riya is yet another hit female Indonesian YouTube vlogger. Her channel content revolves around creative ideas, inspiration and motivation. Her forte is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) content. You will find her make anything out of anything on her channel and set the standards of DIY content quite high. Her aim is to motivate her audience to be able to make DIY products and keep me inspired by her videos.

Hanggini P. Retto

Hanggini P. Retto is an unique Indonesian YouTuber who has her YouTube channel dedicated to music and beauty content. Yes, that’s an interesting combination to have. Her audience loves to listen to her music but also seeks guidance when it comes to makeup and beauty. When it comes to beauty content, she does makeup videos, various hauls and challenges. For the other half of her channel that is the music content she has cover songs as well as originals.

Indira Kalistha

Indira Kalistha is a woman with a typical Indonesian face and is diligent to make useful makeup tutorials for her audience. Some of her best videos include videos on – how to get rid of acne in 3 days, tips to whiten skin overnight, how to whiten armpits, how to  get brilliant white teeth, skin care before Eid, tips to remove blackheads, how to cope with hair loss and other beauty tips. As you can see, her videos don’t just revolve around makeup and styling, she covers a whole lot when it comes to beauty.

Azka Khairani

Azka Khairani is yet another kid vlogger from Indonesia who is popular in the YouTube ecosystem. She is a fifth grader from elementary school and features her sister as well in the videos. The content on her YouTube channel revolves around DIY, Toy Reviews, Travelling and Challenges. This Indonesian sisters are very fun-loving and the audience loves to see them do stuff together on their YouTube channel.

Salma Dumadi

Salma Dumadi is yet another young Indonesian YouTube vlogger who is creating interesting content on her channel. Her YouTube channel features content around vlogs, slime, challenges, squishy, hauls and much more. Some of her most popular videos are that of the squishy category.

Fera Chocolatos

Fera Chocolatos is an successful Indonesian YouTuber who wears a hijab. Majorly, her YouTube content is around music but every once in a while she does vlogging and Q&A’s as well. When it comes to music, she usually does covers and some tutorials as well. All her music covers are either guitar or synthesizer based.

Abel Cantika

Abel Cantika uses YouTube as a perfect medium for her to reveal beauty tips for women. Some of her top performing videos include – makeup tutorial for party, grunge makeup look, makeup for graduation, makeup for user of glasses, autumn makeup look, soft and glowing makeup look and reviews of various cosmetic products. Interestingly, her YouTube channel also features a mini-drama called ‘Bittersweet’ narrated in several episodes.

Karina Devi

Karina Devi is yet another popular female Indonesian YouTuber who features a wide range of content on her channel. Her YouTube channel content revolves around beauty, makeup, cooking, study time, squishy, slime, collections, challenges and vlogging. If you have a look at some of her most popular videos, they are mostly around the category of slime.


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