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Akshay Chandra7 years ago

The FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) segment is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy. According to conservative estimates, it is expected to grow to a mammoth US$ 75 billion industry by 2018.

Out of all the different types of FMCG products, food products account for more than 43 % of the overall market. Personal care comes a close second with 22 % followed by the clothing industry with 12 %.

17% of Brand Advocates say YouTube content is more relevant than TV content

Note: This year, DS Group’s candy brand Pulse reached 100 crore valuation mark, making it the first HBC (Hard-Boiled Candy) segment brand to do so. Whereas it took almost three decades for Maggie to crack the 2000 Crore club before it lost it due to the Lead Poisoning controversy.

However, within six months, it made a comeback all because of its powerful branding. And having a YouTube channel and a popular Facebook page helped it spread the brand message through advertisements and posts and videos. Social media was one of the main reasons why it could make a comeback.

Note: Its YouTube channel has 15 million views and its Facebook page has 14 million fans.

As per the buyer’s black box model, a decision-making process starts with problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, and purchase decision before eventually buying the product. YouTube is the platform where you can tackle all these stages of a buying process:

Vidooly - Black Box modelWhy use YouTube?

YouTube has helped thousands of products to maintain/grow their brand legacy on the internet.

  – Gaming companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft use YouTube to announce their upcoming games.

  – Furniture giants like IKEA, Home Depot use their YouTube channels to educate consumers on ways of using their products.

  – Beauty brands have started collaborating with YouTube celebrities to reach out to their target audience.

According to Google’s Consumer Barometer, we learned that 23% of online videos are viewed to learn something new. And 53% of these people watch ‘How to’ videos on YouTube.

1/3 of How-to Video Users watch YouTube to find information on products they’d like to buy – a rate three times higher than non-How-to Video viewers

These HOW TO video viewers are your future brand advocates who can give a lot of visibility for your brand by liking, commenting and sharing your stories with their peer groups. Indian FMCG products however have relatively lesser presence on YouTube when compared to their western counterparts. fmcg

We did a detailed study of the YouTube channels of the top five leading FMCG brands in India . We’ve published the report and it is available for download for free:

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