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The multi-billion dollar global sports industry is more significant than we can see, hear or discuss about.

With the boom in social media platforms, sports industry (Football YouTube Channels) gets yet another stage to expand and generate revenue.

Out of all the sports that we know about, football is that legendary subject which people talk about globally. The game has gained more feet with its associated presence on social media that helps it reach to the corners of the world.

There are many YouTube channels that stream content related to Football such as news, tricks & tips, coaching sessions, guides and more.

These Football YouTube channels are real-life changers for aspiring footballers and sports enthusiasts.

Football YouTube channels these days have become more innovative and engaging with their content. Some of the top football YouTube channels also organize contests, giveaways, challenges and more to stay directly in contact with their followers.

Promoting events, matches, workshops, and more have become more manageable with YouTube for these channels.

If you love the game or want to know anything related to it, then subscribing to these football YouTube channels is the smartest job to do.

*data as per November 06, 2019


2.19 Million Subscribers

Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) represents the national football associations of Europe and runs nation and prestigious club competitions, including “UEFA Nations League,” “UEFA Champions League,” “UEFA European Championship” and UEFA Super Cup.” The association consists of 50 national association members, and their official YouTube channel is of the same name.

The channel has a collection of classic matches, great goals from legendary players, and UEFA’s tournaments. There are playlists on eChampions League, Under-17 EURO LIVE, Icon Series, EURO 2020 Qualifiers and more

2. Man City

2.12 Million Subscribers

Man City is the official YouTube channel of the English Football club, “Manchester City Football Club” based in Manchester. Founded in the year 1880 as St. Mark’s (West Gorton), the club was renamed to Manchester City in 1894.

Considered as the best team in club history with 25 European and major domestic honors, City has the best players, including Sergio Aguero, Fernandinho, David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne, and Raheem Sterling.  Their channel gives a closer look at Manchester City with Inside Training videos, latest news, Tunnel Cam and Inside City.

3. F2Freestylers – Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel

10.9 Million Subscribers

Football freestylers Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch run a popular YouTube channel, “F2Freestylers,” where they showcase their Football skills. Loved by millions of fans and considered as the top Football YouTubers, both have been media sensations for many years. Billy is a former semi-professional footballer, and Jeremy made his career by starring in football documentaries and even competed in the “Britain’s Got Talent” show.

The team flew out to train with FC Barcelona in 2016 and documented their experience in hugely popular YouTube videos. Many brands, including Adidas and Beko, have worked with them on sponsored video content. The channel is full of match-play tutorials, football entertainment, live performances, pranks, and banter.

4. FC Barcelona

8.25 Million Subscribers

Futbol Club Barcelona, commonly referred to as Barcelona is the world’s second-richest football club and fourth-most valuable sports team in the world.  Having won 74 trophies and a record number of “FIFA World Player of the Year” with recipients including Ronaldo Luis, Lionel Messi, Romario, and Xavi, Barcelona is one of the most highly supported teams in the world with most extensive social media following among sports teams.

Their YouTube channel is regularly updated with interviews, vlogs, training sessions, latest highlights, live shows, and much more

5. Liverpool FC

3.28 Million Subscribers

A professional football club in Liverpool, England, Liverpool Football Club (aka “The Reds”) is the top competitor in Premier League and ranks seventh in the world in terms of earning. The club has more wins and points than any other English team.

Their YouTube Channel’s, “Signing Day Vlogs” series brings unprecedented access to Liverpool’s big signings. New uploads bring exclusive behind-the-scenes from Anfield and Melwood (training grounds) and insides from training sessions.  With hilarious “Bezzies” quiz, viewers get to know more about the players


8.24 Million Subscribers

To promote the game of football and make it available to all, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association/ International Federation of Association Football) organizes Men’s and Women’s Football World Cups. Delivering best viewing experience to football lovers from across the world, their official YouTube channel, “FIFATV,” is followed by millions of fans.

