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Currently, health and fitness are the fastest growing industries anywhere in the world. There are various factors that are accountable for this spike in the fitness business that is booming at a top speed.

Apart from being the most discussed, widely categorised & popular segment in a man’s day to day life, Fitness has become a mandate for all. Rising insurance costs, expensive medical alternates, advanced wearables in trend, social media fame, widely accepted urban concepts of veganism and healthy food habits are few reasons that led to the massive expansion of the health & fitness related industries.

 Fitness YouTube Channels

On the other side, there is this COVID 19 pandemic which caused worldwide lockdowns.

It left people devastated with no jobs, broken relations, hampered education, disturbed lifestyle and more. Stress and depression related health problems are growing during the lockdown due to the closure of several industries and economy crashes that have already affected everything else. While many people tried to cope up with the bad times, several died of suicide and other health ailments, unfortunately.

As the tough times continue into the second phase of the year that is the winters, here are few Fitness YouTube channels that may help the people get better with every situation.

Top 8 Fitness YouTube Channels to Follow During Lockdown

  1. Blogilates

Cassey Ho is a certified fitness and pilates instructor with some amazing exercise and health tips videos for her audience. She vlogs about weight loss plans, regular workouts, upper body strength training, lower body exercises and more related to overall health. The complete stepwise organised demonstrative content published here helps viewers to pick their choice of workout and achieve perfection in it. There are specific workouts for abs, stomach, thighs, butts and other major muscular parts of the body which makes it one of the best illustrated Fitness YouTube channels on the platform.

  1. Walk At Home by Leslie Sansone

We have all faced the consequences of not being physically active or fit in our life at some or the other point of time. As the lockdown kept extending, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle kept becoming a difficult task due to shutting down of gyms, health clubs and other fitness communities around us. People started depending on home workouts but those who loved taking a walk or running outdoors faced many problems. Meanwhile, this was one of those amazing fitness YouTube channels that came in as a rescue. Leslie Sansone’s workout videos are a pure joy with retro old fashioned beats, well-matched steps and other fun factors around them. Their videos provide creative & fresh walking and workout sessions that can be easily followed by the comforts of the home.

  1. POPSUGAR fitness

Popular Hollywood celebrity trainers, expert fitness guides and workout masters come together with some do-it-along-with-us-real-time workout challenges and video content. Audiences can easily follow the steps and do the workout besides the trainer that makes it become a doable as well as a fun activity. POPSUGAR Fitness is surely one of the best fitness YouTube channels that are designed to help everyone during the lockdown. Most of the videos show exercises that barely require any equipment and can be done from home effectively. Do follow this channel for helpful content which will help you stay fit despite all basic issues in the COVID 19 pandemic.

  1. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga is known for being the biggest health and fitness remedy or alternate to human beings. It is popularly known for its calming as well as healing effects on anyone and everyone. As the lockdown resulted in the closure of social gatherings and other places of society building, people underwent massive mental transformations and led to unhealthy lifestyles. Yoga is an answer to all of those people who are procrastinating their first steps towards fitness and cuddling laziness, unhealthy life habits. Adriene has some special yoga videos designed to train people in the art of postures, synchronised breathing and meditation. There are wonderful yoga playlists that can be played by anyone who seeks positivity and healing. It is a must browse channel for al as the content makes it one of the best fitness YouTube channels.

  1. 305 fitness

Dancing is the best cardio exercise program one can do to warm up and workout the whole body. At 305 fitness there are amazing dancers and practitioners who teach the best way to gain the best body and health with interesting dance moves. There are various kinds of dance styles that one can perform at a stretch to attain the most effective results. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Hailey Baldwin love to dance workout and promote the fitness activity at many platforms. Post pandemic the channels has uploaded many home dancing videos that encourages people to dance it out without a professional studio.

  1. LiveStrongWoman

Challenges are always an effective way to begin working out and keeping oneself motivated towards continuing with the same. Anyone who wants to learn the perfect stepwise way to do the right plank, lunges, jumping jacks or squats can watch their tutorials which are very well explained for the audiences to learn easily. They also post videos related to healthy lifestyle changes to make as well as nutritious healthy recipes. It is one of the best fitness YouTube channels for people who need to continuous encouragement and motivation to workout.

  1. Pamela reif

With over 5.01 million subscribers, Pamela is a trainer who speaks less and believes in doing more. the channel clearly aims at quick and effective workout exercise that anyone can do to tone their muscles and strengthen overall body. All the videos are focused on workouts that can be easily performed at home without much special tools or equipment. The channel also has videos with top celebrities like ab workouts with Jason Derulo and others to inspire the viewers.

  1. Orangetheory fitness

The videos are total workout session offering 35 to 40 minutes of rigorous exercising at home is a saviour for most during the pandemic. The creators are innovative with their alternate choices of tools to perform certain activities. These tools can be water bottles, jugs, or just cans of soup that can help add resistances, weights and loads on performers to increase the level of difficulty. The classes are interesting and would help get better with each session due to increasing levels of exercising tasks.

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