Here they upload FIFA World Cup highlights, best football videos, and fantastic goals, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes coverage of all FIFA events and tournaments

7. Real Madrid

5.17 Million Subscribers

The highest revenue-generating football club in the world and winner of Champions League for three consecutive years, Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (Royal Madrid Football Club), is a Spanish football club based in Madrid, Spain.

One of the most successful clubs in the world, the greatest football players of all time, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Raul, and Ronaldo, have worn the Real Madrid jerseys. Their Youtube channel uploads training sessions, best goals of all times, highlights, press conferences, game tricks, behind-the-scenes and introduces to new players with exclusive interviews

8. Juventus

2.33 Million Subscribers

Founded by a group of Torinese students in 1897, Juventus Football Club (Juve) is an Italian professional football club. The club’s fan base is not restricted to only Italy and loved by football lovers from across the world.

Last year when Real Madrid’s leading goalscorer, Christiano Ronaldo, left the club to join Juventus, the popularity and fan base of the club saw a sudden jump across all social platforms. Their YouTube channel is followed by millions where they post the latest videos and exclusive content.

9. Arsenal

1.55 Million Subscribers

Top competitor of English Premier League, Arsenal Football club based in London has a huge fanbase (referred to as “Gooners,” the name derived from club’s nickname, “The Gunners”). Apart from domestic supporters, the club has supporters outside England.

On their YouTube channel, you can watch what’s happening behind the scenes on a matchday and see what your favorite players are talking over a cup of tea.

10. COPA90 Football

1.8 Million Subscribers

This YouTube channel is everything about football. The channel is flooded with videos on football-related content, documentaries, discussions of recent games, challenges, and chats. Starring top professional footballers, COPA90 has been working on video series.

The channel has given a lot of exposure to Liverpool FC, and there are videos on discussions with Sadio Mane, Trent Alexander-Arnold and training sessions with Mo Salah- all top players of Liverpool.

11. WeSpeakFootball

1.22 Million Subscribers

Canada based YouTube channel, “WeSpeakFootball,” has some of the greatest compilations of football moments. The channel does not post interviews or discussions, rather it shares the best football moments, funny clips and fails, skills and tricks, best goalkeeper saves and more. If you just love watching a football game without any opinions or news, the channel must be in your subscribed list.

12. Football Daily

1.67 Million Subscribers

With millions of subscribers, “Football Daily” is like the home of football on YouTube. Here, you will find the latest headlines, exclusive interviews, Transfer Talks, Sunday vibes, Viral Footy News, Winners & Losers and more from the world of football

13. WePlayStrong

22.8k Subscribers

The latest addition in the list of football YouTube channel is “WePlayStrong.” The channel is launched by UEFA for its together #WePlayStrong brand to encourage every girl to play the game, gain confidence and feel inspired to showcase their talent.  To provide the basics of the #WePlayStrong, UEFA announced “content creator squad” for the channel, which will involve top female footballers.

The channel has a variety of original content, daily insights into routines of players, health and fitness advice, opportunity to tell their stories and much more, centered around women footballers.

14. AJ3

1.47 Million Subscribers

London based FIFA YouTuber, Andy Castell is popularly known as “AJ3” on YouTube and runs the channel under the same name. He is best known for FIFA gaming clips and soccer skills. Apart from this, he uploads videos on Ultimate team squad builders, Mythbusters, discards pack challenges, and much more about FIFA related content.

Andy Castle and Charlie Murray have the Guinness World Record for “Most headers of a swiss ball in 30 seconds” and “Most consecutive headers of a swiss ball in 30 seconds”

15. Sky Sports Football

1.59 Million Subscribers

“Sky Sports Football” YouTube channel has videos featuring highlights from Premier League, EFL, and other international football series. The channel regularly posts match interviews and gives in-depth game analysis.

We believe that the list of Top Football YouTube Channels will keep the adrenaline flowing into your blood stream, so don’t forget to share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comments section below.

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